The 30-Fathom Grave


Episode Info

Written by Rod Serling, this 60-minute Twilight Zone episode gets under way when a U.S. Navy destroyer begins picking up unusual sounds on its sonar. Investigating, a frogman finds the remains of a sunken submarine -- and hears the sound of clanking from within. This information has a profound effect on the destroyer's chief petty officer Bell (Mike Kellin), and Captain Beecham (Simon Oakland) wants to find out why. Future TV leading man Bill Bixby appears in a supporting role. "The Thirty-Fathom Grave" was first telecast January 10, 1963.


Simon Oakland
as Capt. Beecham
Bill Bixby
as O.O.D. Smith
John Considine
as McClure
Mike Kellin
as Chief Bell
Tony Call
as Lee Helmsman
Derrick Lewis
as Helmsman
Conlan Carter
as Ensign Marmer
Charles Kuenstle
as Sonar Operator
Forrest Compton
as ASW Officer
Henry Scott
as Jr. O.O.D.
Vince Baggetta
as Sailor No. 1
Louie Elias
as Sailor No. 2
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