The Arrival


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FAA investigator Grant Sheckly (Harold J. Stone) is called to the scene when Flight 107 from Buffalo makes an unscheduled landing. Inasmuch as the plane arrived with no luggage, passengers, or crew members, Sheckly really has his work cut out for him. Even allowing for the other-worldy nature of Twilight Zone, this Rod Serling-scripted episode has logic holes one could drive trucks through. Watch for Bing Russell, father of Kurt Russell, in a featured role. Originally filmed for the series' second season, "The Arrival" didn't make its arrival until Season Three, on September 22, 1961.


Fredd Wayne
as Paul Malloy
Noah Keen
as Bengston
Bing Russell
as Ramp Attendant
Robert Brubaker
as Tower Operator
Jim Boles
as Dispatcher
Harold J. Stone
as Grant Sheckly
Robert Karnes
as Airline Official
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