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A conflicted New Jersey crime boss seeks therapy to cope with mob and family pressures in this addictive, stunningly original drama, which can be chillingly violent, wrenchingly moving or darkly funny. Well deserving of its many Emmys and other awards, this HBO masterwork created by Garden State native David Chase has become Sunday-night appointment viewing, with passionate fans mostly carping about waiting ridiculously long stretches (more than a year) for new seasons of original episodes.

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Critics Consensus: America's first crime family bows out in a chilling cut to black during a meditative final season that is debatably cruel to audience expectations but wholly committed to its thematic integrity.

2007, HBO, 9 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Sopranos' final season craftily builds to its anticipated climax with more of the dark humor and heartfelt characterizations that made it one of television's strongest series.

2006, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: The penultimate season of The Sopranos hurtles toward the series' climax without sacrificing the compelling stories and vibrant characters that made it an acknowledged television classic.

2004, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: The war seeps into the Sopranos household in a season of discontent, with each of these artfully rendered devils stewing in a divine comedy of their own making.

2002, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Deftly using its complex characters to delve into thorny moral quandaries, the third season of The Sopranos continues to deliver consistently compelling, albeit controversial, viewing.

2001, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Sopranos' strong cast and solid writing add depth to the show's occasionally unlikable characters and their repellent deeds, making for thought-provoking, consistently compelling viewing.

2000, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Sopranos smartly runs an emotional gamut, offering detailed character work and riveting suspense while displaying a flair for both comedy and drama.

1999, HBO, 13 episodes


James Gandolfini
as Anthony Soprano
Lorraine Bracco
as Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Edie Falco
as Carmela Soprano
Michael Imperioli
as Christopher Moltisanti
Nancy Marchand
as Livia Soprano
Nancy Marchand
as Livia Soprano
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
as Meadow Soprano
Dominic Chianese
as Corrado `Uncle Junior' Soprano
Robert Iler
as Anthony Soprano Jr.
Steven Van Zandt
as Silvio Dante
Annabella Sciorra
as Gloria Trillo
Tony Sirico
as Paulie `Walnuts' Gualtieri
Steve Van Zandt
as Silvio Dante
Vincent Curatola
as Johnny `Johnny Sack' Sacramoni
Vincent Pastore
as Salvatore `Big Pussy' Bonpensiero
Drea de Matteo
as Adriana La Cerva
Joseph Badalucco Jr.
as Jimmy Altieri
Jason Cerbone
as Jackie Aprile Jr.
Aida Turturro
as Janice Soprano
John Costelloe
as Jim Witowski
David Proval
as Richie Aprile
Steve Schirripa
as Bobby `Bacala' Baccalieri
Robert Patrick
as David Scatino
Joe Pantoliano
as Ralph Cifaretto
Steve Buscemi
as Tony Blundetto
Robert Loggia
as Michele `Feech' La Manna
Joseph R. Gannascoli
as Vito Spatafore
Jerry Adler
as Herman `Hesh' Rabkin
Frank Vincent
as Phil Leotardo
Julianna Margulies
as Julianna Skiff
Sharon Angela
as Rosalie Aprile
Kathrine Narducci
as Charmaine Bucco
Maureen Van Zandt
as Gabriella Dante
Max Casella
as Benny Fazio
Tony Lip
as Carmine Lupertazzi
Ray Abruzzo
as Little Carmine Lupertazzi
Dan Grimaldi
as Patsy Parisi
Peter Bogdanovich
as Dr. Elliot Kupferberg
John Fiore
as Gigi Cestone
Suzanne Shepherd
as Mary DeAngelis
Tom Aldredge
as Hugh DeAngelis
Lillo Brancato
as Matt Bevilaqua
Paul Schulze
as Father Phil Intintola
Al Sapienza
as Mikey Palmice
Chris Tardio
as Sean Gismonte
Anthony DeSando
as Brendan Filone
Matt Servitto
as Agent Dwight Harris
Louis Lombardi
as Skip Lipari
Michael Rispoli
as Jackie Aprile
George Loros
as Raymond Curto
Ari Graynor
as Caitlin Rucker
John Heard
as Vin Makazian
Tony Darrow
as Larry Boy Barese
Leslie Bega
as Valentina
Frank Pando
as Agent Grasso
Gregory Alan Williams
as Reverend James Jr.
Peter Riegert
as Assemblyman Zellman
Richard Maldone
as Albert Barese
Alla Kliouka Schaffer
as Svetlana Kirilenko
Patti D'Arbanville
as Lorraine Colluzzo
Andrew Davoli
as Dino Zerilli
David Strathairn
as Robert Wegler
Patrick Tully
as Noah Tannenbaum
Robert Desiderio
as Jack Massarone
Nicole Burdette
as Barbara Giglione
Denise Borino
as Ginny Sacramoni
Joseph Siravo
as Johnny Boy Soprano
Saundra Santiago
as Jeanne Cusamano
Robert LuPone
as Bruce Cusamano
Rocco Sisto
as Young Junior
Toni Kalem
as Angie Bonpensiero
Joe Santos
as Angelo Garepe
Marisa Redanty
as Christine Scatino
Lillo Brancato Jr.
as Matt Bevilaqua
Turk Pipkin
as Aaron Arkaway
Frank Ciornei
as Slava Malevsky
Mary Louise Wilson
as Catherine Romano
Richard Portnow
as Harold `Mel' Melvoin
David Margulies
as Neil Mink
Ed Crasnick
as Comedian
Laila Robins
as Young Livia
Burt Young
as Bobby `Bacala' Baccalieri Sr.
Polly Bergen
as Fran Felstein
Sam McMurray
as Dr. John Kennedy
Will McCormack
as Jason La Penna
Joe Penny
as Vic Musto
Barbara Andres
as Aunt Quintina
Kevin O'Rourke
as Don Hauser
Bill Cobbs
as Reverend James Sr.
Bokeem Woodbine
as Massive Genius
Mark Blum
as Randall
Frank Wood
as Dean Ross
Ed Vassallo
as Tom Giglione
Albert Makhtsier
as Stasiu Wosilius
Katalin Pota
as Lilliana Wosilius
Sully Boyer
as Dr. Krakower
Tony Ray Rossi
as Fred Peters
Sofia Milos
as Annalisa
Bobby Borriello
as Young Tony
Carlo Capotorto
as Little Paulie Germani
David Mogentale
as Coach Goodwin
Matthew Sussman
as Dr. Schreck
Robert Funaro
as Eugene Pontecorvo
Robyn Peterson
as Bobbi Sanfillipo
Vic Noto
as Biker No. 2
Joe Lisi
as Dick Barone
Frankie Millio
as Rusty Millio
Vittorio Duse
as Zi Vittorio
Frank Pellegrino
as Frank Cubitoso
Michael Gaston
as Alex Mahaffy
Paul Herman
as Beansie Gaeta
Max Cassella
as Benny Fazio
Mark Karafin
as Egon Kosma
Linda Lavin
as Dr. Wendy Kobler
Brian Geraghty
as Counter Boy
Donna Smythe
as Gia Gaeta
Mike Memphis
as Jimmy Bones
John Hensley
as Eric Scatino
Carl Capotoro
as Little Paulie Germani
Annika Pergament
as Newscaster
Ian Group
as Colin
Erica Leerhsen
as Birgit Olafsdottir
Lenny Venito
as James `Murmur' Zancone
Ciro Maggio
as Raffaelle
Ilene S. Landress
as Dr. Laurens
Bill Richardone
as Joseph Melfi
Sam Gray
as Judge Greenspan
Joe Pacheo
as Policeman
Deepa Puroht
as Ambujam
Sam Coppola
as Dr. Reis
Craig Wojcik
as Pizza Kid
Elizabeth Flax
as Therapist
Gano Grills
as Antonio
Ismail Bashey
as Dr. Mehta
Robert Bogue
as Ed Restuccia
Tim Daly
as J.T. Dolan
Louis Crugnali
as Carlo Renzi
Linda Mann
as Joint Copper
John Fiske
as FBI Man
James Murtaugh
as Judge Lapper
Alida Tarallo
as Prostitute
Sasha Nesterov
as Russian man
Nancy Cassaro
as Joanne Moltisanti
Carl Capotorto
as Little Paulie Germani
Elena Antonenko
as Russian woman
Getchie Argetsinger
as Yoga Instructor
Michael Garfield
as Len Tannenbaum
Barbara Haas
as Alda Melfi
Nancy Ellen Cassaro
as Joanne Moltisanti
Tony Hale
as RN Collins
Joe Bacino
as Little Joe
Gary Perez
as Agent Marquez
Geraldine LiBrandi
as Patty Leotardo
Bruce Smolan
as Emil Kolar
Edoardo Ballerini
as Corky Caporale
Scott Lucy
as Acting student
Danton Stone
as Mr. Sontag
Kelly Kole
as Debbie
Zachary Knower
as Dr. Enloe
Melissa Weil
as Mrs. Sontag
Anne Assante
as Caterina Cella
Scottie Epstein
as Quickie G
James Shanklin
as Anesthesiologist
Igor Zhivotovsky
as Igor Parnasky
Peter Allas
as Salvatore
Brian Smyj
as Agent Smyj
Yvette Mercedes
as Homeless Woman
Richard Romanus
as Richard La Penna
Ralph Lucarelli
as Cozzerelli
Gregory Russell Cook
as Rocco De Trollio
Colleen Werthmann
as Agent Malatesta
Richard Verdinio
as Police Officer
Antonette Schwartzberg
as Beansie's mother
Kieran Campion
as Epsilon Zet
Jay Christanson
as Agent Jongsma
Luiza Liccini
as Stripper No. 1
Deirdre Sullivan
as Hospital patient
Sal Petraccione
as George Piocosta
Dennis Gagomiros
as Agent Theopolis
Denise Borino-Quinn
as Ginny Sacrimoni
Matt Cerbone
as Young Jackie Jr.
Lou Bonacki
as Francis Satriale
Dominick Charles Carbone
as Kevin Bonpensiero
Michael Hogan
as Dov Ginsberg
Daniel Oreskes
as Principal Cincotta
Marie Athanasiou
as Stripper No. 2
Artie Pasquale
as Burt Gervasi
Neal Jones
as Agent Tancredi
Gary Evans
as FBI Tech No. 1
Tony Kalem
as Angie Bonpensiero
Mark Damiano II
as Young Tony Soprano
Juliet Fox
as Young Janice Soprano
Seth Barrish
as Dr. Freed
Bill Kocis
as Father Nicolai
Vito Antuofurmo Sr.
as Bobby Zanone
Margo Singaliese
as Lisa Cestone
Glenn Kessler
as FBI Tech No. 2
Anthony De Sando
as Brendan Filone
Tyler Gulizio
as Little Boy
Elxis McLaren
as Young Barbara Soprano
John Bianco
as Gerry Torciano
Loulou Katz
as Little Girl
Johnny "Cha-Cha" Ciarcia
as Albie Cianflore
Peter McRobbie
as Father Felix
Peter Byrne
as Security Guard
Rosie Chavolino
as Second Dancer
Jay Boryea
as Bouncer
David Ross
as Janitor
John Rue
as Kloski
Capathia Jenkins
as Store Employee
Merel Julia
as Gianna Milio
as The Miami Relatives
Nick Annunziata
as Eddie Pietro
Frank Borelli
as Vito Spatafore Jr.
Paulina Gerzon
as Francesca Spatafore
Kristen Cerelli
as Jen Fazio
Mario D'Elia
as Benny Fazio Sr.
Judy Prianti
as Connie Fazio
Laura Niemi
as Roxanne
Enya Flack
as Janine
Angelle Brooks
as Liason Woman
Joe Abbate
as Man No. 1
Todd Wall
as Man No. 2
Filippo Bozotti
as Giovanni Coppito
Peter Selzer
as Elderly Man
Bjorn Johnson
as Photographer
Joseph Emmi
as Boy No. 2
Gina Tognoni
as Catherine Lipman
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