Alex Russell

Alex Russell

Highest Rated: 87% Only the Brave (2017)

Lowest Rated: 40% Brampton's Own (2018)

Birthday: Dec 11, 1987

Birthplace: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Actor Alex Russell was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1987. The child of a surgeon and a nurse, Russell was shy during his early years, interested mainly in video games until the day he discovered youth theater. By the time he graduated from high school, Russell was passionate about his craft, opting to study at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. During his final year at the school, Russell attended his first audition, trying out for a TV role with a performance he would later describe as disastrous. He was positive that his career was doomed-until his first feature film audition came along later that week. The film in question was "Wasted on the Young" (2010), and Russell won the part. He would appear in the American sci-fi thriller "Chronicle" (2012) two years later, acting with a well-practiced American accent he had been honing for years. He would next appear in the popular action-adventure film "The Host" (2013), before starring in the brutally intense thriller "Cut Snake" (2014). After landing the role of the older version of Pete in the acclaimed historical drama "Unbroken" (2014), he would go on to co-star in films like "Blood in the Water" (2016) and "Rabbit" (2017).


Highest Rated Movies



40% 59% Brampton's Own Dustin (Character) - 2018
87% 91% Only the Brave Andrew Ashcraft (Character) $18.1M 2017
60% 59% Jungle Kevin (Character) - 2017
55% 60% Izzy Gets the F... Across Town Roger (Character) - 2017
86% 39% Rabbit Ralph (Character) - 2017
76% 70% Goldstone Josh Waters (Character) $78.8K 2016
No Score Yet 51% Blood in the Water Percy (Character) - 2016
40% 61% Believe Me Sam (Character) - 2014
69% 46% Cut Snake Sparra Farrell (Character) $1.6K 2014
50% 70% Unbroken Older Pete (Character) $115.6M 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet Love and Dating in LA! Director,
- 2013
50% 44% Carrie Billy Nolan (Character) $35.3M 2013
47% 27% Bait Ryan (Character) - 2012
85% 71% Chronicle Matt Garretty (Character) $64.6M 2012
No Score Yet No Score Yet Almost Kings Hass (Character) - 2010
60% 48% Wasted on the Young Zack (Character) - 2010


No Score Yet 67% S.W.A.T. Jim Street (Character) 2017-2020
72% 91% Dave Writer 2020


Sam says: You don't want to be Shawshanking in a room full of Geckos.

Older Pete says: A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.

Andrew Detmer says: What does "altruism" mean, Matt?

Andrew Detmer says: What does 'altruism' mean, Matt?

Matt Garetty says: It's like wanting to make things better for everyone.

Matt Garetty says: Andrew, this is not a game, do you understand? You're hurting people!

Andrew Detmer says: You're weak, Matt! You're all weak. I'm stronger than all of this!

Steve Montgomery says: I'm gonna get a brick through my window. I am legitimately scared. I have an election coming up and I don't have time for this.

Matt Garetty says: Dude, why are you asking us for advice on girls?

Andrew Detmer says: Because, we're his mistress.

Andrew Detmer says: Wow, look! A rave!

Matt Garetty says: Oh wow, look! A nerd with a camera!

Matt Garetty says: "Hubris is the beginning of your downfall"

Matt Garetty says: Hubris is the beginning of your downfall.

Matt Garetty says: Don't fart, or we'll never see you again!

Steve Montgomery says: How are you guys so cool? I mean seriously how are you so cool?

Matt Garetty says: Liquid nitrogen! :D

Matt Garetty says: Liquid nitrogen!

Matt Garetty says: It's like a muscle...we're getting stronger.

Matt Garetty says: There's something wrong with Andrew.

Matt Garetty says: Andrew, don't fart; we'll never find you again!

Matt Garetty says: [jumps in to the crater]

Andrew Detmer says: Matt, come on your my ride home!

Matt Garetty says: If you did that you know what we'd have to do.

Andrew Detmer says: What? What would you do?

Matt Garetty says: Give me a count down.

Andrew Detmer says: I will, I promise...