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Drama series presenting one of the untold stories of World War I. Kitty Trevelyan tries to put past troubles behind her as she joins two other girls to volunteer at one of the busy war hospitals in northern France. For the hospital workers it is a daily battle to patch the men up and keep the war machine churning. Staff numbers are low and the volunteers are desperately needed, yet there are some who see these women as more of a threat than a lifeline. It is not just the girls who are causing a stir; one particular patient, a powerfully built and battle-scarred soldier called Molloy is facing certain death but resisting it with all the strength he can muster. The girls settle into their first day and it's soon clear that no training could ever have prepared them for the reality of working near the front line. As the day draws to an end secrets are hinted at, rivalries loom large and for the rebellious Kitty this new adventure could turn out to be very dangerous indeed.


Suranne Jones
as Sister Joan Livesey
Kevin Doyle
as Lt. Col. Roland Brett
Kerry Fox
as Sister Margaret Quayle
Alex Wyndham
as Capt Miles Hesketh-Thorne
Jeremy Swift
as QMS Reggie Soper
Richard Rankin
as Capt Thomas Gillan
Marianne Oldham
as Rosalie Berwick
Alice St. Clair
as Flora Marshall
Jack Gordon
as Cpl. Peter Foley
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