Akiva Goldsman

Akiva Goldsman

Highest Rated: 80% Cinderella Man (2005)

Lowest Rated: 8% Rings (2017)

Birthday: Jul 07, 1962

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA

Perhaps no other screenwriter in the annals of Hollywood history had as varied a career as Akiva Goldsman. For the first decade of his life as a film scribe, Goldsman collaborated with Joel Schumacher on some of the director's more derided films, including "Batman Forever" (1995) and the universally lambasted "Batman & Robin" (1997). Despite the financial success of both movies, Goldsman was trapped in a cycle of taking any job that came his way, rather than putting pen to paper on the stories he wanted to write. By the time the millennium rolled around, Goldsman was one of the top scribes working in the business, thanks in part to a lucrative side business as an uncredited writer-for-hire. But he finally received the respect he deserved when he became a member of the power trio that included director Ron Howard and star Russell Crowe on "A Beautiful Mind" (2001), which earned Goldsman his first Academy Award win. Following another critically acclaimed Howard-Crowe-Goldsman collaboration on "Cinderella Man" (2005), he baited controversy with successful adaptations of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" (2006) and "Angels and Demons" (2009), both of which confirmed that he was the top working screenwriter of his day.




No Score Yet No Score Yet Without Remorse Producer - 2021
78% 89% Doctor Sleep Executive Producer $31.6M 2019
16% 45% The Dark Tower Screenwriter,
$50.7M 2017
8% 23% Rings Screenwriter $27.8M 2017
30% 69% King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Producer $39.1M 2017
No Score Yet 41% Stephanie Director - 2017
15% 38% The 5th Wave Screenwriter $34.9M 2016
28% 58% The Divergent Series: Insurgent Screenwriter $130.1M 2015
No Score Yet 44% A New York Winter's Tale Director - 2014
13% 43% Winter's Tale Director,
$12.6M 2014
75% 87% Lone Survivor Producer $125.1M 2013
23% 34% Paranormal Activity 4 Executive Producer $53.9M 2012
66% 51% Paranormal Activity 3 Executive Producer $104M 2011
12% 20% Jonah Hex Producer $10.5M 2010
79% 65% Fair Game Producer $9.5M 2010
58% 48% Paranormal Activity 2 Executive Producer $84.7M 2010
49% 54% The Losers Producer $23.6M 2010
37% 57% Angels & Demons Screenwriter $133.4M 2009
41% 59% Hancock Producer $227.9M 2008
52% 41% I'm Reed Fish Executive Producer $2.2K 2007
68% 68% I Am Legend Screenwriter,
$256.4M 2007
33% 43% Poseidon Producer $60.7M 2006
26% 57% The Da Vinci Code Writer $217.5M 2006
60% 58% Mr. & Mrs. Smith Producer $186.3M 2005
80% 91% Cinderella Man Screenwriter $61.6M 2005
56% 70% I, Robot Screenwriter $144.8M 2004
24% 57% Mindhunters Producer $4.5M 2004
62% 49% Starsky & Hutch Producer $88.2M 2004
74% 93% A Beautiful Mind Writer $170.7M 2001
59% 39% Deep Blue Sea Producer $73.6M 1999
22% 73% Practical Magic Writer $46.8M 1998
28% 24% Lost in Space Writer,
$69.1M 1998
11% 16% Batman & Robin Writer $107.3M 1997
67% 85% A Time to Kill Screenwriter $108.7M 1996
39% 32% Batman Forever Writer $182.5M 1995
78% 69% The Client Screenwriter $90.8M 1994


87% 56% Star Trek: Picard Executive Producer 2020
80% 72% Titans Creator,
Executive Producer,
96% 87% Underground Executive Producer 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet Childhood's End Executive Producer 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Breakthrough Director 2015


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Starfleet Admiral says: Intellect alone is useless in a fight, Mr. Spock. You... you can't even break a rule. How would you be expected to break bone?

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