The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (1993 - 1994)

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.


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Tongue-in-cheek Western with a Harvard-educated hero who turns bounty hunter when his dad is killed by a power-hungry time traveler from 2506 who's out to grab a mystical orb. The underrated series is rapidly paced, like movie-matinee serials of the '30s and '40s, and is reminiscent of the 1960s' 'Wild, Wild West' and, in its more amiable moments, 'Maverick.'

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Critics Consensus: With The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Bruce Campbell brings his campy charms to the small-screen in an inventive, genre-bending Western.

1993, FOX, 27 episodes


Bruce Campbell
as Brisco County Jr.
Julius Carry
as Lord Bowler/James Lonefeather
Billy Drago
as John Bly
Christian Clemenson
as Socrates Poole
John Astin
as Prof. Albert Wickwire
James Greene
as Cartwright
Kelly Rutherford
as Dixie Cousins
Jeff Phillips
as Whip Morgan
Ashby Adams
as Breakstone
Cameo Kneuer
as Schwenke Sister
Debra Jo Rupp
as Eunice Plowright
Tony Jay
as Judge Gatt
John P. Ryan
as Cavendish
Richard Herd
as President Cleveland
Kevin Lowe
as Agent Browne
M.C. Gainey
as Big Smith
Victor Rivers
as Carlos Falco
Ely Pouget
as Jennifer
Brandon Maggart
as Prof. Coles
Ray Bumatai
as Frenchi Bearpaux
Michael Fairman
as Gen. Quarry
Clare Wren
as Rosalind
Don Stroud
as Hatchett
Nan Martin
as Lil Swill
Morgan Hunter
as Mr. Cross
Cory Everson
as Schwenke Sister
R. Lee Ermey
as Marshal County
Dana Craig
as Ed Pearson
Duane Tucker
as Bewtell
Devon O'Brien
as Housekeeper
Josh Lozoff
as Dr. Spencer
Steve Rankin
as Remy Jax
John Vargas
as Mendosa
John Shumski
as Dynamite
Terry Bradshaw
as Col. Marsh
Gabriel Enriquez
as Station Master
Abraham Alvarez
as King of Spain
Judith Hoag
as Iphigenia
Ian Ogilvy
as Fulong
Xander Berkeley
as Brett Bones
Geoffrey Blake
as Beck Caulder
Matt McComb
as Lt. Rayford
Frank Renzulli
as Mr. Crocker
Williams Russ
as Randolph
Tom Dahlgren
as Sandstedt
Mark Thompson
as Shane McCord
Vincent Klyn
as Utah Johnny Montana
Rex Linn
as Mountain McClain
Jose Perez
as Roberto
Jeff Doucette
as Sheriff Hyde
Don Michael Paul
as Juno Dawkins
Janet Rotblatt
as Mother Superior
Jim Harbaugh
as Mason Dixon
Armando Ortega
as Bartender
Edith Fields
as Mrs. Van Allen
Miguel Pérez
as General Zaca
James Staley
as Mayor Dartly
John Walcutt
as Clayton
Aries Spears
as Bobby Swan
Pat Skipper
as Donovan Joe
Robert Winley
as Snakeskinner
Felton Perry
as Sheriff Bumper
Raye Birk
as Capt. Phipps
Tracey Wlater
as Phil Swill
Jensen Daggett
as Charlotte
Johnathon Schaech
as Nevade Cooper
Ken Norton Jr.
as Grissle Wallens
Carl Banks
as Aldo Buttuchi
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TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Aug 27, 1993
Genre: Action & Adventure
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