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Aceveda (Benito Martinez) starts a political battle against Monica (Glenn Close) over her department's property seizures. He also turns to a call girl, Sara (Abby Brammell), to help him work through his ongoing trauma over being sexually assaulted. Danny (Catherine Dent) and Julien (Michael Jace) pick up a graffiti artist (Vanetta Smith) who might be involved in fomenting a gang war. ADA Encardi (Anna Maria Horsford) tells Dutch (Jay Karnes) that the DA's office wants a "favor" in exchange for getting him and Claudette (CCH Pounder) back in their good graces. They're told to bust a drug dealer (Mel Winkler), who turns out to be very small-time, arousing Claudette's suspicions. A rapist escapes from the county courthouse and attacks another victim. Vic turns to Suvuto (Noel Guglielmi), a gang leader, for help in capturing the rapist, with decidedly mixed results. Shane (Walton Goggins) and Army (Michael Pena) make a power play, beating up on Antwon's (Anthony Anderson) lieutenant Halpern (Laurence Mason) when the man himself fails to show up at a meeting. Vic continues to go after Antwon, this time busting one of his many illegitimate children, Donald III (Edward Hendershott), on a minor charge. Vic also feeds Shane some information about one of Antwon's operations to see if the information will get back to Antwon. After promising Antwon protection from Vic, Shane asks to come back to The Barn.


Michael Chiklis
as Det. Vic Mackey
David Rees Snell
as Detective Ronnie Gardocki
Benito Martinez
as David Aceveda
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
as Corrine Mackey
CCH Pounder
as Det. Claudette Wyms
Walton Goggins
as Det. Shane Vendrell
Autumn Chiklis
as Cassidy Mackey
Catherine Dent
as Off. Danny Sofer
Michael Jace
as Off. Julien Lowe
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
as Emily Mischner
Kenny Johnson
as Detective Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky
Jay Karnes
as Det. Dutch Wagenbach
Glenn Close
as Capt. Monica Rawling
Roberto Montesino
as Felix "Blinky" Contreras
Anthony Anderson
as Antwon Mitchell
Jarvis W. George
as Carl Miller
Kila Kitu
as Esther
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