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Written by Chip Johannessen, the X-Files episode "Orison" features Scott Wilson as the title character, a prison chaplain who specializes in saving the souls of death-row inmates. Alas, in the case of necrophiliac serial killer Donnie Pfaster (Nick Chinlund), Rev. Orison's method of salvation includes assisting in Pfaster's jailbreak. Far from grateful, the escaped murderer makes a beeline to the only victim who ever escaped death at his hands -- Agent Scully. "Orison" was originally telecast January 9, 2000.


David Duchovny
as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson
as Dana Scully
Nick Chinlund
as Donnie Pfaster
Scott Wilson
as Orison
Emilio Rivera
as Brigham
Steve Rankin
as US Marshal Daddo
Irene Muzzy
as Waitress
Tara Buck
as Blueberry
Lisa Kushell
as Redhead
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