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After watching the ultra-violent cartoon series The Itchy & Scratchy Show with Bart (voice of Nancy Cartwright) and Lisa (voice of Yeardley Smith), little Maggie picks up a hammer and attacks Homer (voice of Dan Castellaneta), much as the cartoon mouse pummeled the cat. Marge (voice of Julie Kavner) is convinced the show's violence helped provoke the attack, and writes a letter of concern to the show's producer, Roger Meyers Jr. (voice of Alex Rocco). Meyers responds by calling Marge a screwball; angry, Marge organizes S.N.U.H. (Springfieldians for Nonviolence, Understanding, and Helping) to protest the cartoon's carnage. S.N.U.H.'s activities lead to a nationwide boycott of Itchy & Scratchy, and with profits plummeting, Marge is brought in to help write episodes of the show that would be more acceptable to concerned parents. Under Marge's supervision, Itchy & Scratchy becomes a kinder, gentler show; it's also not very funny. While their parents may approve, the kids lose interest and the show's ratings hit the skids. "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge" first aired on December 20, 1990.


Dan Castellaneta
as Homer Simpson/Grampa/Krusty the Clown/Barney/Mayor Quimby
Julie Kavner
as Marge Simpson/Patty Bouvier/Selma Bouvier
Yeardley Smith
as Lisa Simpson
Harry Shearer
as Mr. Burns/Lenny/Ned Flanders/Seymour Skinner/Waylon Smithers
Nancy Cartwright
as Bart Simpson/Nelson Muntz/'Porch Pals' Itchy / 'Porch Pals'
Alex Rocco
as Roger Myers Jr.
Pamela Hayden
as Milhouse Van Houten
Maggie Roswell
as Animator #3 / Reporter/Helen Lovejoy/Maude Flanders
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