In His Image


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When Alan Talbot (George Grizzard) returns to his home town after a week's absence, he finds that there have been a few significant changes, chief among them the fact that a stranger is living in his house. At a loss to explain this and other curiosities to his fiancée Jessica Connelly (Gail Kobe), Alan determines to get to the bottom of things. Meanwhile, the viewers would like a few answers of their own -- namely, why did Alan murder a harmless old woman before the first commercial? Scripted by Charles Beaumont from his own short story, "In His Image" was the first of Twilight Zone's 60-minute episodes, and it originally aired January 3, 1963.


Gail Kobe
as Jessica Connelly
George Petrie
as Driver
George Grizzard
as Alan Talbot/Walter Ryder Jr.
Jamie Forster
as Hotel Clerk
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