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Newhart had his first sitcom success as Chicago psychologist Bob Hartley in this ensemble gem of the 1970s. Complicating life for the serene, stammering doc and his wise wife, Emily, were their neighbor, Howard, a flighty navigator; and Bob's coworkers, dentist Jerry and flippant receptionist Carol. The humor was gentle, sophisticated and, at times, wonderfully surreal. `We were selling class and charm and wit,' series cocreator David Davis said. And for six years, viewers were happily buying.

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1977, CBS, 22 episodes

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1976, CBS, 24 episodes

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1975, CBS, 24 episodes

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1974, CBS, 24 episodes

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1973, CBS, 24 episodes

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1972, CBS, 24 episodes


Bob Newhart
as Bob Hartley
Suzanne Pleshette
as Emily Hartley
Peter Bonerz
as Jerry Robinson
Marcia Wallace
as Carol Kester
Bill Daily
as Howard Borden
Jack Riley
as Elliot Carlin
Florida Friebus
as Mrs. Bakerman
John Fiedler
as Mr. Peterson
Pat Finley
as Ellen Hartley
Larry Gelman
as Tupperman
Will Mackenzie
as Larry Bondurant
Patricia Smith
as Margaret Hoover
Martha Scott
as Martha Hartley
Tom Poston
as Cliff Murdock
Bobby Ramsen
as Dr. Rimmer
Moosie Drier
as Howie Borden
Bill Quinn
as Ralph Hodiak
John Randolph
as Junior Harrison
Richard Schaal
as Chuck Brock
Barnard Hughes
as Herb Hartley
Merie Earle
as Mrs. Loomis
Rhoda Gemignani
as Joan Rossi
Noam Pitlik
as Gianelli
Ric Mancini
as 2nd Moving Man
Jill Jaress
as Mary Ellen
Gail Strickland
as Courtney Simpson
Taurean Blacque
as Arthur Tatum
William Redfield
as Arthur Hoover
Jerry Fogel
as Paul Hollander
Vern Rowe
as Moose Washburn
Marilyn Child
as Mrs. Walker
Ann Rutherford
as Aggie Harrison
Allen Case
as Steve Kopelson
King Moody
as Fireman
George Wyner
as Rex Pottinger
Edward Winter
as Prof. Trainer
Teri Garr
as Miss Brennan
Marcia Lewis
as Dorothy
Kristina Holland
as Gail Bronson
Shizuko Hoshi
as Waitress
Tom Patchett
as David Robbins
Joan Tompkins
as Aunt May
Amzie Strickland
as Mrs. Walhauser
Lou Cutell
as Delivery Man
Gene Blakely
as Dr. Ralph Tetz
Don Nagel
as Waiter
Wyatt Johnson
as Richard Hawkins
Jay Tarses
as Waiter
Pat Cranshaw
as Old Man
Helen Page Camp
as Myrna Hoover
Bert Rosario
as Reuben Ortiz
David Hedison
as Steve Darnell
Mildred Natwick
as Grace Dubois
Karen Ericson
as Peggy Ann
Edward Andrews
as Principal Bannister
Nora Marlowe
as Mrs. Manning
Henry Winkler
as Miles Lascoe
Milton Selzer
as Mr. Brimskill
John Anderson
as Mr. Coulter
Leonard Stone
as Dr. Ned Podbillion
Max Showalter
as Dr. Morgan
Tovah Feldshuh
as Veronica "Ronnie" Kidd
Hope Alexander-Willis
as Jackie Windsor
Chuck McCann
as Hal Miller
Herbie Faye
as Mr. Atlee
Jeff Corey
as Dr. Scott Rivers
Raul Julia
as Greg Robinson
Cynthia Harris
as Diane Nugent
Keenan Wynn
as Dr. Albert
Anthony Costello
as Dwayne Granger
Brooke Adams
as Mitzi Margolis
Michael Lerner
as Mr. Carolla
Emmaline Henry
as Mrs. Walker
Dick Clair
as Roy West
Julius Harris
as Mr. Billings
Quinn K. Redeker
as Dr. Dalton
Brian Byers
as Box Boy
Rene Auberjonois
as Alan Durocher
Morgan Fairchild
as Linda Bianca
Heather Menzies
as Debbie Borden
John McMartin
as Rev. Dan Bradford
Sharon Gless
as Rosalie Shaeffer
Ron Rifkin
as Jeff Boggs
Roger Perry
as Dr. Walburn
Jennifer Warren
as Ruth Corley
Graham Jarvis
as Dr. Bickwell
Sorrell Booke
as Mr.Perlmutter
Ralph Bellamy
as Alan Dreesen
John Crawford
as Vern Hackler
Peter Brown
as Stan Connors
Mariette Hartley
as Marilyn Dietz
Len Lesser
as Mr. Schwab
Ann Weldon
as Adele Sinclair
Fred Willard
as John Tobin
Mike Henry (I)
as Frank Nugent
Richard Balin
as Fred Goring
Alan Manson
as Congressman Avery
William H. Daniels
as Edward T. Vickers
Malcolm Atterbury
as Mr. Arbogast
Toni Lamond
as Doris Peterson
Macon McCalman
as Dr. Malcolm
Alice Borden
as Lois Borden
Bernie Kopell
as Dr. Arnold
Jim Watkins
as Phil Bender
Robert Casper
as Judge Tanner
Penny Fuller
as Nancy Brock
Elaine Giftos
as Cynthia Fremont
Rose Gregorio
as Janet Hoffman
Tom Fitzsimmons
as Webb Franklyn
Michael Le Clair
as Phil Dorigo
Howard Morris
as Shorty Vance
Lieux Dressier
as Laughing Lady
Jeff Donnell
as Clara Hackler ("The Little Woman")
Patricia Stevens
as Wanda Moss
Jenna McMahon
as Shirley Wolfson
Don Fenwick
as Young Doctor
Bruce Kirby
as Dr. Klein
Carl Gottlieb
as Mr. Kuberski
Maxine Stuart
as Mrs. Chaney
Paula Shaw
as Tammy Ziegler
Cliff Osmond
as Leonard De Paulo
Tresa Hughes
as Dr. Doctor
Walker Edmiston
as Detective Webber
Frank Maxwell
as Sgt. O'Connor
Joyce Van Patten
as Connie Miller
Mimi Torchin
as Wendy Rivers
Mel Stewart
as Mr. Dabney
Erica Hagen
as Nancy Carmichael
Ray Stewart
as Congressman Shelton
Richard Foronjy
as Artie Berkowitz (Cabbie)
Frances Lee McCain
as Janet Hoffman
Tierre Turner
as Wally Carson
Ron Vernan
as Police Officer
Richard D. Hurst
as Maintenance Man
Jess Nadelman
as Bud Brey
Steven Anderson
as Young Man
Janet Fisher
as Ms. Hunsinger
Fay DeWitt
as Mrs. Melnick
Patti Jerome
as Aunt Jessica
Kathryn Ish
as Mrs. Heinsohn
John "Red" Fox
as Judge Fleming
Titos Vandis
as Gene the Janitor
Paul Bryar
as Mr. Firman
John Holland
as Brian McDermott
Addison Powell
as Dr. Scranton
Joe Di Reda
as Policeman
Russ Grieve
as Spike Coolidge
Dolores Sutton
as Madeline Kalisher
Thomas Newman
as Spitball
Mark Lenard
as Earl S. Plummer
Robert Kenneally
as Tom Swerdlow
Jerry Bell
as Gary Johnson
Louise Lasser
as Mrs. Radford
Jack Bender
as Paul Sanders
J.J. Barry
as Man in Market
Pam Kenneally
as Becky Swerdlow
Bill Zuckert
as Mr. Kreever
Dorothy Love
as Lady in Elevator
Tom Lacy
as Dr. Wielen
Bryan O'Byrne
as Mr. Doheny
Jerome Guardino
as Dr. Kalisher
Fil Formicola
as Man at Elevator
Elizabeth Kerr
as Minnie Farber
Ben Freedman
as Santa Saul
Joe George
as Angry Man 1
Jessica Myerson
as Mrs. Warren
Mary-Robin Redd
as Susan Wick
Ron McIlwain
as Professor
Susan Davis
as Band Aid
as Billy Foster
Loni Anderson
as Leslie Greely
M. Emmet Walsh
as Jack Hoover
Tony Brande
as Maitre D' #1
Ellen Weston
as Dr. Sarah Harris
Claudia Bryar
as Mrs. Firman
Craig Wasson
as Chuck Morgan
Ray Montgomery
as Santa Claus
Penny Marshall
as Stewardess
Samantha Harper
as Nurse Burke
James Burrows
as Maintenance Man
Richard Roat
as Dr. Thompson
Don Dandridge
as Floor Manager
Mary Jo Catlett
as Mrs. Englehart
Jack O'Leary
as Plumber
Marsha Kramer
as Receptionist
Johnny West
as Jackie Whitefeather
Mert Rich
as Angry Man 2
Danny Rees
as Sanford Hettie
Pat McCormick
as The Strange Man
Delores Albin
as Miss Nightingale
Lenore Woodward
as Mrs. Havlicek
Howard Witt
as Dr. Ellis
Jerry Devine
as Carlin Character
Ted Foulkes
as Scottie
Martin Garner
as The Bun Man
Jack Scalici
as Scavenger 3
H.B. Haggerty
as The Hammer
Byron Morrow
as Devereaux
Ron Masak
as Mike Mitchell
Frank Ashmore
as "Major Hartman"
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 17, 1972
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Tom Patchett, Jay Tarses
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