Adrian Pasdar

Adrian Pasdar

Highest Rated: 100% A Brother's Kiss (1997)

Lowest Rated: Not Available

Birthday: Apr 30, 1965

Birthplace: Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA

A talented actor with dark good looks, Adrian Pasdar bucked convention with his maverick approach to career-building. Debuting as a handsome fighter pilot in "Top Gun" (1986), Pasdar earned his stripes as a 1980s cult heartthrob with roles in the teen sci-fi adventure "Solarbabies" (1986) and Kathryn Bigelow's classic vampire Western "Near Dark" (1987). Unlike many of his more ambitious contemporaries, Pasdar proved willing to tackle unusual roles - such as a transvestite banker in the British indie comedy "Just Like a Woman" (1992) - and to take breaks from Hollywood, including a recuperative stint as a waiter/cashier at a New York diner. A small but juicy part in "Carlito's Way" (1993) served as a reminder of Pasdar's potential, and he wowed critics as the titular, amoral businessman on the groundbreaking dark dramedy "Profit" (Fox, 1995-96). Pasdar's star hummed along quietly as he married alpha Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, starred on the cult fave "Mysterious Ways" (NBC, 2000: PAX-TV, 2000-02) and filmed guest spots on "Judging Amy" (CBS, 1999-2005) and "Desperate Housewives" (ABC, 2004-2012). His profile soared, however, with a leading role on the megahit "Heroes" (NBC, 2006-2010) where he played Nathan Petrelli, a politician with the secret ability to fly, following by a leading role on teen drama "The Lying Game (ABC Family 2011-13) and recurring roles as military man Glenn Talbot on "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" (ABC 2013- ) and in Carlton Cuse's science fiction drama "Colony" (USA 2016- ). Pasdar's surprising, quirky career choices hinted at the intelligent, offbeat persona behind the publicity - one that many fans continued to look forward to seeing in the most unexpected of places.

Highest rated movies

A Brother's Kiss
The Last Good Time
Near Dark
Carlito's Way Coming Through the Rye
Just Like a Woman
Vital Signs
Streets of Gold




No Score Yet 64% The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre Doctor Dudembrü (Character) - 2021
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Disappearance of Mrs. Wu Unknown (Character) - 2021
No Score Yet 65% LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled Iron Man/Tony Stark (Voice) - 2015
70% 64% Coming Through the Rye Mr. Tierney (Character) $4.0K 2015
No Score Yet 79% Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United Iron Man/Tony Stark (Voice) - 2014
No Score Yet 23% Run Mike Lombardi (Character) - 2013
No Score Yet 62% Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United Iron Man/Tony Stark (Voice) - 2013
No Score Yet No Score Yet Chasing Leprechauns Michael (Character) - 2012
No Score Yet 23% The Terror Beneath Jack (Character) - 2011
No Score Yet 47% Home Movie David Poe (Character) - 2008
No Score Yet No Score Yet Crossing the Line Eric Harrison (Character) - 2002
No Score Yet 47% Cement Director - 1999
No Score Yet 27% Mutiny Lt. Maravich (Character) - 1999
No Score Yet 27% Perfect Getaway Colt Erikson (Character) - 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Wounded Hanaghan (Character) - 1997
100% 67% A Brother's Kiss Dopefiend (Character) $25.8K 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Touched by Evil Jerry Braskin (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Blood Trail Chase Leonard (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Love in Another Town Jake Cantrell (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Ties to Rachel Boxer (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet A Mother's Gift William Deal (Character) - 1995
No Score Yet No Score Yet Slave of Dreams Joseph (Character) - 1995
17% 23% The Pompatus of Love Josh (Character) $37.6K 1995
No Score Yet 33% Shadows of Desire Jude Snow (Character) - 1994
90% No Score Yet The Last Good Time Eddie (Character) $49.7K 1994
No Score Yet No Score Yet Ghost Brigade Col. Nehemiah Strayn (Character) - 1993
81% 91% Carlito's Way Frankie Taglialucci (Character) $36.5M 1993
50% 58% Just Like a Woman Gerald Tilson/Geraldine (Character) $78.0K 1992
No Score Yet 22% Grand Isle Robert Lebrun (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 40% Shanghai 1920 Dawson Cole (Character) - 1991
50% 30% Vital Signs Michael Chatham (Character) $779.1K 1990
No Score Yet 38% Torn Apart Ben Arnon (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet 40% The Lost Capone Richard Hart/Jimmy Capone (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet No Score Yet Capone: The Lost Years Richard Hart/Jimmy Capone (Character) - 1990
13% 38% Cookie Vito (Character) $1.4M 1989
No Score Yet 20% Made in USA Dar (Character) $81.1K 1987
82% 74% Near Dark Caleb Colton (Character) $2.5M 1987
0% 43% Solarbabies Darstar (Character) $1.3M 1986
31% 44% Streets of Gold Timmy Boyle (Character) $2.3M 1986


No Score Yet No Score Yet LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled Iron Man/Tony Stark (Voice) 2015 2021
74% 75% Grand Hotel Felix (Guest Star) 2019
95% 91% Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Glenn Talbot (Guest Star) 2014-2018
88% 46% Supergirl Morgan Edge (Guest Star) 2017-2018
89% 76% Lethal Weapon Cooper (Guest Star) 2017
92% 78% Colony Nolan Burgess (Guest Star) 2016-2017
No Score Yet 61% Marvel's Avengers Assemble Iron Man (Voice) 2013-2017
9% 74% Rosewood Unknown (Guest Star) 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Lego Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man/Tony Stark (Voice) 2013
88% 95% Burn Notice Burke (Guest Star) 2013
83% 72% The Lying Game Alec Rybak (Character) 2011-2013
63% 81% Political Animals Paul Garcetti (Character) 2012
No Score Yet 84% Law & Order: Criminal Intent Unknown (Guest Star) 2011
82% 86% Castle Unknown (Guest Star) 2011
52% 65% Heroes Nathan Petrelli (Character) 2006-2010
No Score Yet No Score Yet Rachael Ray Guest 2007
72% 88% Desperate Housewives David Bradley (Guest Star) 2005
No Score Yet No Score Yet Judging Amy Unknown (Character),
Unknown (Guest Star)
50% 83% The Twilight Zone Unknown (Character) 2002
50% No Score Yet Mysterious Ways Declan Dunn (Character) 2000-2002
No Score Yet 100% The Outer Limits Unknown (Character) 1998
94% No Score Yet Profit Unknown (Character) 1996-1997