Akiva Goldsman

Akiva Goldsman

Highest Rated: 84% Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Lowest Rated: 8% Rings (2017)

Birthday: Jul 7, 1962

Birthplace: Not Available

Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman was born in Brooklyn, NY, where his mother and father were both child psychologists. Goldsman graduated from Wesleyan University in 1983, where one of his classmates was Paul Schiff; they lived together in a student house where the misadventures of the residents helped to inspire the campus comedy P.C.U., which Schiff produced. After graduating from Wesleyan, Goldsman studied creative writing at New York University, and later took up screenwriting. Goldsman's first screenplay to be produced was for the comedy-drama Indian Summer; his experiences with his parents helped to inform his second produced screenplay, Silent Fall, which concerned a psychologist dealing with an autistic child who witnessed a crime. Goldsman next adapted two John Grisham novels for the screen, The Client and A Time to Kill, and two films in the Batman franchise, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Goldsman took on the duties of producer as well as screenwriter for the first time in 1998 with the screen adaptation of the once-popular TV series Lost in Space; Goldman was also producer on the thriller Deep Blue Sea. In 2001, Goldsman won both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his screenplay for the film A Beautiful Mind, based on the biography of John Nash written by Sylvia Nasar; Goldsman's script was also nominated for awards by the American Film Institute, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Chicago Film Critics Association.

Highest Rated Movies



77% Doctor Sleep Executive Producer 2019
16% The Dark Tower Screenwriter Producer $50.7M 2017
15% Transformers: The Last Knight Producer $130.2M 2017
30% King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Producer $39.1M 2017
8% Rings Screenwriter $27.8M 2017
15% The 5th Wave Screenwriter 2016
28% Insurgent Screenwriter $114.2M 2015
No Score Yet El Aro 3 Screenwriter 2015
No Score Yet Zbuntowana 3D Screenwriter 2015
13% Winter's Tale Screenwriter Producer Director $10.7M 2014
75% Lone Survivor Producer $97.7M 2014
No Score Yet A New York Winter's Tale Director 2014
84% Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Admiral $228.8M 2013
24% Paranormal Activity 4 Executive Producer $54M 2012
No Score Yet Dreamers Actor 2012
67% Paranormal Activity 3 Executive Producer $104M 2011
36% Finding Joe Akiva Goldsman $56K 2011
79% Fair Game Producer $9.6M 2010
59% Paranormal Activity 2 Executive Producer $84.8M 2010
12% Jonah Hex Producer $10.6M 2010
48% The Losers Producer $23.5M 2010
36% Angels & Demons Screenwriter $133.4M 2009
41% Hancock Executive #1 Producer $228M 2008
68% I Am Legend Producer Screenwriter $256.4M 2007
52% I'm Reed Fish Executive Producer 2007
45% Brooklyn Rules Executive Producer $0.3M 2007
26% The Da Vinci Code Screenwriter $217.6M 2006
33% Poseidon Producer $60.7M 2006
59% Mr. & Mrs. Smith Producer $186.3M 2005
80% Cinderella Man Screenwriter $61.7M 2005
24% Mindhunters Producer 2005
46% Constantine Producer $75.5M 2005
56% I, Robot Screenwriter $144.8M 2004
62% Starsky & Hutch Producer $87.2M 2004
58% The Missing Screenwriter $27M 2003
74% A Beautiful Mind Screenwriter 2001
60% Deep Blue Sea Producer 1999
21% Practical Magic Screenwriter 1998
28% Lost in Space Producer Screenwriter 1998
11% Batman & Robin Screenwriter 1997
66% A Time to Kill Screenwriter 1996
39% Batman Forever Screenwriter 1995
22% Silent Fall Screenwriter 1994
78% The Client Screenwriter 1994


90% Star Trek: Picard
Executive Producer 2020
82% Titans
Executive Producer Screenwriter Director 2019
96% Underground
Executive Producer 2017
70% Childhood's End
Producer Executive Producer 2015
90% Fringe
Producer Screenwriter Director 2013
No Score Yet Unscripted


Starfleet Admiral says: Intellect alone is useless in a fight, Mr. Spock. You.. You can't even break a rule. How would you be expected to break bone?

Starfleet Admiral says: Intellect alone is useless in a fight, Mr. Spock. You... you can't even break a rule. How would you be expected to break bone?

Christopher Pike says: I believe in you Jim.

Starfleet Admiral says: I believe in you, Jim.

James Kirk says: Scotty are you good

Starfleet Admiral says: Scotty, are you good?

Scotty says: it not easy just give me two seconds alright you mad bastard

Scotty says: It's not easy. Just give me two seconds, alright, you mad bastard?

James Kirk says: scotty we gotta jump

Starfleet Admiral says: Scotty, we gotta jump.

Scotty says: what

Scotty says: What?

James Kirk says: jump jump

Starfleet Admiral says: Jump! Jump!

Scotty says: oh god

Scotty says: Oh, God.

Leonard "Bones" McCoy says: there trying to kill us, there trying to kill us Jim

Starfleet Admiral says: They're trying to kill us. They're trying to kill us, Jim.