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It's showtime. Captain Archer has tried every trick in the book to thwart the Xindi plot to destroy earth, but has it all been in vain?


Scott Bakula
as Capt. Jonathan Archer
Connor Trinneer
as Chief Engineer Trip Tucker
Jolene Blalock
as Sub Cdr. T'Pol
Dominic Keating
as Lt. Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery
as Ens. Travis Mayweather
Linda Park
as Ens. Hoshi Sato
Tucker Smallwood
as Xindi Humanoid
Scott Macdonald
as Reptilian Commander
Josette DiCarlo
as Sphere-Builder Woman
Mary Mara
as Sphere-Builder Presage
Ruth Williamson
as Sphere-Builder Primary
Rick Worthy
as Xindi Arboreal
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