Chris Ellis

Chris Ellis

Highest Rated: 97% A Little Princess (1995)

Lowest Rated: 8% The Tie That Binds (1995)

Birthday: Apr 14, 1956

Birthplace: Not Available

A character actor with a knack for playing blustery Southerners and military men (comic and dramatic), Chris Ellis was, appropriately enough, born and raised in Mississippi. While hardly a radical, 18-year-old Ellis discovered his interest in the arts, and his slightly longer than average hair made him a less than welcome presence in Mississippi. In 1968, he began studying acting with a theater troupe in Memphis, TN, where he made his stage debut. After completing his studies, Ellis moved to New York City, where he began working in off-Broadway and regional theater. However, keeping his foot in the door proved difficult for Ellis, and he found himself without steady work through most of the '80s, getting by thanks to the kindness of friends who would often invite him over for dinner. In 1990, Ellis' luck began to change when he was cast as the memorable Harlan Hoogerhyde in the Tom Cruise vehicle Days of Thunder. By the mid-'90s, Ellis was working steadily in film and television, making small but notable appearances in Apollo 13, That Thing You Do!, and Armageddon, and making guest appearances on such series as The X-Files, Millennium, and Chicago Hope.

Highest Rated Movies



63% The Oath Hank 2018
No Score Yet Pitching Tents Principal Don Bishop 2017
No Score Yet Amelia 2.0 Senator Thaddeus 2017
91% Faults Paul 2015
28% Jessabelle Sheriff Pruitt 2014
91% The Guest Hendricks $0.7M 2014
50% Grace Unplugged Pastor Tim Bryant $2.6M 2013
87% The Dark Knight Rises Fr. Reilly $448.2M 2012
No Score Yet Teenage Dirtbag Pops 2009
33% Gospel Hill L. Don Murray 2008
58% Transformers Admiral Brigham $319.1M 2007
82% Live Free or Die Hard Scalvino $134.6M 2007
80% The Memory Thief Mr. De Silva 2007
60% Believe in Me Jim Stovall $0.2M 2007
No Score Yet Death to the Supermodels Ed 2005
No Score Yet The Darkroom Jackson 2005
54% The Devil's Rejects Coggs $17M 2005
40% The Island Aces & Spades Bartender $35.9M 2005
No Score Yet In Enemy Hands Captain Samuel Littleton 2004
60% Tiger Cruise Captain Anderson 2004
75% Death & Texas Actor 2004
34% Wonderland Captain Nimzaki 2003
No Score Yet Rip It Off Det. Hanson 2003
96% Catch Me If You Can Witkins $164.5M 2002
53% Love Liza Patriot Hobby 2002
No Score Yet Beyond the City Limits Det. Hanson 2001
24% Domestic Disturbance Det. Warren $44.4M 2001
44% Planet of the Apes Commander Karl Vasich $178.1M 2001
10% The Watcher Hollis $28.6M 2000
No Score Yet The Last Marshal O'Brien 1999
No Score Yet Atomic Train Ed Brown 1999
17% Sparkler Buddy No. 1 1999
91% October Sky Principal Turner 1999
31% Home Fries Henry Lever 1998
No Score Yet Max Q Bob Matthews 1998
38% Armageddon Walter Clark 1998
16% Godzilla General Anderson 1998
No Score Yet The Pentagon Wars General Keane 1998
85% Wag the Dog Officer 1997
41% Bean Detective Butler 1997
55% Con Air BOP Official Grant 1997
93% That Thing You Do! Phil Horace 1996
88% If These Walls Could Talk Crowd Leader 1996
8% The Tie That Binds Security Guard No. 1 1995
97% A Little Princess Policeman 1995
95% Apollo 13 Deke Slayton 1995
88% Crimson Tide Additional Magician 1995
76% Addams Family Values Moving Man 1993
33% Undercover Blues Burt 1993
11% Ghost in the Machine Lieutenant 1993
86% My Cousin Vinny J.T. 1992
39% Days of Thunder Harlan Hoogerhyde 1990


No Score Yet Young Sheldon
Marty Steinbecker 2018
57% The Finder
Warden Nick Larsen 2012
No Score Yet CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Warden Clinton Malton 2011
No Score Yet In Plain Sight
97% Justified
Cooper 2010
68% The Good Guys
Beau Teague 2010
No Score Yet The Mentalist
Sheriff Mullery 2010
85% Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Hayes 2009
No Score Yet Cold Case
Jim Horn 2008
88% Burn Notice
Virgil Watkins 2007
84% The Unit
Bruce Gelber 2007
92% Veronica Mars
Rev. Capistrano 2007
No Score Yet Ghost Whisperer
Ghost Pilot 2006
75% The West Wing
Rep. Tim Fields 2006
No Score Yet CSI: NY
Vincent Williams 2005
85% Alias
CIA Agent Chapman 2002
50% Birds of Prey
No Score Yet The Practice
Donald Blane 2002
No Score Yet Family Law
Frank Reese 2000
62% Vanished
Sheriff Joe 1999
74% The X-Files
Sheriff Hindt 1996
84% NYPD Blue
Marshal #1 Marshall #1 1993


Pops says: Thayer (To Amber):"Your face brings me death every day and every day I can't wait to die"

Thayer says: [to Amber] Your face brings me death every day and every day I can't wait to die.

Selina Kyle says: You could have just given me what I asked for.

Fr. Reilly says: Yes, but even in that dress, no one's going to miss you.

Stryver says: Yes, but even in that dress, no one's going to miss you.

Selina Kyle says: But my friend over there... the whole city's missing him.

Fr. Reilly says: Cute, but they'll never look for him in a place like this.

Stryver says: Cute, but they'll never look for him in a place like this.

Selina Kyle says: I don't know... you did just use him cell phone.

Fr. Reilly says: You dumb bitch!

Daggett says: You dumb bitch!

Selina Kyle says: Nobody ever acused me of being dumb.

Bane says: No, brother! One of us must be found in the wreakage!

Bane's Mercenary says: Have we started the fire?

Priest says: Yes. The fire rises!