Carmen Filpi

Carmen Filpi

Highest Rated: 92% Ed Wood (1994)

Lowest Rated: 9% The Ice Pirates (1984)

Birthday: Mar 22, 1923

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Bitelchus Mensajero 2018
12% Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights Homeless Guy $23.4M 2002
No Score Yet The 4th Tenor Bum No.3 2002
50% Phoenix Locksmith 1998
68% The Wedding Singer Old Man in Bar 1998
42% Mouse Hunt Pallbearer No. 4 1997
92% Ed Wood Old Crusty Man 1994
22% The Beverly Hillbillies Frank 1993
84% Wayne's World Old Man Withers 1992
No Score Yet Iron Maze Charlie 1991
18% Life Stinks Pops 1991
No Score Yet Alligator II: The Mutation Wino Henry 1990
No Score Yet Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure Actor 1989
84% Beetlejuice Messenger 1988
29% Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Rev. Jackson Sayer 1988
38% Who's That Girl? Street Bum 1987
No Score Yet Walk Like a Man Actor 1987
No Score Yet Hollywood Zap Magazine Vendor 1986
No Score Yet The Boys Next Door Bum 1986
No Score Yet My Chauffeur Mop Man 1986
85% Runaway Train Signal Maintainer 1985
87% Pee-wee's Big Adventure Hobo Jack 1985
85% The Sure Thing Billy 1985
9% The Ice Pirates Vendor 1984
33% 10 to Midnight Hotel Clerk 1983
85% Escape from New York Bum 1981
No Score Yet On the Nickel Actor 1980
18% Which Way Is Up? Wino 1977
No Score Yet Capone Waiter 1975


No Score Yet The Wayans Bros.
Officer Young 1997
76% Roseanne
Old Man 1996
No Score Yet Boy Meets World
Bum 1995
91% The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Titus 1993
No Score Yet The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Mike 1992
100% The Larry Sanders Show
No Score Yet Married...With Children
Codger #1 1991
No Score Yet Growing Pains
Fred 1989
No Score Yet Barney Miller
Fabiani 1979
No Score Yet Rhoda
Drunk 1978


Sammy says: I just want to someone to hold me and tell me everythings going to be allright.

Old Man in Bar says: (Hugging him) Everything is going to be allright.

Old Man in Bar says: Everything is going to be allright.

Jack Sayer says: You're hunting it, ain't ya? Yeah, you're hunting it alright, just like me!

Dr. Loomis says: What are you hunting, Mr. Sayer?

Jack Sayer says: Apocalypse, End of the World, Armageddon. It always has a face and a name. I've been hunting the bastard for 30 years, give or take. Come close a time or two. Too damn close! You can't kill damnation, Mister. It don't die like a man dies!

Dr. Loomis says: I know that, Mr. Sayer.