The Midterms


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The staff of the Bartlet Administration attempts to cope in the aftermath of a shooting that saw both the president and Josh injured. Toby has a fire in his belly and is eager to go after hate groups with ferocity, while Josh is having trouble taking time to recover while the world goes on without him. "The Midterms" is perhaps best remembered for a scathing speech President Bartlet delivers to a right-wing radio host (Claire Yarlett) who uses the Bible to support her homophobic views.


Martin Sheen
as President Josiah Bartlet
Rob Lowe
as Sam Seaborn
John Spencer
as Leo McGarry
Richard Schiff
as Toby Ziegler
Allison Janney
as C.J. Cregg
Janel Moloney
as Donna Moss
James Denton
as Tom Jordan
Elisabeth Moss
as Zoey Bartlet
Rebecca Creskoff
as Sarah Jordan
Alfonso Freeman
as Jeffrey MacKintosh
Franc Ross
as Sonny Sanunders
Jesse Corti
as Dave Stewart
Claire Yarlett
as Dr. Jenna Jacobs
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