Charles Hawtrey

Charles Hawtrey

Highest Rated: 100% Sabotage (1936)

Lowest Rated: 40% Carry on Camping (1969)

Birthday: Nov 30, 1914

Birthplace: Hounslow, Middlesex, England, UK

While the name Charles Hawtrey may not ring a bell for many modern moviegoers, it should sound familiar to Beatles fans. John Lennon famously prefaced the track "Two of Us" with the non-sequitur, "I Dig a Pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids! Phase One, in which Doris gets her oats!" Though the meaning of the phrase and the reason for its inclusion on the song is unclear, Lennon was reportedly a fan of Hawtrey, whose participation in the immensely popular "Carry On" series of broad English comedies garnered him recognition the world over throughout the '60s and '70s. Despite a multimedia career spanning stage, radio, and television, it was with Hawtrey's bizarre and eclectic performances in "Carry On" that he found fame. A wiry figure with a knack for delivering dialogue directly to the camera, Hawtry proved a favorite in the series, appearing as a cornucopia of typically squirrely characters in over two dozen films in the franchise. His last "Carry On" performance proved to be in "Carry On Abroad," after which a salary dispute and growing concern over his alcoholism forced producers to boot him off the project, and consequently into early retirement. Embodying his eccentricities as much off the screen as on, Hawtrey was said to sometimes speak in utter gibberish in public so that only close friends could decipher his meaning.

Highest rated movies

Passport to Pimlico
A Canterbury Tale
Carry on Spying
Carry on Screaming
Carry on Camping




No Score Yet 64% Carry on Matron Dr Francis A Goode (Character) - 1973
No Score Yet 78% Carry on Abroad Eustace Tuttle (Character) - 1972
No Score Yet 72% Carry on at Your Convenience Charles Coote (Character) - 1971
No Score Yet 51% Carry on Henry VIII Sir Roger de Lodgerley (Character) - 1971
No Score Yet 48% Carry on Loving James Bedsop (Character) - 1970
No Score Yet 49% Carry on Up the Jungle Tonka the Great/Walter Bagley (Character) - 1970
No Score Yet No Score Yet A Bedroom Romp Through the Fifth Dimension Unknown (Character) - 1969
No Score Yet 41% Carry on Again, Doctor Unknown (Character) - 1969
No Score Yet 8% Zeta One Unknown (Character) - 1969
40% 78% Carry on Camping Charlie Muggins (Character) - 1969
No Score Yet No Score Yet Carry On Christmas Unknown (Character) - 1969
No Score Yet 79% Carry On ... Up the Khyber Private Jimmy Widdle (Character) - 1968
No Score Yet 69% Carry on Doctor Mr. Barron (Character) - 1967
No Score Yet 47% Follow That Camel Captain Le Pice (Character) - 1967
No Score Yet 30% The Terrornauts Joshua Yellowlees (Character) - 1967
67% 72% Carry on Screaming Dan Dann (Character) - 1966
No Score Yet 64% Don't Lose Your Head Duc de Pommfrit (Character) - 1966
No Score Yet 50% Carry On Cowboy Chief Big Heap (Character) - 1965
No Score Yet 40% Carry on Jack Walter Sweetly (Character) - 1964
No Score Yet No Score Yet Carry on Venus Walter Sweetly (Character) - 1964
No Score Yet 73% Carry on Cleo Seneca (Character) - 1964
83% 62% Carry on Spying Charlie Bind (Character) - 1964
No Score Yet 58% Carry on Cabby Terry 'Pintpot' Tankard (Character) - 1963
No Score Yet 42% Carry on Regardless Gabriel Dimple (Character) - 1963
No Score Yet No Score Yet What a Whopper Unknown (Character) - 1961
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dentist on the Job Mr. Roper (Character) - 1961
No Score Yet 55% Carry on Nurse Humphrey Hinton (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet No Score Yet Inn for Trouble Silas Withering (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet 50% Carry on Constable PC Timothy Gorse (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet No Score Yet Please Turn Over Jeweler (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet 55% Carry on Teacher Michael Bean (Character) - 1959
No Score Yet No Score Yet Paid to Kill Bill (Character) - 1954
No Score Yet No Score Yet Smart Alec Farr (Character) - 1951
No Score Yet No Score Yet Room to Let Mike Atkinson (Character) - 1949
94% 84% Passport to Pimlico Bert Fitch (Character) - 1949
93% 80% A Canterbury Tale Thomas Duckett (Character) - 1944
No Score Yet 33% The Goose Steps Out Max (Character) - 1942
No Score Yet 67% The Ghost of St. Michael's Percy Thorne (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet Where's That Fire? Woodley (Character) - 1940
100% 69% Sabotage Youth at the Aquarium (uncredited) (Character) - 1936
No Score Yet No Score Yet Murder at Monte Carlo Unknown (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet No Score Yet Marry Me Billy Hart (Character) - 1932