Printer's Devil


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In his last Twilight Zone appearance, Burgess Meredith stars as Mr. Smith, a slightly demonic fellow who offers his services as a reporter and typesetter to small-town newspaper editor Doug Winter (Robert Serling). Knowing full well that Winter's Danzburg Courier is on the verge of folding, Smith promises to save the publication from ruin. This he does by reporting tragic incidents that haven't happened yet -- and then making certain that they do happen. Adapted by Charles Beaumont from his own short story "The Devil, You Say?", "Printer's Devil" first aired February 28, 1963.


Robert Sterling
as Douglas Winter
Ray Teal
as Franklin
Pat Crowley
as Jackie Benson
Patricia Crowley
as Jackie Benson
Charles P. Thompson
as Andy Praskins
Ryan Hayes
as Young Man
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