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Critic Ratings: 37
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The Walking Dead delivers another character-driven episode in "The Cell," which successfully delves deeper into the world of Negan and his cronies, even if its attempts to humanize a villain achieve somewhat mixed results.

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A completely new group of survivors living in an impressive community that seems to have it all, but for -- a price, is introduced.

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After the lows of the premiere and the highs of last week, "The Cell" settles in as one of those pokey, mediocre Walking Dead episodes that tend to comprise the bulk of most seasons.

Nov 7, 2016 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…
Top Critic

It primarily just serves as our introduction to life in the land of the Saviors. And to literally the worst song in the history of music, which I cannot get out of my head for love nor money.

Nov 7, 2016 | Full Review…
Top Critic

It was very nearly as dark as episode one, but at least "The Cell" offered some rays of hope.

Nov 7, 2017 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

It's as if us voyeurs are finally being called to account for our sick viewing habits.

Nov 7, 2016 | Full Review…

So great is Negan's cruelty that by the end of the episode, even Dirtbag Dwight has been humanized by comparison.

Nov 7, 2016 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

While Daryl stayed strong on Sunday, the show definitely broke me... If you put us through a wringer without showing us anything revelatory about the character in question, it just gets annoying and worse: boring.

Nov 7, 2016 | Full Review…

The episode itself was nothing but darkness and humiliation for Daryl Dixon which kept it from being very enjoyable, though it matched the theme of the first eight episodes.

Nov 14, 2019 | Full Review… seems like overwrought exposition without a central focus.

Jun 19, 2018 | Full Review…

Still, it's fairly normal for "The Walking Dead" to tread some of the same ground from time to time, and "The [C]ell" continues a solid beginning to a season that's not afraid to take its time.

Dec 12, 2017 | Full Review…

There wasn't a ton of action, but what it lacked in action 'The Cell' made up for in tension and character development.

Nov 7, 2016 | Full Review…

"The Cell" is an example of the show at its worst. The episode confuses a slow pace for depth, expresses characters' internal conflict through gigantic speeches, and features an indulgent villain who's somehow underwritten.

Nov 7, 2016 | Full Review…

This was a relatively engaging hour... It offered an inside look at the Saviors, and it really captured the choices two characters were willing to make in facing such an evil villain with control over them.

Nov 7, 2016 | Rating: 4.2/5 | Full Review…

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