Swamp Thing: Season 1 (2018 - 2019)

Season 1
Swamp Thing

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By leaning into the horror of it all, Swamp Thing swims deep into the trenches of this strange world and returns with a scary good TV show.



Critic Ratings: 39


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User Ratings: 160

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Air date: May 31, 2019

Abby Arcane (CRYSTAL REED) investigates a deadly virus in the swamps of Louisiana and finds a mysterious creature in the series premiere.

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Air date: Jun 7, 2019

Certain that Alec's disappearance is more than an accident, Abby and Matt venture into the swamp, where she encounters Swamp Thing. Scientist Jason Woodrue comes to Marais.

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Air date: Jun 14, 2019

Driven to cure the worsening epidemic in Marais, when her friend and co-worker Harlan (recurring guest star LEONARDO NAM) is stricken with the "green flu," Abby searches Alec's lab for a cure, but instead finds the latest supernatural reanimation from the Rot. Although Swamp Thing uses his strange new powers to intervene, he's more desperate than ever to find his humanity. Meanwhile, Avery Sunderland is facing increasing pressure from financial sources and Sheriff Cable who questions him about the death of Alec Holland.

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Air date: Jun 21, 2019

Realizing that his new abilities allow him to communicate with the life around him, Swamp Thing senses a growing darkness within the swamp and begins to understand his role in the struggle for balance between growth and decay. Abby, meanwhile, is forced to accept that the things she has witnessed in Marais are evidence of supernatural forces at play -- especially when her return dredges up her dark history with the Sunderlands. And Liz shares some evidence with Sheriff Cable about her investigation into the death of Alec Holland. Lastly, we learn more about the mysterious Daniel Cassidy and the supernatural bargain that keeps him in Marais.

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Air date: Jun 28, 2019

Haunted by the ghost of her childhood friend who reemerges from the swamp, Abby's forced to confront both her past with the Sunderlands as well as the dark forces at play in Marais. While she continues to search for a cure for Alec, he struggles to come to terms with his transformation with the help of a mysterious Phantom Stranger (recurring guest star MACON BLAIR). When Abby's life is threatened, Swamp Thing is able to use his abilities to save her, but it's Matt, ultimately, who saves the day -- further isolating Swamp Thing from the human world. Meanwhile, Sheriff Cable learns some disturbing information about her son, while Jason Woodrue shares a revelation about Swamp Thing with Avery Sunderland.

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Air date: Jul 5, 2019

Increasingly alienated from humanity after being hunted by sheriff's deputies and animal trackers, Swamp Thing struggles to understand his strange condition. Reassuring him that they will find a cure for his condition, Abby and Swamp Thing are discovered by Matt who learns the truth about Alec Holland. Meanwhile, Avery pressures Woodrue to deliver results, which escalates his experiments with Swamp Thing's genetic materials and leads him to a test on Daniel Cassidy; while Lucilia Cable gets some perspective on her son's recent actions.

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Air date: Jul 12, 2019

Still taking on the human appearance of Alec Holland, Swamp Thing guides Abby to an area of the swamp blighted with the encroaching Rot. But when her life is threatened, he must use all of his still-developing powers to save her. Meanwhile, Lucilia leads Avery out into the swamp under a pretense, while Maria meets with Nathan Ellery (guest star MICHAEL BEACH), the leader of the shadowy finance group known as the Conclave.

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Air date: Jul 19, 2019

After a harrowing journey of survival through the swamp, Avery comes face to face with Swamp Thing, who rescues the injured man. After recovering, Avery vows to return with Woodrue and help find a cure. But can they be trusted? Meanwhile, Abby is confronted by Nathan Ellery and the Conclave at the CDC in Atlanta. Realizing that Swamp Thing is in danger, she returns to Marais -- only to find she's too late. Lastly, Matt learns a secret about Avery Sunderland.

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Air date: Jul 26, 2019

While Abby and Liz track down the secret Conclave facility, Jason Woodrue conducts experiments on Swamp Thing and makes an incredible discovery.

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Air date: Aug 2, 2019

The swamp fights back in the season finale. Still reeling with the revelation of the truth behind his existence, Swamp Thing goes on the offensive against Ellery's mercenary team hunting him. Meanwhile, Abby comes up against Jason Woodrue who's crossed the line to save his wife's life. And as Liz tries to help Dan Cassidy escape the curse of the Blue Devil and leave Marais once and for all, Avery Sunderland attempts to find a resolution to his relationship with Lucilia and Matt Cable.

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Cast & Crew

Crystal Reed
Abby Arcane
Andy Bean
Alec Holland
Derek Mears
Swamp Thing
Virginia Madsen
Maria Sunderland
Henderson Wade
Matt Cable
Maria Sten
Liz Tremayne
Will Patton
Avery Sunderland
Jeryl Prescott
Madame Xanadu
Jennifer Beals
Sheriff Lucilia Cable
Kevin Durand
Jason Woodrue
Ian Ziering
Daniel Cassidy
Leonardo Nam
Harlan Edwards
Macon Blair
Phantom Stranger
Michael Beach
Nathan Ellery
Given Sharp
Shawna Sunderland
Elle Graham
Susie Coyle
Selena Anduze
Caroline Woodrue
Steve Wilcox
Burritt Sunderland
Al Mitchell
Delroy Tremayne
James Wan
Executive Producer
Mark Verheiden
Executive Producer
Gary Dauberman
Executive Producer
Michael Clear
Executive Producer
Len Wiseman
Executive Producer
Noah Griffith
Deran Serafian
E.L. Katz
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Critic Reviews for Swamp Thing Season 1

Audience Reviews for Swamp Thing: Season 1

  • Jul 11, 2021
    A production in which everything is incredible except the acting. Also reaches its climax with the feelings evoked by the colors.
  • Jun 09, 2021
    The show delivers on its main premise: to explore its character's internal conflicts. The horror is real and the story is engaging. Looking forward to a second season.
  • Jun 02, 2021
    Too much talk that is unimportant, poor acting, the story was not interesting and I didn't want to watch it to the end because my time was too precious for such a show.
  • Apr 13, 2021
    Looks GREAT. The Horror is EXCELENT. The Rest is mediocre... at best. When you thing about the Story too much it falls apart. And the Drama. oh god the Drama, TOO . MUCH . DRAMA ! I dont understand why every TV -Show this days must become a frigging Telenovela. What is not direkt in your Face but still obvious is the Agenda, ever white Male is evil or at best shady and every "good" person of interest has all the "right" properties and characteristics.
  • Feb 12, 2021
    It's a delight to view this season, so I disapprove the cancellation!!! At least the song should have been a reason for higher ratings!!!
  • Jan 17, 2021
    Beautifully shot and so dark. Unbelievable that it was cancelled so quickly.
  • Jan 09, 2021
    Wow, where to start? Practically every White Man is a bad guy, everyone character of importance is a woman or a minority. Somehow in Louisiana noone has a southern accent. Then to add insult to injury, the show isn't fucking about the swamp thing, the show is about some woman and her constant stream of "muh feelings". It's like watching days of our lives with brief pauses to watch some unrelated CGI horror shit that too much money was spent on if all you want is a housewife drama. No fucking surprise it got cancelled. Do you know what sort of comic book fans give the comic book industry money?The "Toxic Patriarchy" comics were made by us and for us, any wonder why the past decade or so of feminism and diversity in comics has absolutely destroyed the industries sales? Because shitting on your customers makes them not want to give you money.
  • Jan 06, 2021
    Enjoyable and very well executed! Great story, CANNOT believe this won't be continued!
  • Dec 27, 2020
    Awesome show wish Hollywood have let it continue.
  • Dec 21, 2020
    An interesting series that takes you on a ride into the hart of darkness. Scripting is a little confusing at times but plenty to enjoy.

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