William Baldwin

William Baldwin

Highest Rated: 92% The Squid and the Whale (2005)

Lowest Rated: 0% A Pyromaniac's Love Story (1995)

Birthday: Feb 21, 1963

Birthplace: Massapequa, Long Island, New York, USA

Bright and articulate actor William Baldwin, a graduate in political science from State University of New York at Binghamton, left the political arena of Capitol Hill to become an actor after his older brother, Alec Baldwin, became a successful movie star. For his first couple of years in Hollywood, William could only find work in advertisements. He got his first break when he was hired to play Robert Chambers in the television movie The Preppie Murder (1989). That year, Baldwin made his big-screen debut playing a small role in Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July. In 1990, Baldwin had his first major role playing opposite Richard Gere in Internal Affairs. He then had a leading role in the dark sci-fi-fantasy Flatliners (1990). A major hit, Baldwin showed the makings of a real star, following up with Backdraft (1991) and the ill-received Sliver (1993). But though he has demonstrated considerable talent and an appealing boyish sexuality, the major stardom enjoyed by Alec Baldwin has thus far eluded him, though he continues to work steadily in films, such as Curdled (1997). Baldwin's other brothers, Daniel and Stephen, are also actors.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet 2 Graves in the Desert Mario 2020
No Score Yet Wrestled Away: The Lee Kemp Story Actor 2019
No Score Yet Backdraft 2 Brian McCaffrey 2019
No Score Yet Welcome to Acapulco Drake Savage 2019
No Score Yet The Key Actor 2019
No Score Yet Wrestled Away: The Lee Kemp Story Narrator 2019
9% Maximum Impact Man in Shadows 2018
No Score Yet The Lost Day Actor 2018
No Score Yet Minutes to Midnight Mr. Walters 2018
No Score Yet One Night Only: Alec Baldwin Actor 2017
No Score Yet While You Were Dating Actor 2017
No Score Yet Christmas Trade Mitch Taylor 2015
No Score Yet Lead With Your Heart Executive Producer Ben 2015
No Score Yet Blowtorch Actor 2015
No Score Yet A Wing and a Prayer Actor 2015
No Score Yet Breach Actor 2015
47% Aftermath Roy 2014
No Score Yet The Wisdom To Know The Difference Actor 2014
No Score Yet Garbage Actor 2013
No Score Yet Be My Valentine Dan Farrell 2013
No Score Yet The Stranger Within Actor 2013
No Score Yet Sexy Evil Genius Bert Mayfaire 2013
No Score Yet The Craigslist Killer Detective Bennett 2011
No Score Yet Jock The Hero Dog Actor 2011
No Score Yet Dino Mom Sarco 2010
No Score Yet 1 a Minute Actor 2010
No Score Yet Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths Batman 2009
63% Lymelife Producer 2008
20% A Plumm Summer Mick Plumm 2008
83% Forgetting Sarah Marshall Det. Hunter Rush $63M 2008
No Score Yet American Fork (Humble Pie) Truman Hope 2007
58% Noise Actor 2007
44% Adrift in Manhattan Mark Phipps 2007
No Score Yet Feel Nathan 2006
36% Park Dennis 2006
No Score Yet Full Count Dan Cooney Sr. 2006
No Score Yet Last Hour Actor 2006
92% The Squid and the Whale Ivan $7.1M 2005
No Score Yet Art Heist Bruce Walker 2004
No Score Yet Red Rover Actor 2003
No Score Yet You Stupid Man Brady 2002
No Score Yet Say Nothing Julian Grant 2002
No Score Yet Double Bang Brennan 2002
No Score Yet One Eyed King Frank 2001
No Score Yet Primary Suspect Christian Box 2000
20% Relative Values Don Lucas 2000
No Score Yet Brotherhood of Murder Tom Martinez 1999
10% Virus Steve Baker 1999
76% Bulworth Constance Bulworth's Lover 1998
25% Shattered Image Brian 1998
17% Curdled Paul Guell 1996
12% Fair Game Max 1995
0% A Pyromaniac's Love Story Garet 1995
No Score Yet The Last Party Actor 1993
11% Sliver Zeke Hawkins 1993
53% Three of Hearts Joe 1993
74% Backdraft Brian McCaffrey 1991
48% Flatliners Joe Hurley 1990
88% Internal Affairs Van Stretch 1990
85% Born on the Fourth of July Platoon 1989
No Score Yet The Preppie Murder Robert Chambers 1989
No Score Yet One Too Many Director of Newhope 1950


No Score Yet Northern Rescue
Executive Producer John West 2019
69% Too Old to Die Young
Theo 2019
No Score Yet MacGyver
Elwood Davis Elwood 2019
42% The Purge
Don Ryker 2018
No Score Yet Hot in Cleveland
Dane 2015
81% Copper
"Wild Bill" Eustace 2013
85% 30 Rock
Lance 2012
8% Men at Work
No Score Yet Hawaii Five-0
Frank Delano 2012
84% Gossip Girl
Willian van der Woodsen William van der Woodsen 2012
No Score Yet The Talk
Guest 2011
88% Parenthood
Gordon Gordon Flint 2010
68% Dirty Sexy Money
Patrick Darling 2009
No Score Yet The Apprentice
Appearing 2008
No Score Yet Danny Phantom
Johnny 13 2005
No Score Yet Real Time with Bill Maher
Panelist 2004
No Score Yet Saturday Night Live


Max Kilpatric says: Who's ever after you are real pros.

Kate McQuean says: I guess I should be proud, it would be embarrassing to be killed by an amateur.

Stephen McCaffrey says: [Steven enters after having saved a child from the fire] Man, that was pretty crazy, huh?

Brian McCaffrey says: I waited. I would've waited.

Stephen McCaffrey says: Come on, don't worry about it.

Brian McCaffrey says: But you did it man. You did it all the way. You were really a hero.

Stephen McCaffrey says: Brian... its not about being a hero. I went in because there was a kid up there. I do what I do because that's my way. And it was Dad's way. Maybe it's not everybody's way.

Batman says: There is a difference between you and me. We both stared into the abyss. But when it stared back... you blinked.

Batman says: [to Owlman] There is a difference between you and me. We both looked into the abyss, but when it looked back as us, you blinked.