Christopher Lee

Birthday: May 27, 1922
Birthplace: Belgravia, London
After several years in secondary film roles, the skeletal, menacing Christopher Lee achieved horror-flick stardom as the Monster in 1958's The Curse of Frankenstein, the second of his 21 Hammer Studios films. Contrary to popular belief, Lee and Peter Cushing did not first appear together in The Curse of Frankenstein. In Laurence Olivier's Hamlet (1948), in which Cushing plays the minor role of Osric, Lee appears as the cadaverous candle-bearer in the "frighted with false fires" scene, one of his first film roles. In 1958, Lee made his inaugural appearance as "the Count" in The Horror of Dracula, with Cushing as Van Helsing. It would remain the favorite of Lee's Dracula films; the actor later noted that he was grateful to be allowed to convey "the sadness of the character. The terrible sentence, the doom of immortality...."Three years after Curse, Lee added another legendary figure to his gallery of characters: Sherlock Holmes, the protagonist of Sherlock Holmes und das Halsband des Todes. With the release eight years later of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Lee became the first actor ever to portray both Holmes and Holmes' brother, Mycroft, onscreen. Other Lee roles of note include the title characters in 1959's The Mummy and the Fu Manchu series of the '60s, and the villainous Scaramanga in the 1974 James Bond effort The Man With the Golden Gun. In one brilliant casting coup, the actor was co-starred with fellow movie bogeymen Cushing, Vincent Price, and John Carradine in the otherwise unmemorable House of Long Shadows (1982). Established as a legend in his own right, Lee continued working steadily throughout the '80s and '90s, appearing in films ranging from Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) to Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow (1999).In 2001, after appearing in nearly 300 film and television productions and being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the international star with the most screen credits to his name, the 79-year-old actor undertook the role of Saruman, chief of all wizards, in director Peter Jackson's eagerly anticipated screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Thought by many to be the millennial predecessor to George Lucas' Star Wars franchise, audiences thrilled to the wondrous battle between Saruman and Gandalf (Ian McKellen) atop the wizard's ominous tower, though Lee didn't play favorites between the franchises when Lucas shot back with the continuing saga of Anakin Skywalker's journey to the dark side in mid-2002. Wielding a lightsaber against one of the most powerful adversaries in the Star Wars canon, Lee proved that even at 80 he still had what it takes to be a compelling and demanding screen presence. He lent his vocal talents to Tim Burton's Corpse Bride in 2005, and appeared as the father of Willy Wonka in the same director's adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic. He appeared as Count Dooku in Revenge of the Sith, and voiced the part for the animated Clone Wars. He appeared in the quirky British film Burke & Hare in 2010, and the next year he could be seen Martin Scorsese's Hugo. In 2012 he teamed with Tim Burton yet again when he appeared in the big-screen adaptation of Dark Shadows.Now nearly into 90s, Lee returned to Middle Earth in 2012 with Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, appearing in the first (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and third (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies) films. He also reprised the role in a number of video games based on the two series. Lee was still actively working when he died in 2015, at age 93.


Highest Rated Movies



58% Extraordinary Tales Narrator: The Fall of the House of Usher 2015
No Score Yet The Hobbit Trilogy Saruman 2015
59% The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Saruman $187.8M 2014
44% Night Train To Lisbon Father Bartolomeu 2013
100% The Wicker Man - Final Cut Actor $58.8K 2013
No Score Yet Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics Actor 2013
No Score Yet The Girl From Nagasaki Old Officer Pinkerton 2013
65% The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Saruman $303.1M 2012
100% Everything or Nothing Actor 2012
36% Dark Shadows Clarney $79.8M 2012
35% The Resident August 2012
29% The Wicker Tree Old Gentleman 2012
No Score Yet Meatcleaver Massacre Actor 2012
93% Hugo Monsieur Labisse $73.9M 2011
32% Burke and Hare Old Joseph $947 2011
11% Season of the Witch Cardinal D'Ambroise $24.9M 2011
33% Boogie Woogie Alfred Rhinegold 2010
51% Alice in Wonderland Jabberwocky $319.4M 2010
43% Glorious 39 Walter Page 2009
No Score Yet Triage Joaquin Morales 2009
No Score Yet The Heavy Boots' Father 2008
18% Star Wars: The Clone Wars Count Dooku $35.1M 2008
100% American Masters Actor 2008
No Score Yet The Colour of Magic Death 2008
42% The Golden Compass First High Councilor $70.2M 2007
No Score Yet Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn Actor 2007
80% Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs Narrator 2007
No Score Yet Whales of Atlantis: In Search of Moby Dick Actor 2007
No Score Yet Amazon Trek: In Search of Vanishing Secrets Narrator 2007
No Score Yet 100 Years Under the Sea: Shipwrecks of the Caribbean Actor 2007
No Score Yet Pope John Paul II Cardinal Wyszynski 2005
84% Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Pastor Galswells $53.4M 2005
83% Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dr. Wonka $206.2M 2005
80% Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Count Dooku 2005
No Score Yet Greyfriars Bobby The Lord Provost 2005
No Score Yet Pope John Paul II Cardinal Wyszynski 2005
No Score Yet Les rivières pourpres II : Les anges de l'apocalypse Heinrich von Garten 2004
No Score Yet Making of Westworld Actor 2003
95% The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Saruman $339.8M 2002
65% Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus $308M 2002
91% The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Saruman the White $314.1M 2001
No Score Yet Devil's Island: Journey into Jungle Alcatraz Actor 2001
No Score Yet In the Beginning Rameses I 2000
No Score Yet Bear Island Lechinski 2000
No Score Yet Gormenghast Flay 2000
68% Sleepy Hollow Burgomaster 1999
No Score Yet The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Adventures in the Secret Service Actor 1999
17% Russell Mulcahy's Tale of the Mummy Sir Richard Turkel 1999
No Score Yet Jinnah Mohammed Ali Jinnah 1998
No Score Yet Wyrd Sisters Actor 1997
No Score Yet The Odyssey Tiresias 1997
No Score Yet Ivanhoe Lucas de Beaumanoir 1997
No Score Yet Soul Music Actor 1997
20% The Stupids Evil Sender 1996
No Score Yet Strictly Supernatural - Tarot & Astrology Actor 1996
No Score Yet Discworld: Soul Music Actor 1996
No Score Yet Century of Science Fiction Host 1996
No Score Yet The Many Faces of Christopher Lee Actor 1996
No Score Yet 100 Years of Horror Himself (Narrator) 1996
No Score Yet Moses Ramses 1995
No Score Yet A Feast at Midnight Longfellow 1995
No Score Yet Funny Man Callum Chance 1995
No Score Yet Flesh and Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror Actor 1994
0% Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow Rakov 1994
No Score Yet The Rainbow Thief Uncle Rudolf 1994
No Score Yet Errol Flynn: Portrait of a Swashbuckler Narrator 1993
No Score Yet Death Train Gen. Benin 1993
39% Innocent Blood Count Dracula 1992
No Score Yet Double Vision Mr. Perfect 1992
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes: Incident at Victoria Falls Actor 1992
No Score Yet Fear in the Dark Himself 1992
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes And The Leading Lady Actor 1991
No Score Yet Shogun Mayeda King Philip 1991
69% Gremlins 2: The New Batch Dr. Catheter 1990
No Score Yet Honeymoon Academy Lazos 1990
No Score Yet Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (Panga) Doctor Pearson 1990
No Score Yet L'avaro Cardinale Spinosi 1990
No Score Yet Treasure Island (Devil's Treasure) Blind Pew 1990
60% The Return of the Musketeers Rochefort 1989
No Score Yet Murder Story Willard Hope 1989
No Score Yet Mio in the Land of Faraway Kato 1987
No Score Yet Jocks President White 1986
No Score Yet The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes Actor 1986
No Score Yet Shaka Zulu Lord Bathurst 1986
27% Howling II Stefan Crosscoe 1985
60% The Return of Captain Invincible Mr. Midnight 1984
No Score Yet The Far Pavilions Actor 1984
No Score Yet The Rosebud Beach Hotel King 1984
No Score Yet House of the Long Shadows Corrigan 1983
No Score Yet The Salamander Actor 1983
71% The Last Unicorn King Haggard 1982
No Score Yet Goliath Awaits John McKenzie 1981
No Score Yet An Eye for an Eye Morgan Canfield 1981
No Score Yet Safari 3000 Count Borgia 1981
No Score Yet The Salamander Director Baldassare 1981
No Score Yet Serial Luckman/Skull 1980
39% 1941 Von Kleinschmidt 1979
No Score Yet Captain America II: Death Too Soon Miguel 1979
No Score Yet Arabian Adventure Caliph Alquazar 1979
No Score Yet Jaguar Lives! Adam Caine 1979
No Score Yet Nutcracker Fantasy Watchmaker Uncle Drosselmeyer Street Singer Puppeteer 1979
No Score Yet The Passage Head Gypsy 1979
43% Circle of Iron Zetan 1979
No Score Yet Captain America Miguel 1979
No Score Yet Count Dracula & His Vampire Bride Actor 1978
No Score Yet End of the World Father Pergado/Zindar 1978
50% Return from Witch Mountain Victor 1978
No Score Yet Caravans Sardar Khan 1978
No Score Yet Starship Invasions Capt. Rameses 1977
38% Airport '77 Martin Wallace 1977
No Score Yet Meat Cleaver Massacre The Narrator 1977
No Score Yet Killer Force (The Diamond Mercenaries) Chilton 1976
40% To The Devil A Daughter Father Michael 1976
No Score Yet Dracula and Sons Dracula 1976
No Score Yet The Keeper The Keeper 1976
No Score Yet Albino Bill 1976
No Score Yet In Search of Dracula Actor 1975
80% The Four Musketeers Rochefort 1975
No Score Yet Devil's Undead Actor 1975
No Score Yet Diagnosis: Murder Actor 1975
44% The Man with the Golden Gun Scaramanga 1974
20% The Satanic Rites of Dracula Actor 1974
67% Horror Express Prof. Saxton 1974
82% The Three Musketeers Rochefort 1973
88% The Wicker Man Lord Summerisle 1973
No Score Yet Poor Devil Lucifer 1973
80% Creeping Flesh James Hildern 1973
No Score Yet Dracula: The Satanic Rites Count Dracula 1973
No Score Yet Dark Places Dr. Mandeville 1973
22% Dracula A.D. 1972 Count Dracula 1972
No Score Yet The Castle of Fu Manchu Fu Mancu 1972
91% Death Line (Raw Meat) Stratton-Villers 1972
No Score Yet Nothing But the Night (The Devil's Undead) (The Resurrection Syndicate) Col. Bingham 1972
No Score Yet Umbracle Actor 1972
No Score Yet I, Monster Marlowe/Mr. Blake 1971
83% The House That Dripped Blood John Reid 1971
No Score Yet One More Time Dracula 1971
No Score Yet Hannie Caulder Bailey 1971
20% Scars of Dracula Count Dracula 1970
67% Taste the Blood of Dracula Dracula 1970
No Score Yet Curse of the Crimson Altar Morley 1970
No Score Yet Count Dracula Count Dracula 1970
No Score Yet Eugenie (De Sade 70)(Eugenie... the Story of Her Journey Into Perversion)(Philosophy in the Boudoir) Dolmance 1970
56% The Magic Christian Ship's Vampire 1970
58% Scream and Scream Again (Screamer) Fremont 1970
No Score Yet Il Trono di fuoco (The Bloody Judge) Lord George Jeffreys 1970
No Score Yet Julius Caesar Artemidorus 1970
92% The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Mycroft Holmes 1970
No Score Yet Cuadecuc, Vampir Actor 1970
57% The Oblong Box (Dance, Mephisto) Dr. Neuharit 1969
80% Dracula Has Risen From the Grave Dracula 1969
No Score Yet Kiss and Kill Fu Manchu 1968
94% The Devil Rides Out Duke de Richleau 1968
No Score Yet Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel (Blood of the Virgins)(The Blood Demon)(Torture Chamber) Actor 1967
No Score Yet Theatre of Death Philippe Darvas 1967
No Score Yet The Vengeance of Fu Manchu Dr. Fu Manchu 1967
No Score Yet Night of the Big Heat (Island of the Burning Damned) Godfrey Hanson 1967
No Score Yet Five Golden Dragons Dragon #4 1967
No Score Yet The Secret of the Red Orchid Actor 1967
No Score Yet Castle of the Walking Dead Count Regula 1967
No Score Yet The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism Actor 1967
No Score Yet The Brides of Fu Manchu Fu Manchu 1966
43% Rasputin, the Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin 1966
80% Dracula: Prince of Darkness Count Dracula 1966
No Score Yet Circus of Fear Gregor Lion Tamer 1966
No Score Yet The Virgin of Nuremberg (La vergine di Norimberga) Erich 1965
No Score Yet The Face of Fu Manchu Fu Manchu 1965
No Score Yet The Skull Sir Matthew Phillips 1965
No Score Yet She Billali 1965
No Score Yet Dr. Terror's House of Horrors Franklyn Marsh 1965
60% The Gorgon Prof. Karl Meister 1965
No Score Yet The Devil-Ship Pirates Captain Robeles 1964
No Score Yet Castle of the Living Dead Count Drago 1964
No Score Yet La cripta e l'incubo (Crypt of the Vampire)(Terror in the Crypt) Actor 1964
71% La frusta e il corpo (The Whip and The Body) Kurt Menliff 1963
No Score Yet Corridors of Blood Resurrection Joe 1963
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace Sherlock Holmes 1962
No Score Yet Pirates of Blood River LaRoche 1962
91% The Longest Day Actor 1962
No Score Yet Hercules in the Haunted World King Lico 1961
67% Horror Hotel Prof. Alan Driscoll 1961
No Score Yet The Terror of the Tongs Chung King 1961
No Score Yet Too Hot to Handle Novak 1961
No Score Yet Scream of Fear Dr. Gerrard 1961
No Score Yet Secret of the Red Orchid Captain Allerman 1961
No Score Yet Beat Girl Kenny 1960
83% The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) Paul Allen 1960
No Score Yet The Hands of Orlac (Hands of a Strangler) Nero 1960
No Score Yet The City Of The Dead Actor 1960
No Score Yet The Man Who Could Cheat Death Dr. Pierre Gerard 1959
94% The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Henry 1959
100% The Mummy Kharis, the Mummy 1959
No Score Yet Uncle Was a Vampire Actor 1959
No Score Yet Icons Of Adventure Actor 1959
No Score Yet A Tale of Two Cities Marquis St. Evremonde 1958
No Score Yet Ill Met by Moonlight (Intelligence Service) (Night Ambush) German officer at dentist's 1958
89% Horror of Dracula Count Dracula 1958
No Score Yet The Truth About Women Francois 1957
81% The Curse of Frankenstein Creature 1957
No Score Yet Beyond Mombasa Gil Rossi 1957
No Score Yet She Played with Fire Charles Highbury 1957
80% Bitter Victory Sgt. Barney 1957
82% The Battle of the River Plate (Pursuit of the Graf Spee) Manola 1956
No Score Yet Private's Progress Actor 1956
No Score Yet Storm Over the Nile Karaga Pasha 1956
No Score Yet Alias John Preston John Preston 1955
No Score Yet Cockleshell Heroes Submarine Commander 1955
No Score Yet Innocents in Paris Lt. Whitlock 1953
78% Moulin Rouge Scurat 1952
100% The Crimson Pirate Attache 1952
100% Captain Horatio Hornblower Captain 1951
No Score Yet Prelude to Fame Newsman 1950
No Score Yet Scott of the Antarctic Bernard Day 1949
No Score Yet The Gay Lady (Trottie True) Hon. Bongo Icklesham 1949
No Score Yet My Brother's Keeper Actor 1948
91% Hamlet Spear Carrier (uncredited) 1948
No Score Yet Penny and the Pownall Case Jonathan Blair 1948
No Score Yet Corridor of Mirrors Charles 1948
No Score Yet Saraband for Dead Lovers Bit 1948
No Score Yet One Night with You Pirelli's Assistant 1948
No Score Yet Masters of Mayhem Actor 1939


No Score Yet American Masters
  • 2009
No Score Yet Top Chef Masters
Reality cast member
  • 2009
No Score Yet Saturday Night Live
Guest Host
  • 1978
61% Space: 1999
  • 1975
No Score Yet The Avengers (1961)
Prof. Frank N. Stone Col. Mannering