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The Goldbergs

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A nostalgic comedy series about kids growing up in a dysfunctional family in the 1980s. Based on creator Adam F. Goldberg's childhood.

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Aired Wed, May 13, 2020

Pretty in Pink
The Goldbergs: Season 7, Pretty in Pink

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2019, ABC, 23 episodes

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2018, ABC, 23 episodes

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2017, ABC, 23 episodes

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2016, ABC, 24 episodes

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2015, ABC, 24 episodes

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2014, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Goldbergs is at times too reliant on gimmicky references to 1980s pop culture, but it's also sweet, sincere, and occasionally very funny.

2013, ABC, 23 episodes


Patton Oswalt
as Adam (adult)
Troy Gentile
as Barry
Hayley Orrantia
as Erica Goldberg
Amanda Michalka
as Lainey Lewis
Noah Munck
as "Naked" Rob Smith
Matt Bush
as Andy Cogan
Bryan Callen
as Coach Miller
Sam Lerner
as Geoff Schwartz
Tim Meadows
as Mr. Glascott
Sean Marquette
as Johnny Atkins
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Principal Ball
Natalie Alyn Lind
as Dana Caldwell
Shayne Topp
as Matt Bradley
Jennifer Irwin
as Virginia Kremp
Jacob Hopkins
as Chad Kremp
David Koechner
as Bill Lewis
Ana Gasteyer
as Miss Cinoman
Darien Provost
as Adam (adult)
Steve Olson
as Dr. Jiff Mosely
Sam Kindseth
as Dave Sirota
Alison Rich
as Valley Erica
Zayne Emory
as JC Spink
Mindy Sterling
as Linda Schwartz
Bill Goldberg
as Coach Nick
Allie Grant
as Evelyn Silver
Niko Guardado
as Ruben Amaro, Jr.
Dan Bakkedahl
as Mr. Woodburn
Jackson Odell
as Ari Caldwell
Quincy Fouse
as Taz Money
Judd Hirsch
as Pop-Pop
Rob Huebel
as John Calabasas
Troy Winbush
as Officer Pochinski
Ken Lerner
as Lou Schwartz
Nathan Gamble
as Garry Ball
Tanner Buchanan
as Evan Turner
Cooper Roth
as JC Spink
Nia Long
as Lucy Somers
Charlie DePew
as Anthony Balsamo
Michaela Watkins
as Miss Taraborelli
Stephen Guarino
as Administrator Dean
J. Anthony Pena
as Glen (Security Guard #1)
Robert Englund
as Freddy Krueger
Kate Hess
as SAT Proctor
Larry Joe Campbell
as Paul (Security Guard #2)
Mindy Stirling
as Linda Schwartz
Froy Gutierrez
as Handsome Ben
Tyler Stokes
as Drew Kremp
Heather Moiseve
as Kerri Doherty
J.C. Spink
as Joe the Bus Driver
Austin Kane
as Lou Jr.
Billy Malone
as Security Guard
Joey Luthman
as Roger McFadden
Chad Hartigan
as Newscaster
Heidi Hayward
as Jazzercise Instructor
Joshua Carlon
as Michael C. Levy
Ron Funches
as Froy the RA
Ricardo Hurtado
as Brian McMahon
Emily McCoy
as Serry Mirsky
Phil Tyler
as Office Dan
Louis Gregory
as Uncle Louie
Thomas Kasp
as Bradley Cooper
David Douglas
as Customer
Ali Ghandour
as Dumb Doug
Eric B.
as Manager
Court Young
as Cashier
Mike Nojun Park
as Sam Goody Guy
Harrison Boxley
as Psycho Mikowitz
Richard Kind
as Formica Mike
Steve Berg
as Mailman
Mike Rock
as Mr. Sirota
John Eddins
as Security Guard
Missi Pyle
as Madame Charbenaux
Karen Gonzales
as Saleswoman
Annie Mumolo
as Betsy Rubenstone
Morgan Beck
as Cowboy Josh
Clancy Brown
as Mr. Crosby
Alan Gray
as Old Man
Bon Ogle
as Hippie
Nancy Friedrich
as Tour Guide
Lynette Dupree
as Lunch Lady
Stephen D'Angelo
as Jersey Bro
Daniel Nguyen
as Theater Manager
Brian Huskey
as Andy Secunda
Gillian Vigman
as Louise Rubin
Tom Cavanagh
as Charles Kremp
Stephnie Weir
as Carol London
Matt Cornett
as Andrew Gallery
Alex Jackson Long
as Opponent #1
Casey Simpson
as Dougie Caldwell
Barry Bostwick
as Professor Majors
Mike Hagerty
as Clerk (Terence)
Alissa Latow
as Hot Cheerleader
Iris Braydon
as Janice Demarco
Sadie Stanley
as Brea Bee
Scott Adsit
as Vinny Geary
Shannon McClung
as College Recruiter
Stephen Jared
as Dana's Dad
David L. King
as Announcer
Barbara Alyn Woods
as Mrs. Caldwell
Keith Pillow
as Principal Dover
Luke Barbato Smith
as 8-year-old Adam
William McMullen
as Scrawny Kid
Austin Lyon
as Frat Guy
Erik Weiner
as Sheriff
Emmy Mirsky
as Mrs. Mirsky
Rhoda Baldwin
as Lorraine
Tom Williamson
as Dwayne Martin
Patrick Daniel
as Russ McGinley
Mike Grief
as Pastry Baker
Parker Harris
as Michael Rubenstone
James Garlin
as Mini Murray
Justene Alpert
as Sorority Girl
Kim Kunze
as Dana's Mom
Poppie Harris
as Dance Instructor
Steele Gagnon
as Little Kid
Jay Hunter
as Manly Firefighter
Terrell Lee
as Pawn Shop Guy
Annie Mebane
as Benetton Clerk
Irene Roseen
as Mrs. Cheevers
Mason Dye
as Rick Kentwood
Jeff Witzke
as Maitre'D
Jordyn Lucas
as Asha Brown
Michael Bunin
as Cranky Customer
Paul McKinney
as Reporter
J. Doc Farrow
as Security Guard
Marisa Jaret Winokur
as Susie Goodman
Michael Rubenstone
as Mr. Burkhart
R.D. Robb
as Paul Sirochman
Lily Donoghue
as Jamie Weisman
Charlie Sheen
as Dude in Police Station
Christopher Boyer
as Ben Franklin Dude
Winston Story
as Airline Employee
Alex Berg
as Shady Dude
Ron Huebel
as John Calabasas
Susie Essman
as Edie Robb
Lew Schneider
as News Anchor
Lily Donaghue
as Jamie Weisman
Marlon Young
as Captain Wallace
Carlos Edwin Colon
as Spur Wielding Esq.
Eddie Pepitone
as Tony the Deli Guy
David Haack
as Guitar Guy
Augie Isaacs
as Matt Schernecke
Brea Bee
as Mrs. Vanica
Keana Marie
as Jamie Weisman
Amy Gross
as Ellen
Lance Krall
as Dick Biggens
Andrew Secunda
as Mr. MacCullough
Ruben Amaro Jr.
as Ruben Amara Sr.
Barak Hardley
as Jeopardy Producer
Kevin William Paul
as Beta Zeta Brother
Jay Sincere
as Security Guy
Oliver Cooper
as Other Adam
Marcus Eckert
as Jimmy Flannigan
Martin Kove
as Master John
Jerry Minor
as Prof. Dixon
Tedra Millan
as Punk Kid
Shaun Weiss
as Kenny Frisco
Brandon Ruiter
as Omega Psi Brother
Jackie Geary
as Mrs. Geary
Pat Finn
as Kormy
Chad Kremp
as Mr. Kremp
Langan Kingsley
as Ticket Booth Worker
Todd Fasen
as B. Dalton Employee
David Bloom
as Michael Z. Levy
Gregor Manns
as Bus Driver
Jeremiah Miller
as Joe Garber
Solomon Stewart
as Young Adam
Kirk Fox
as Tall Jake
Ethan Jones
as Young Chad
Chip Chinery
as Dancing Bruce
Melissa Joan Hart
as Flight Attendant
Augie Issac
as Matt Schernecke
Tommy Lee
as Professor Lee
Jon Sklaroff
as Professor Ron Isaacson
Eva La Dare
as Ellen Stone
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