Colm Meaney

Colm Meaney

Highest Rated: 97% The Snapper (1993)

Lowest Rated: 4% The Cold Light of Day (2012)

Birthday: May 30, 1953

Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland

Colm Meaney is no stranger to the run down Barrytown district of Dublin depicted in The Commitments, The Snapper, and The Van, having grown up near the much mythologized neighborhood. The Dublin native began his acting career at the age of 14, eventually receiving formal training at Dublin's prestigious Abbey Theatre School of Acting and going on to join the Irish National Theatre Company. Meaney eventually graduated to the English stage, working in various London theaters, and then began to audition for television work, mainly landing bit parts in such TV shows as the cop drama Z Cars.Meaney moved to the U.S. in 1982, continuing to work mainly on the stage, but gradually made the transition into television and film playing small parts and guest roles on a variety of series. He was part of the cast of One Life to Live from 1986 to 1987, playing Patrick London, and then was hired for a bit part on Encounter at Farpoint, the pilot for the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. He was hired again for another part and then given the role of Chief Miles Edward O'Brien, and quickly went from being a bit player to an important member of the ensemble cast. The character was transferred to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the pilot for that series, and Meaney became a staple member of the show's cast.During his tenure on both Star Trek series, Meaney's motion picture career began to take off, as the bit parts he was given gradually became more substantial. Meaney made his greatest impact in smaller films like the so-called Barrytown Trilogy -- The Commitments (1991), in which he played the father of one of the band members; The Snapper (1993), in which he portrayed Dessie, who finds himself out of a job and suddenly a grandfather; and The Van (1996), which cast him as Larry, a layabout who manages to have a grand idea one day that results in his and a friend Bimbo starting a business out of a derelict vending van. Meaney was also notable in 1996's The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain: his Morgan the Goat, a randy Welsh pub owner with a flair for smart remarks, was an appropriate foil for the naive Englishman played by Hugh Grant. Meaney has continued to divide his time between the U.K. and the U.S., making particularly notable appearances in Paul Quinn's This Is My Father (1998), which cast him as the swishy son of an old gypsy woman; Lodge Kerrigan's Claire Dolan, in which he played a high-class pimp; Ted Demme's Monument Avenue (1998), which featured him as the bullying leader of a Boston gang; and Chapter Zero (2000), an independent comedy that cast Meaney as the cross-dressing father of a struggling writer.He continued to work steadily well into the 21st century in a variety of projects including Bitter Harvest, Intermission, Layer Cake, and Turning Green. He played soccer coach Don Revie in the sports drama The Damned United before playing the father of a strung-out rockstar in the comedy Get Him to the Greek. He appeared in Robert Redford's historical drama The Conspirator, as well as the period drama Bel Ami.


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64% Parked Fred Daly 2012
4% The Cold Light of Day Bandler $3.8M 2012
14% Soldiers of Fortune Mason $39.3K 2012
No Score Yet The Hot Potato Harry 2012
28% Bel Ami Monsieur Rousset $0.9M 2012
No Score Yet The Yank Fintan McGuire 2012
55% The Conspirator Gen. David Hunter $11.6M 2011
No Score Yet The Perfect Stranger (El Perfecto Desconocido) Mark O'Reilly 2011
No Score Yet The Flight of the Swan Giannopolus 2010
72% Get Him to the Greek Jonathan Snow $61M 2010
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26% Law Abiding Citizen Detective Dunnigan $73.4M 2009
92% The Damned United Don Revie $0.4M 2009
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42% Turning Green Tom 2005
80% Layer Cake Gene $2.3M 2005
46% The Boys and Girl from County Clare Jimmy 2004
22% Renegade McClure 2004
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17% Battle of the Brave Actor 2004
73% Intermission Jerry $0.8M 2003
50% King of Texas Tumlinson 2002
No Score Yet Backflash Gin O'Malley 2002
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No Score Yet Chapter Zero Frank Lazarus 1999
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58% The Englishman Who Went up a Hill But Came Down A Mountain Morgan the Goat 1995
41% The Road to Wellville Dr. Lionel Badger 1994
No Score Yet Scarlett Actor 1994
97% The Snapper Dessie Curley 1993
77% Into the West Barreller 1993
No Score Yet Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Behind the Scenes Actor 1993
78% Under Siege Daumer 1992
95% The Last of the Mohicans Major Ambrose 1992
47% Far and Away Kelly 1992
88% The Commitments Mr. Rabbitte 1991
64% Come See the Paradise Gerry McGurn 1990
68% Die Hard 2 Windsor Plane Pilot 1990
63% Dick Tracy Cop at Tess' 1990
No Score Yet Perfect Witness Meagher 1989
93% The Dead Mr. Bergin 1987
No Score Yet Omega Syndrome Sean 1987
No Score Yet Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues Tinkerer 1987
No Score Yet Unnatural Causes Actor 1986


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89% Star Trek: The Next Generation
Transporter Chief Miles O'Brien Security Guard Chief O'Brien O'Brien Conn Ensign 1994
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97% Moonlighting
Suitor 1986
No Score Yet The Driver


Larry says: Looks like the insides of a leper.

Paul says: Isn't it a sin to commit suicide if you're a Catholic?

Tommy says: Isn't it a sin to run someone down with your train if you're a human being?

Tommy says: I want to swim with a great white shark, no cage, just me and the beast, eyeball to eyeball.

Fred says: [whispering] I have nowhere else to live...

Dessie Curley says: How do you know he was Spanish? Or a sailor? He couldve been a Pakistani postman if you were that drunk!

Detective Dunnigan says: I believe those cots are bolted into the cell.

Clyde Shelton says: Well, thats what wrenches are for... Dumbass!

Joseph Holt says: Was this the man? (Grabs a head of one of the Conspirators)

Joseph Holt says: Was this the man? [grabs a head of one of the Conspirators]

General David Hunter says: No sir.

Joseph Holt says: (He stands stunned, then realizing his mistake, he grabs another conspirator.) Was this the man?

Joseph Holt says: [he stands stunned, then realizing his mistake, he grabs another conspirator] Was this the man?

General David Hunter says: Yes sir.

Morty says: (XXXX is beaten and bloodied on the ground) You killed crazy Larry?

Morty says: [XXXX is beaten and bloodied on the ground] You killed crazy Larry?

Gene says: So? This fucker killed Jimmy! (Kicks XXXX in the chest)

Gene says: So? This fucker killed Jimmy! [kicks XXXX in the chest]

XXXX says: Oh. Jesus Christ!

Morty says: (grabs XXXX by his shirt) Why did you do it?

Morty says: [grabs XXXX by his shirt] Why did you do it?

XXXX says: He was an informer! He was a police informer!

Gene says: Jimmy, a grass? Are you fucking mad? You'll have to do better than that.

XXXX says: I've got a recording at home, of Jimmy and a cozzer called Albie Carter.

Morty says: Gene, let's listen to this shit. If he's lying, we'll both fucking kill him.

Morty says: Why did you keep the gun?

Gene says: Silly as sounds, but it was me favorite.

Morty says: I hope you don't tell your other guns that you have a favorite. (Gene and XXXX laugh.)

Morty says: I hope you don't tell your other guns that you have a favorite. [Gene and XXXX laugh]

XXXX says: Hey Gene, I've got some good news.

Gene says: Oh yeah? Whats that? (Punches XXXX in the face) You murdering bastard!

Gene says: Oh yeah? Whats that? [punches XXXX in the face] You murdering bastard!

Detective Dunnigan says: Surprise motherfucker !

Detective Dunnigan says: Surprise mother fucker!

Dessie Curley says: Get out of me way ye dozy bollix

Dessie Curley says: Get out of me way ye dozy bollix.

Frederick Aiken says: It's not enough, is it Mr. Holt? It's not enough that you set the rules, you pick the judges. Now you have to turn my witness as well.

General David Hunter says: Counselor control yourself.

Frederick Aiken says: Control the prosecution! Every witness I wish to call has been turned by jail or the threat of it!

General David Hunter says: Counselor I'm warning you...

Frederick Aiken says: There is no limit to how far the prosecution is willing to go!

General David Hunter says: That's enough!

Jimmy Rabbitte says: Jimmey: He says God sent him Mr Rabbitt: On a fucking Suzuki?

Jimmy Rabbitte says: He says God sent him

Mr. Rabbitte says: On a fucking Suzuki?