Anatole Litvak

Highest Rated: 100% Decision Before Dawn (1951)
Birthday: May 10, 1902
Birthplace: Not Available
Born in Kiev, Michael Anatole Litwak was a stage actor and assistant director as a teenager. He entered Soviet cinema in 1923, working in Nordkino studios as a set decorator and assistant director. He directed his first film, the 1925 release Tatiana (Hearts and Dollars), but left the Soviet Union that year for Germany, where he edited G.W. Pabst's Die Freudlose Gasse (The Joyless Street, 1925), assistant directed, and helmed the early '30s features Dolly Macht Karriere (1931), Nie Wieder Liebe (1932), and Das Lied Einer Nacht (1933). Fleeing the Nazis, Litvak directed films in England and France, among them the international hit Mayerling (1936). He came to Hollywood in 1937, where he helmed many handsome and polished features, specializing in crime films (The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse [1938], Confessions of a Nazi Spy [1939], Castle on the Hudson [1940], Out of the Fog, [1941]) and romantic dramas (The Sisters [1938], All This and Heaven Too [1953]). He worked on several Army documentaries during World War II, and co-directed The Nazis Strike (1942), Divide and Conquer (1942), and The Battle of China (1943) with Frank Capra. Litvak made even stonger films after the war: Sorry, Wrong Number (1948), The Snake Pit (1948), Decision Before Dawn (1951), and Anastasia (1956). In the mid-'50s he began making films in Europe; standouts of his late career are the thrillers The Night of the Generals (1967) and The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (1970).

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Tell Me Tonight (Be Mine Tonight) Director 2015
No Score Yet Coeur de lilas (Lilac) Director 2013
No Score Yet L'équipage (Flight Into Darkness) Director Screenwriter 2012
No Score Yet The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun Producer Director 1970
50% The Night of the Generals Producer Director 1967
No Score Yet 10:30 P.M. Summer Producer 1966
17% Le Couteau dans la plaie (Five Miles to Midnight) Producer 1962
No Score Yet Goodbye Again Producer Director 1961
No Score Yet The Journey Director Producer 1959
90% Anastasia Director 1956
No Score Yet The Deep Blue Sea Producer 1955
100% Decision Before Dawn Director Producer 1951
100% The Snake Pit Producer Director 1948
86% Sorry, Wrong Number Director Producer 1948
No Score Yet The Long Night Producer Director 1947
No Score Yet War Comes to America Director Screenwriter 1945
No Score Yet The Battle of China Director 1944
No Score Yet The Battle of Russia Producer Director Screenwriter 1943
No Score Yet Why We Fight - The Battle of Russia Director 1943
No Score Yet The Nazis Strike Director 1943
No Score Yet This Above All Director 1942
No Score Yet Blues in the Night Director 1941
No Score Yet Out of the Fog Director 1941
80% City for Conquest Director Producer 1940
83% All This, and Heaven Too Director 1940
No Score Yet 'Til We Meet Again Director 1940
No Score Yet Castle on the Hudson Director 1940
No Score Yet Confessions of a Nazi Spy Director 1939
No Score Yet The Sisters Director 1938
No Score Yet The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Director Producer 1938
No Score Yet Tovarich Director 1937
No Score Yet The Woman I Love Director 1937
No Score Yet Mayerling Director 1936


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