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Robert Duvall stars as Charley Parkes, a shy and lonely man who spends his spare time at the museum, even though his domineering mother (Pert Kelton) would prefer that Charley seek out a suitable girlfriend. But as far Charley is concerned, he already has a sweetheart -- a tiny but lifelike ballerina doll, part of a 19th century dollhouse exhibit. While "conversing" with the doll one day, Charley is startled as the ballerina comes to life -- as do several less appealing miniature characters. Originally telecast February 21, 1963, this Charles Beaumont-scripted Twilight Zone episode was later withdrawn from the series' syndicated package due to a legal complication. "Miniature" did not see the light of day again until 1984, when a semi-colorized version was included in a two-hour syndicated Twilight Zone 25th Anniversary special.