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The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970 - 1977)

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970 - 1977)






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One of the medium's most beloved, sharply written and performed sitcoms, about the newswoman who could turn the world on with her smile. A winner of nearly 30 Emmys over its seven years, it consistently produced witty, sophisticated episodes, including the celebrated `Chuckles Bites the Dust,' which was No. 1 in TV Guide's ranking of the `100 Greatest Episodes of All Time.' Members of the extraordinary ensemble cast moved on to three spin-off series: `Lou Grant,' `Phyllis' and `Rhoda.'

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1976, CBS, 24 episodes

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1975, CBS, 24 episodes

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1974, CBS, 24 episodes

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1973, CBS, 24 episodes

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1972, CBS, 24 episodes

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1971, CBS, 24 episodes

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1970, CBS, 24 episodes


Mary Tyler Moore
as Mary Richards
Edward Asner
as Lou Grant
Ted Knight
as Ted Baxter
Gavin MacLeod
as Murray Slaughter
Valerie Harper
as Rhoda Morgenstern
Cloris Leachman
as Phyllis Lindstrom
Lisa Gerritsen
as Bess Lindstrom
John Amos
as Gordy Howard
Joyce Bulifant
as Marie Slaughter
Georgia Engel
as Georgette Franklin Baxter
Betty White
as Sue Ann Nivens
Robbie Rist
as David Baxter
Nancy Walker
as Ida Morgenstern
John Gabriel
as Andy Grissom
Bill Quinn
as Walter Richards
Jack Manning
as Maitre d'
Patrick Campbell
as Announcer's Voice
Sheree North
as Charlene
Harold Gould
as Martin Morgenstern
David Hayward (II)
as Delivery Boy
Irene Tedrow
as Mrs. Geddes
Henry Corden
as Mr. Hartunian
Steve Franken
as Jonas Lasser
Gloria Lord
as Waitress
T.J. Castronovo
as Moving Man
Florida Friebus
as Mrs. Marshall
Jerry Van Dyke
as Wes Callison
Nanette Fabray
as Dottie Richards
Gordon Jump
as Judy's Dad
Murray Korda
as Violinist
Dick Gautier
as Cavanaugh
Patte Finley
as Sparkle
Paul Sand
as Robert C. Brand
Ron Rifkin
as Schroeder
William Bogert
as Psychologist
Bob Duggan
as Clock Man
Arthur Abelson
as Attendant
Robert Casper
as Anesthesiologist
Doris Roberts
as Helen Farrell
Mary Kay Place
as Sally Jo Hotchkiss
Tammi Bula
as Bonnie Slaughter
Janis Paige
as Charlene
Pat Finley
as Twinks
Mary Frann
as Joanne
Lurene Tuttle
as Bella Swann
Peter Haskell
as Mark Williams
Darrell Zwerling
as Mr. Charney
Michael Higa
as Le Chan
Ed Flanders
as Father Brian
Titos Vandis
as Lazlo Kralic
Richard Seff
as Captain
Monte Markham
as John Corcoran
Jed Allan
as Rod Porter
Shirley O'Hara
as Mrs. Malone
Edward Winter
as Brian Nordquist
Betty Ford
as Herself
Pippa Scott
as Estelle
Louise Lasser
as Anne Adams
Gail Strickland
as Sister Ann
Henry Winkler
as Steve Waldman
Ned Glass
as Norris Bender
Caren Kaye
as B.J. Smathers
Vic Tayback
as Officer Jackson
Liam Dunn
as Mr. Baxter
Alan Manson
as Psychiatrist
James Luisi
as Doug Kellum
Richard Balin
as Producer
Bill Dearth
as Bellhop
Trisha Noble
as Whitney
Bill Fiore
as Kerssen
Bob Dishy
as Officer Tully
Jack Bender
as Michael Lee
Bradford Dillman
as Matt Bryan
Herbie Faye
as Cleaning Man
Bo Kaprall
as Lowell
Elayne Heilveil
as Salesgirl
John Holland
as Caldwell
Lou Cutell
as Nice Little Man
Lois Walden
as Receptionist
Lew Ayres
as Doug Slaughter
Jack Cassidy
as Hal Baxter
Kermit Murdock
as Vandermast
Lois Nettleton
as Barbara Coleman
Joan Tompkins
as Mrs. Thorn
George Conrad
as Bartender
Barry Coe
as Steve
David White
as Mr. Cobb
Jerry Fogel
as Dr. Carter
Jane Connell
as Mrs. Norris
Lynn Wood
as Nurse
Bill Woodson
as Big Voiced Man
Dabney Coleman
as Phil Wright
Paul Lichtman
as Irv Gevins
Ted Lehmann
as Janitor
Jon Locke
as Turner
Richard Masur
as Bob Larson
David Groh
as Joe Gerard
Ford Rainey
as Dr. Rainey
Shelley Berman
as Dr. Udall
Pat Carroll
as Loretta Khune
Ivor Francis
as Father Flint
Richard Kline
as Prosecutor
Harvey Vernon
as Xerox Repairman
Slim Pickens
as Wild Jack Munroe
Dave Roberts
as Man in Audience
Meg Wyllie
as Eve Bayless
David Frescoe
as Phil Kramer
Anthony Holland
as Mel Peters
Claude Stroud
as Landlord
Jon Lormer
as Ronny Williams
Mary Jackson
as Mrs. Arnell
Dick Clair
as Freelander
Bert Mustin
as Old Man
Val Bisoglio
as Mr. DeForest
Brad Trumbull
as Mitchell
Rudy De Luca
as Nightclub Manager
Julie Rogers
as Waitress
Leonard Frey
as Lawrence
Peter Hobbs
as Bartender
Marilyn Roberts
as Mrs. Green
Mavis Neal
as Mrs. Cobb
Wes Stern
as Allen Stevens
Michael Bell
as Fireman
as Celestine
John Ritter
as Rev. Chatfield
Eric Braeden
as Karl Heller
Dort Clark
as Army Buddy
John Fox
as Bowler
James McCallion
as Ed Sprinkle
Helen Hunt
as Laurie
Mimi Kirk
as Phone Girl
Sid Clute
as Everett Edwards
Dean Santoro
as Phil Howard
Isabel Sanford
as Mrs. Wilson
Cathy Baco
as Waitress 2
Norman Bartold
as Alan Marsh
Vincent Gardenia
as Frank Coleman
Bartine Burkett
as Aunt Helen
Craig Nelson
as Charlie
Lisa Parkes
as Presenter
Robert Rothwell
as Floor Manager
Richard Libertini
as Big Chicken
Wally Taylor
as Walter Ellis
Joe Scott
as Bartender
Bob Ross
as Salesman
Philllippa Harris
as Woman from Audience
Charles Woolf
as Mr. Everett
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 19, 1970
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: James L. Brooks, Allan Burns
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