Chuck Connors

Chuck Connors

Highest Rated: 100% The Big Country (1958)

Lowest Rated: 40% Tourist Trap (1979)

Birthday: Apr 10, 1921

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Chuck Connors attended Seton Hall University before embarking on a career in professional sports. He first played basketball with the Boston Celtics, then baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cubs. Hardly a spectacular player -- while with the Cubbies, he hit .233 in 70 games -- Connors was eventually shipped off to Chicago's Pacific Coast League farm team, the L.A. Angels. Here his reputation rested more on his cut-up antics than his ball-playing prowess. While going through his usual routine of performing cartwheels while rounding the bases, Connors was spotted by a Hollywood director, who arranged for Connors to play a one-line bit as a highway patrolman in the 1952 Tracy-Hepburn vehicle Pat and Mike. Finding acting an agreeable and comparatively less strenuous way to make a living, Connors gave up baseball for films and television. One of his first roles of consequence was as a comic hillbilly on the memorable Superman TV episode "Flight to the North." In films, Connors played a variety of heavies, including raspy-voiced gangster Johnny O in Designing Woman (1957) and swaggering bully Buck Hannassy in The Big Country (1958). He switched to the Good Guys in 1958, when he was cast as frontiersman-family man Lucas McCain on the popular TV Western series The Rifleman. During the series' five-year run, he managed to make several worthwhile starring appearances in films: he was seen in the title role of Geronimo (1962), which also featured his second wife, Kamala Devi, and originated the role of Porter Ricks in the 1963 film version of Flipper. After Rifleman folded, Connors co-starred with Ben Gazzara in the one-season dramatic series Arrest and Trial (1963), a 90-minute precursor to Law and Order. He enjoyed a longer run as Jason McCord, an ex-Army officer falsely accused of cowardice on the weekly Branded (1965-1966). His next TV project, Cowboy in Africa, never got past 13 episodes. In 1972, Connors acted as host/narrator of Thrill Seekers, a 52-week syndicated TV documentary. Then followed a great many TV guest-star roles and B-pictures of the Tourist Trap (1980) variety. He was never more delightfully over the top than as the curiously accented 2,000-year-old lycanthrope Janos Skorzeny in the Fox Network's Werewolf (1987). Shortly before his death from lung cancer at age 71, Chuck Connors revived his Rifleman character Lucas McCain for the star-studded made-for-TV Western The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (1993).

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The Horror At 37,000 Feet Actor 2014
71% Salmonberries Bingo Chuck 1991
No Score Yet The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw The Rifleman 1991
No Score Yet Three Days to a Kill Capt. Damian Wright 1991
No Score Yet Last Flight to Hell Red Farley 1991
No Score Yet High Desert Kill Stan Brown 1990
No Score Yet One Last Run Buddy 1990
No Score Yet Skinheads Mr. Huston 1989
No Score Yet Once upon a Texas Train Nash Crawford 1988
No Score Yet Hell's Heroes Senator Morris 1988
No Score Yet Summer Camp Nightmare Mr. Warren 1987
No Score Yet Terror Squad Chief Rawlings 1987
No Score Yet Sakura Killers The Colonel 1986
No Score Yet The Vals Trish's Father ('Boom-Boom Girls' Producer) 1985
42% Airplane 2 - The Sequel Sarge 1982
No Score Yet Target Eagle Sam Fisher 1982
No Score Yet The Capture of Grizzly Adams Frank Briggs 1982
No Score Yet Balboa Dern 1982
No Score Yet Day of the Assassin Fleming 1981
40% Tourist Trap Mr. Slausen 1979
No Score Yet Bordello Actor 1979
No Score Yet Standing Tall Major Roland Hartline 1978
No Score Yet Banjo Hackett Ivory 1976
No Score Yet Nightmare in Badham County Sheriff Danen 1976
No Score Yet Il Lupo dei Mari (The Legend of Sea Wolf) Actor 1975
No Score Yet The Mad Bomber William Dorn 1973
71% Soylent Green Tab Fielding 1973
No Score Yet Pancho Villa Col. Wilcox 1972
No Score Yet The Proud and the Damned Will Hansen 1972
62% Support Your Local Gunfighter Swifty Morgan 1971
No Score Yet Deserter Chaplain 1971
No Score Yet Ammazzali tutti e torna solo (Go Kill Everybody and Come Back Alone) Clyde 1970
No Score Yet Captain Nemo and the Underwater City Sen. Robert Fraser 1969
No Score Yet Kill Them All And Come Back Alone (Ammazzali Tutti E Torna Solo) Actor 1968
No Score Yet Ride Beyond Vengeance Jonas Trapp, the Tiger 1966
No Score Yet Move Over Darling Stephen Burkett (Adam) 1963
40% Flipper Porter Ricks 1963
80% Geronimo Geronimo 1962
100% The Big Country Buck Hannassey 1958
100% Old Yeller Burn Sanderson 1957
80% Designing Woman Johnnie `O' 1957
No Score Yet Tomahawk Trail Sgt. Wade McCoy 1957
No Score Yet Death In Small Doses Actor 1957
No Score Yet The Hired Gun Judd Farrow 1957
No Score Yet Hot Rod Girl Det. Ben Merrill 1956
No Score Yet Walk the Dark Street Frank Garrick 1956
No Score Yet Three Stripes in the Sun Idaho Johnson 1955
No Score Yet Good Morning, Miss Dove William 'Bill' Holloway 1955
No Score Yet The Human Jungle Swados 1954
No Score Yet South Sea Woman Pvt. Davey White 1953
No Score Yet Trouble Along the Way Stan Schwegler 1953
91% Pat and Mike Police Captain 1952


No Score Yet Arthur
Host 1996
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Tyler Morgan Fred Keller 1988
88% Roots
Tom Moore 1977
No Score Yet Night Gallery
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Sam Keeler 1956
No Score Yet The Adventures of Superman
Sylvester J. Superman 1955


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