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After NASA inadvertently loses contact with the Galileo Mars probe, the president has to decide whether or not he still wants to go through with a planned televised discussion about the craft. Meanwhile, Leo contends with an ambassador (Charlotte Cornwell) after satellites spot a fire at a Russian nuclear plant, Donna expresses her passion for philately, and the country's green bean farmers are up-in-arms after CJ accidentally mentions that the president doesn't like the vegetable at a press briefing.


Janel Moloney
as Donna Moss
John Spencer
as Leo McGarry
Martin Sheen
as President Josiah Bartlet
Allison Janney
as C.J. Cregg
Bradley Whitford
as Josh Lyman
Richard Schiff
as Toby Ziegler
Rob Lowe
as Sam Seaborn
Charlotte Cornwell
as Nadia Kozlowski
Kathryn Joosten
as Mrs. Landingham
Allison Smith
as Mallory O'Brien
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