A Nice Place to Visit
The Twilight Zone Season 1

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Shot down while escaping the cops, two-bit hoodlum Rocky Valentine (Larry Blyden) awakens to find a jovial, bearded fellow named Mr. Pip (Sebastian Cabot) standing over him. Realizing that he is now dead, Rocky assumes that Pip is his guardian angel, an assumption "proven" when Rocky is transported to an idyllic world where his every wish is granted. Before long, however, Rocky's good fortune turns out to be too much of a good thing -- and in addition, appearances can be very, very deceiving. Written by Charles Beaumont, this morbidly comic Twilight Zone episode was originally to have starred Mickey Rooney; at one point, Beaumont jokingly suggested that series creator Rod Serling step into the role of Rocky Valentine before Larry Blyden was decided upon. "A Nice Place to Visit" was originally telecast April 15, 1960.