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In the premiere of a ten-part miniseries following the reign of Pope Pius XIII, aka Lenny Belardo, the first American pontiff, Vatican protocol and, it seems, the Catholic Church, mean little to Belardo, who hires the nun who raised him at an orphanage to be his main adviser and whose iconoclastic behavior irks the cardinals who resent his ascension.


Jude Law
as Lenny Belardo/Pope Pius XIII
Diane Keaton
as Sister Mary
James Cromwell
as Cardinal Michael Spencer
Silvio Orlando
as Cardinal Voiello
Scott Shepherd
as Cardinal Dussolier
Javier Cámara
as Cardinal Gutierrez
Toni Bertorelli
as Cardinal Caltanissetta
Toni Bertorelli
as Cardinal Caltanissetta
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