Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson

Highest Rated: 100% Jubal (1956)

Lowest Rated: 0% Death Wish V: The Face of Death (1993)

Birthday: Nov 3, 1921

Birthplace: Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, USA

The son of a Lithuanian coal miner, American actor Charles Bronson claimed to have spoken no English at home during his childhood in Pennsylvania. Though he managed to complete high school, it was expected that Bronson would go into the mines like his father and many brothers. Experiencing the world outside Pennsylvania during World War II service, however, Bronson came back to America determined to pursue an art career. While working as a set designer for a Philadelphia theater troupe, Bronson played a few small roles and almost immediately switched his allegiance from the production end of theater to acting. After a few scattered acting jobs in New York, Bronson enrolled in the Pasadena Playhouse in 1949. By 1951, he was in films, playing uncredited bits in such pictures as The People Against O'Hara (1951); You're in the Navy Now (1952), which also featured a young bit actor named Lee Marvin; Diplomatic Courier (1952); Bloodhounds of Broadway (1952), as a waiter(!); and The Clown (1953). When he finally achieved billing, it was under his own name, Charles Buchinsky (sometimes spelled Buchinski). His first role of importance was as Igor, the mute granite-faced henchman of deranged sculptor Vincent Price in House of Wax (1953). The actor was billed as Charles Bronson for the first time in Drum Beat (1954), although he was still consigned to character roles as Slavs, American Indians, hoodlums, and convicts. Most sources claim that Bronson's first starring role was in Machine Gun Kelly (1958), but, in fact, he had the lead in 1958's Gang War, playing an embryonic version of his later Death Wish persona as a mild-mannered man who turned vengeful after the death of his wife. Bronson achieved his first fan following with the TV series Man With a Camera (1959), in which he played adventurous photojournalist Mike Kovac (and did double duty promoting the sponsor's camera products in the commercials). His best film role up until 1960 was as one of The Magnificent Seven (1960), dominating several scenes despite the co-star competition of Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, and others. Most of Bronson's film roles after Seven remained in the "supporting-villainy category," however, so, in 1968, the actor packed himself off to Europe, where American action players like Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef were given bigger and better opportunities. Multiplying his international box-office appeal tenfold with such films as Guns for San Sebastian (1967), Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), Cold Sweat (1970), and The Valachi Papers (1971), Bronson returned to Hollywood a full-fledged star at last. His most successful films of the 1970s were Death Wish (1974) and its sequels, a series of brutal "vigilante" pictures which suggested not so subliminally that honest people would ultimately have to dole out their own terminal justice to criminals. In many of his '70s films, Bronson co-starred with second wife Jill Ireland, with whom he remained married until she lost her fight against cancer in 1990. Bronson's bankability subsequently fell off, due in part to younger action stars doing what he used to do twice as vigorously, and because of his truculent attitude toward fans. He did little but television work after 1991's The Indian Runner (Sean Penn's directorial debut), with Death Wish 5: The Face of Death (1994) his only feature since. Bronson's onscreen career would soon draw to a close with his role as law enforcing family patriarch Paul Fein in the made-for-cable Family of Cops series.On August 30, 2003 Charles Bronson died of pneumonia in Los Angeles. He was 81.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Hard Times Actor 2001
No Score Yet Family of Cops III Insp. Paul Fein 1999
No Score Yet Cold Sweat (De la part des copains) Actor 1997
No Score Yet Breach of Faith: Family of Cops II Insp. Paul Fein 1997
No Score Yet A Family of Cops Paul Fein 1995
0% Death Wish V: The Face of Death Paul Kersey 1993
No Score Yet Dead to Rights Sgt. Mike Donato 1993
No Score Yet The Sea Wolf Capt. Wolf Larsen 1993
No Score Yet Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus Francis Church 1991
74% The Indian Runner Mr. Roberts 1991
0% Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects Lieutenant Crowe 1989
No Score Yet Messenger of Death Garret Smith 1988
14% Death Wish 4: The Crackdown Paul Kersey 1987
No Score Yet Assassination Jay Killion 1987
No Score Yet Wild West Actor 1987
No Score Yet Murphy's Law Jack Murphy 1986
No Score Yet Act of Vengeance Jock Yablonski 1986
6% Death Wish 3 Paul Kersey 1985
40% The Evil That Men Do Holland / Bart Smith 1984
33% 10 to Midnight Leo Kessler) 1983
33% Death Wish II Paul Kersey 1982
No Score Yet Honor Among Thieves Actor 1982
17% Death Hunt Albert Johnson 1981
No Score Yet Caboblanco (Cabo Blanco) Gifford Hoyt 1981
No Score Yet Borderline Jeb Maynard 1980
No Score Yet Love and Bullets Charlie Congers 1979
17% The White Buffalo Wild Bill Hickok (James Otis) 1977
No Score Yet Raid on Entebbe Dan Shomron 1977
No Score Yet Chino Actor 1977
40% Telefon ''Bortsov'' 1977
44% St. Ives Raymond St. Ives 1976
40% From Noon Till Three Graham Dorsey 1976
60% Breakheart Pass Deakin 1975
40% Breakout Nick Colton 1975
92% Hard Times Chaney 1975
77% Mr. Majestyk Vince Majestyk 1974
67% Death Wish Paul Kersey 1974
No Score Yet Valdez, il Mezzosangue (Chino) (Valdez the Halfbreed) Chino Valdez 1973
No Score Yet Chino Actor 1973
No Score Yet The Stone Killer Lou Torrey 1973
No Score Yet Lola (Twinky) Scott 1972
No Score Yet Red Sun Link Stuart 1972
No Score Yet The Valachi Papers Joe Valachi 1972
29% The Mechanic Arthur Bishop 1972
No Score Yet Chato's Land Pardon Chato 1971
No Score Yet Someone Behind the Door The Stranger 1971
No Score Yet Violent City (The Family)(Città violenta) Jeff Heston 1970
80% Rider on the Rain Col. Harry Dobbs 1970
No Score Yet Cold Sweat Joe Martin 1970
No Score Yet Città violenta (The Family) Jeff Heston 1970
95% Once Upon a Time in the West Harmonica 1968
No Score Yet Villa Rides Rodolfo Fierro 1968
No Score Yet Adieu l'ami (Farewell, Friend) (Honor Among Thieves) Propp 1968
No Score Yet Guns for San Sebastian Teclo 1968
86% The Dirty Dozen Joseph Wladislaw 1967
64% This Property Is Condemned J. J. Nichols 1966
No Score Yet The Meanest Men in the West Harge Talbot Jr. 1966
57% Battle of the Bulge Wolenski 1965
10% The Sandpiper Cos Erickson 1965
No Score Yet Guns of Diablo Linc Murdock 1964
11% Four for Texas Matson 1963
94% The Great Escape Danny Velinski 1963
93% Lonely are the Brave Actor 1962
40% Kid Galahad Lew Nyack 1962
No Score Yet The Bull of the West Ben Justin 1962
No Score Yet X-15 Lt. Col. Lee Brandon 1961
No Score Yet Master of the World John Strock 1961
No Score Yet A Thunder of Drums (1961) Actor 1961
40% Never So Few Sgt. John Danforth 1960
88% The Magnificent Seven O'Reilly 1960
No Score Yet Machine Gun Kelly George R. 'Machine Gun' Kelly 1958
No Score Yet When Hell Broke Loose Steve Boland 1958
No Score Yet Showdown at Boot Hill Luke Welsh - Deputy US Marshal 1958
No Score Yet Run of the Arrow Blue Buffalo 1957
100% Jubal Reb Haislipp 1956
No Score Yet Drum Beat Capt. Jack 1955
No Score Yet Big House, U.S.A. Benny Kelly 1955
83% Vera Cruz Pittsburgh 1954
78% Apache Hondo 1954
No Score Yet Riding Shotgun Pinto 1954
67% Crime Wave Ben Hastings 1954
No Score Yet Miss Sadie Thompson Edwards 1953
95% House of Wax Igor 1953
No Score Yet The Clown Eddie 1953
No Score Yet Bloodhounds of Broadway Phil Green 1952
91% Pat and Mike Hank Tasling 1952
No Score Yet Diplomatic Courier Bronson 1952
No Score Yet My Six Convicts (My 6 Convicts) Jocko 1952
67% The Marrying Kind Eddie 1952
No Score Yet Red Skies of Montana Neff 1952
100% You're in the Navy Now Wascylewski 1951
80% The Mob Jack 1951
No Score Yet The People Against O'Hara Angelo Korvac 1951
No Score Yet Johnny Legend Presents TV Noir Actor 1950


No Score Yet The Fugitive
Schuyler 1967
No Score Yet Rawhide
Lingman 1965
No Score Yet Bonanza
Harry Starr 1964
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Ray Bardon Frank Bramwell Det. Krovitch 1962
82% The Twilight Zone
Man 1961
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Ben Tiple 1958
No Score Yet Playhouse 90
Wolf Hagan


Paul Kersey says: I was making a sandwich.

Paul Kersey says: Where do you think I've been?

Geri Nichols says: Killing muggers.

Brady says: I'm talking about what happened down in Cheyenne City two days ago.

Wild Bill Hickok says: You're talking yourself to death.

Detective Guido Lorenz says: I tried Lou, but all you've got is enemies. The kid was only 17.

Detective Lou Torrey says: The gun made him older.

Sergeant says: The kid's inside now. He's got a big gun.

Detective Lou Torrey says: ...And a small future.

Detective Lou Torrey says: And a small future.

Harmonica says: Your friends have a high mortality rate, Frank

Harmonica says: Your friends have a high mortality rate Frank.

Harmonica says: I saw three of these dusters a short time ago, they were waiting for a train. Inside the dusters there were three men.

Cheyenne says: So?

Harmonica says: Inside the men there were three bullets.

Vince Majestyk says: You make sounds like you're a mean little ass-kicker. Only I ain't convinced.

Harmonica says: You brought two too many.

Harmonica says: I like my water fresh.

Graham Dorsey says: Graham Dorsey was no bigger, better-looking or braver than me. Which is to say, he was nothing but a side-winded faker and a shit!

Graham Dorsey says: That's not the way it was. I didn't give a damn to what happened to Buck and the others. She made me go. I am the real Graham Dorsey!

Joseph Wladislaw says: I wish I could read this. I think it's dirty.

Strock says: This is the world we're living in, not a drawing room, so don't speak to me about words of honor. We happen to be prisoners on the ship of a man who would willingly destroy the world in order to save it, Mr. Evans. The World! Reality! Now open your eyes and look at it hard. What should I have done? Proclaimed in ringing, gentlemanly tones that I would resist him to my last breath?

Harmonica says: When you hear a strange sound, drop to the ground.

Harmonica says: The reward for this man is 5000 dollars, is that right?

Cheyenne says: Judas was content for 4970 dollars less.

Harmonica says: There were no dollars in them days.

Cheyenne says: But sons of bitches... yeah.

Cheyenne says: Cheyenne's man,don't get killed. That surprise you?

Cheyenne says: Cheyenne's men don't get killed. That surprise you?

Harmonica says: Yeah.