Yes, Dear (2000 - 2006)

Yes, Dear

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Two couples---with dramatically different parenting styles---raise their kids in L.A. Neurotic first-time parents Greg and Kim fuss over their infant's every twitch, while Kim's laid-back sister Christine and her husband, Jimmy, don't particularly mind their kids becoming TV zombies.

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2005, CBS, 14 episodes

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2005, CBS, 12 episodes

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2003, CBS, 24 episodes

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2002, CBS, 24 episodes

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2001, CBS, 24 episodes

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2000, CBS, 24 episodes


Anthony Clark
as Greg Warner
Mike O'Malley
as Jimmy Hughes
Jean Louisa Kelly
as Kim Warner
Liza Snyder
as Christine Hughes
Joel Homan
as Dominic Hughes
Anthony Lamar
as Sam Warner
Michael Lamar
as Sam Warner
Brendon Baerg
as Logan Hughes
Madison Poer
as Emily Warner
Marissa Poer
as Emily Warner
Dawn Greenidge
as Eleanor Martin
Kevin Allardice
as Older Sam
Patrick McCarthy
as Great Star
Lou Wagner
as Mr. Bradley
Cooper Green
as Young Greg
Steve Seagren
as Whack-A-Mole Guy
Tom Beyer
as Resort Representative
John Mendoza
as Contractor
Jack Riley
as Mr. Shipley
Nicole Balick
as Flight Attendant
Steve Clark
as Redneck Man
Paul McKinney
as Adult Logan
Don Most
as Professor Rhodes
Michael Manasseri
as Dr. Trabert
Thea Rose
as Sawyer
Jennifer James
as Business Woman
Heavy D
as Charlie
Susan Diol
as Andrea
Diana-Maria Riva
as Miss McKenzie
Corbin Bernsen
as Gary Walden
Ron Glass
as Dr. Bradley
Will Tiao
as Husband No. 2
Mark Cohen
as Husband No. 3
Grant Heslov
as Neil Goldman
Jim Nantz
as Himself
Fernanda Motta
as Woman Passenger
Sam McMurray
as Dr. Bernstein
Vicki Juditz
as Ms. Patterson
Don Dowe
as Father No. 1
James McDonnell
as Bartender
Greg Biffle
as Himself
Susan Varon
as Receptionist
Jim Piddock
as Veterinarian
Myles Mason
as Jeffrey
Carey Eidel
as Father No. 2
Doug Cox
as Principal
Martin Starr
as Store Worker
Heidi Mokrycki
as Miss Brooke
Gena Norris
as Herself
Tara Chocol
as Woman No. 1
Gordie Howe
as Himself
Jeff Fatt
as Himself
Sam Rubin
as Himself
Jillian Reynolds
as Lisa Savitsky
Pat Finn
as Scott
Justin Martin
as Photo Clerk
Rebecca Ryiz
as Woman No. 2
Dawn Maxey
as Taylor
Gray Davis
as Himself
as Himself
Rick Marotta
as Golfer No. 1
Johnny Bench
as Himself
Patrice O'Neal
as Tow Truck Driver
Markus Silbigger
as Shaving Kid
Anna Gunn
as Jessica
Leigh Rose
as Mrs. Thompkins
Gigi Goff
as Claire
Hiram Kasten
as Customer
Susan Ruttan
as Aunt Betty
Max Prado
as Ronnie
Charlie Robinson
as Thrift Store Worker
Beverly Leech
as Mrs. Savitsky
Clint Culp
as Contractor
Emiliano Diez
as Cheese Host
Jeanie Buss
as Herself
Josh Gilman
as Catcher
Ben Marley
as Golfer No. 2
Kathryn White
as Mrs. Cooper
Leah Lail
as Debbie
Gary Pease
as Fishing Kid
Tamia Richmond
as Young Woman
Masi Oka
as Talking Rock
Doug Benson
as Buckaroo Waiter
Patrick Kerr
as Delivery Man No. 1
Romeo Brown
as Policeman
Cesar D. Flores
as Football Throwing Kid
Corena Chase
as Miss Brooke
Ron Ostrow
as Doctor
Cyndi Martino
as Mrs. Bowers
Iqbal Theba
as Instructor
Greg Page
as Himself
Georgia Cobb
as Kristen
Don Perry
as Referee
Whitney Lauks
as Teenage Girl
William Marquez
as Ice Cream Man
Tracy Keim
as Valerie
Shonda Farr
as Pledge No. 1
J.D. Watt
as Kite Flying Kid
Jason Boggs
as Delivery Man No. 2
Serena Gabriele
as Woman No. 1
Charlie Stewart
as Bright Star
Nick Ullett
as Limousine Driver
Asante Jones
as Patrick
Rudy Hornish
as Senator
Roger Marks
as Hasidic Man
Jason Wolk
as Umpire
Hardy Hill
as Himself
Rupert Boneham
as Homeless Man
Karl Montgomery Jr.
as Electricity Kid
Britt Leary
as Pledge No. 2
Dave Allen
as Insurance Agent
Heather Tindel
as Woman No. 2
Steve Carioti
as Fast Food Cashier
Derrick McMillon
as Speed Dating Host
Ashleigh Olden
as Pledge No. 3
Kate Earls
as Waitress
Rachel Werner
as Teenager
Amy Crews
as Herself
Melody Kay
as Bridesmaid
Bruno Gioiello
as Prison Guard
Russell Towne
as Second Coach
Lisa Donahue
as Herself
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Oct 2, 2000
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Gregory Thomas Garcia
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