Higher Education


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Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) decides to expand her pot operation to the Valley State campus. When she hears Silas' (Hunter Parrish) math tutor, Sanjay (Maulik Pancholy), complaining about being too poor to afford a real college, she decides to make him her campus rep. She takes him to school, and they give out free samples. Heylia (Tonye Patano) later explains to Nancy that she has to keep her distance from the actual dealing; her clientele on campus should never meet her face-to-face. Nancy implements a new, safer routine for Sanjay and his crew, and gives them all disposable cell phones. But it's clear she's made an enemy when she finds her car assaulted by what seems to be an entire roll of pennies. At home, Shane (Alexander Gould) has finally made a new friend at school, Max (Forrest Landis of the Cheaper By the Dozen films). Andy (Justin Kirk) helpfully teaches them that instead of studying for their next test, they can simply order the teacher's edition of their textbook. Andy is thrilled when Max's mom, Eileen (Clare Carey), turns out to be hot and single, but she also turns out to be too much for him to handle. Celia (Elizabeth Perkins), in the hospital for chemo, gets an unwelcome visit from her mother, whose constant criticism of Celia, Dean (Andy Milder), and Isabelle (Allie Grant) forces the Hodes family to bond together and take drastic action.


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