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Lem's in jail, and the Strike Team can't bail him out because Kavanaugh has had their assets (and Corinne's) frozen. Kavanaugh also engineers a confrontation between Vic and Terry Crowley's brother. Elsewhere, Aceveda confronts Kavanaugh; Claudette, who's back at work, investigates the murder of a man whose body was found in a Dumpster; and Tina makes yet another mistake.


Michael Chiklis
as Det. Vic Mackey
Benito Martinez
as David Aceveda
CCH Pounder
as Det. Claudette Wyms
Walton Goggins
as Det. Shane Vendrell
Catherine Dent
as Off. Danny Sofer
Michael Jace
as Off. Julien Lowe
Kenny Johnson
as Det. Curtis Lemansky
Jay Karnes
as Det. Dutch Wagenbach
Forest Whitaker
as Lt. Jon Kavanaugh
David Rees Snell
as Lt. Ronnie Gardocki
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
as Corinne Mackey
David Marciano
as Capt. Steve Billings
Laura Harring
as Becca Doyle
Paula Garcés
as Off. Tina Hanlon
Autumn Chiklis
as Cassidy Mackey
Laurence Mason
as Halpern White
Patricia Forte
as Othelia Cooke
Christopher May
as Drew Crowley
Rickey T. Chaney
as Jaden Reid
Joanie Tomsky
as Tasha Reynolds
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