Colm Feore

Colm Feore

Highest Rated: 96% The Insider (1999)

Lowest Rated: 11% National Security (2003)

Birthday: Aug 22, 1958

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

A classically trained stage star in his adopted home of Canada, Colm Feore became an increasingly familiar presence to movie and TV audiences as a prolific supporting actor in the 1990s.Though he was born in the U.S. and spent the first years of his life in Ireland, Feore and his family moved to Ottawa when he was three and Canada became his official home. After studying acting at Canada's National Theater School, Feore built a distinguished Canadian stage career, performing in over 40 productions during 13 seasons with the prestigious Stratford Festival.Feore began adding film and TV to his acting experience in the late '80s with such movies as Iron Eagle II (1988), Bethune: The Making of a Hero (1989), Beautiful Dreamers (1991) and Truman (1995). His non-stage career expanded further in the latter half of the 1990s and into the 2000s with numerous roles in a wide range of projects likeFace/Off, The Wrong Guy (1998), City of Angels, Titus (1999), and Michael Mann's Oscar-nominated docudrama, The Insider (1999). Though he spent part of 2000 acting in the New York Public Theater production of Shakespeare's Hamlet, Feore was soon back in front of the cameras in an eclectic mix of works, like off-center murder mystery The Caveman's Valentine (2001) and played Admiral Kimmel in Michael Bay's overblown blockbuster Pearl Harbor (2001). As the years rolled on, Feore would continue to remain an active force on screen, appearing in movies like Chicago, Paycheck, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Changeling, and Thor. Feore would also find success on the small screen on shows like 24 and The Borgias.

Highest Rated Movies



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50% The Curse of Buckout Road Rev. Mike Reagan 2019
59% Astronaut Marcus 2019
60% Greta Actor 2019
No Score Yet Stalker Chris McCullen 2019
42% The Prodigy Arthur Jacobson 2019
No Score Yet Higher Power Control 2018
No Score Yet Everfall Actor 2018
38% Anon Detective Charles Gattis 2018
78% Mean Dreams Chief 2017
71% Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 Martin Ward 2017
29% Reversion Jack Clé 2015
No Score Yet Painkillers Actor 2015
No Score Yet Pirate's Passage Cpl. Robin Hawkins 2015
56% Elephant Song Lawrence 2015
40% French Immersion Michael Pontifikator 2014
52% The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Donald Menken $183.3M 2014
55% Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Rob Behringer $43.1M 2014
No Score Yet King Lear Actor 2014
No Score Yet House of Versace Santo 2013
77% Thor Laufey $181.1M 2011
79% The Trotsky Principal Berkhoff $0.5M 2010
No Score Yet Milk War Narrator 2010
61% Changeling Chief James E. Davis $35.8M 2008
No Score Yet WarGames: The Dead Code Kenneth Hassert 2008
No Score Yet The American Trap (Le piege americain) Maurice Bishop 2008
No Score Yet Six Reasons Why The Preacher 2008
No Score Yet Serveuses demandees (Waitresses Wanted) Actor 2008
No Score Yet Inconceivable Dr. Jackson Charles Freeman 2008
No Score Yet Killing Zelda Sparks Dr. Theodore Lenningrad 2007
No Score Yet Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman 2007
No Score Yet The Poet (Hearts of War) Colonel Hass 2007
78% Bon Cop, Bad Cop Martin Ward 2006
91% Deep Sea 3D Producer $42.1M 2006
No Score Yet Secret Files of the Inquisition Actor 2006
44% The Exorcism of Emily Rose Karl Gunderson $75.1M 2005
21% The Deal Hank Weiss 2005
No Score Yet Lies My Mother Told Me Lucas Mackenzie 2005
29% The Chronicles of Riddick Lord Marshal $56.9M 2004
13% Highwaymen Fargo $0.4M 2004
No Score Yet And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself D.W. Griffith 2003
27% Paycheck Wolfe $53.7M 2003
11% National Security Det. Frank McDuff $35.8M 2003
86% Chicago Martin Harrison 2002
No Score Yet The Perfect Son Ryan Taylor 2002
No Score Yet Point of Origin (In the Heat of Fire) Actor 2002
No Score Yet Point of Origin Mike Matassa 2002
50% Sins of the Father Dalton Strong 2002
No Score Yet Widows Actor 2002
No Score Yet Benjamin Franklin Narrator 2002
17% The Baroness and the Pig The Baron 2002
60% The Day Reagan Was Shot Cap Weinberger 2001
No Score Yet Lola Actor 2001
24% Pearl Harbor Adm. Kimmel $197.8M 2001
45% The Caveman's Valentine David Leppenraub 2001
No Score Yet Haven Bruno 2001
No Score Yet Ignition (Kingdom Come) Gen. Joel MacAteer 2001
No Score Yet Century Hotel Actor 2001
21% Thomas and the Magic Railroad Toby $2.1M 2000
No Score Yet Nuremberg Actor 2000
No Score Yet Trapped in a Purple Haze Ed Hanson 2000
No Score Yet The Virginian Trampas 2000
68% Titus Marcus 1999
96% The Insider Richard Scruggs 1999
74% The Red Violin (Le violon rouge) Auctioneer 1999
60% The Lesser Evil Derek 1998
No Score Yet Peter Benchley's Creature Actor 1998
58% City of Angels Jordan 1998
No Score Yet Airborne Ron Simpson 1998
No Score Yet Striking Poses Actor 1998
No Score Yet Striking Poses Linus 1998
59% Critical Care Wilson 1997
No Score Yet The Wrong Guy The Killer 1997
No Score Yet Hostile Waters Pshenishny 1997
92% Face/Off Dr. Malcolm Walsh 1997
No Score Yet Escape, The Hickman 1997
68% Night Falls on Manhattan Elihu Harrison 1997
88% Truman Charlie Ross 1995
No Score Yet Where's the Money, Noreen? Kevin Hanover 1995
No Score Yet The Champagne Safari Narrator 1995
No Score Yet La Araña y la Mosca Evan Trummel 1994
No Score Yet Bethune: The Making of a Hero Chester Rice 1993
92% Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould Glenn Gould 1993
No Score Yet Dr. Bethune Actor 1993
No Score Yet Beautiful Dreamers Dr. Maurice Bucke 1992
No Score Yet Personals Actor 1990
No Score Yet Iron Eagle II Yuri 1988
No Score Yet The Taming of the Shrew Actor 1988
No Score Yet Blades of Courage Actor 1988


75% The Umbrella Academy
Sir Reginald Hargreeves 2019
81% Storm of the Century
No Score Yet The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
Elijah Stern 2018
68% Lore
No Score Yet Sensitive Skin
Roger 2017
77% Gotham
Dr. Francis Dulmacher 2015
No Score Yet The Listener
Ray Mercer 2014
94% The Good Wife
Brad 2013
67% Revolution
Randall Flynn 2013
85% The Borgias
Cardinal Della Rovere 2013
No Score Yet Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Jordan Hayes 2011
86% 24
Henry Taylor 2010
No Score Yet Flashpoint
David Graham 2009
No Score Yet American Experience
Voice Narrator 2007
95% Battlestar Galactica
President Adar 2006
No Score Yet Boston Public
George Guber 2000
No Score Yet La Femme Nikita
Voice 1998
No Score Yet Due South
Paroled Arsonist 1996
No Score Yet Friday the 13th: The Series
Choreographer Writer 1990
No Score Yet 21 Thunder
Declan Gallar
No Score Yet Great Performances
No Score Yet Napoleón


Donald Menken says: Harry...

Harry Osborn says: It's Mr. Osborn

Laufey says: You know not what your actions would unleash. I do. Go now, while I still allow it.

Chief James E. Davis says: Better a short inconvenience than a lingering problem.

Lord Marshal says: These are his last moments!!

Lord Marshal says: These are his last moments!

Velma Kelly says: He was trying to burgle me.

Roxie Hart says: He was trying to burgle me.

Assistant District Attorney Martin Harrison says: From what I hear, he's been burgling you three times a week for the past month.

Martin Harrison says: From what I hear, he's been burgling you three times a week for the past month.

Assistant District Attorney Martin Harrison says: This is hanging case, and we're ready to go to in front of the jury tomorrow.

Roxie Hart says: Wha-Wha-What do you mean hanging?

Assistant District Attorney Martin Harrison says: You're not so tough now, are you?

Velma Kelly says: What do ya mean hanging?

Lord Marshal says: Join him, or join me.

Lord Marshal says: What do you think of this blade?

Richard B. Riddick says: I think it's a half-gram heavy on the back end.

Lord Marshal says: Been a long time since I've seen my own blood.

Laufey says: Run back home, little princess.

Loki says: Damn.

Laufey says: Your father is a murderer and a thief! And why have you come here? To make peace? You long for battle. You crave it! You're nothing but a boy trying to prove himself a man.

Laufey says: Why not kill him yourself?

Loki says: [snorts] I suspect the Asgardian's won't take kindly to a king who murdered his predecessor. After Odin is dead I'll return the Casket to you, and you can return Jotunheim to all its [looks around and smirks]

Loki says: ... glory.

Loki says: Glory.

Laufey says: I accept.

Laufey says: So you're the one that showed us the way into Asgard.

Loki says: It was just a bit of fun really. To ruin my brothers big day, and to protect the realm from his idiotic rule a little longer.

Laufey says: I will hear you.

Loki says: I will conceal you and a handful of your soldiers, lead you into Odin's chamber and you can slay him where he lies.

Laufey says: Run home little princess.

Loki says: Damn...

Laufey says: You don't know what your actions would unleash.

Laufey says: You don't know what your actions would unleash.

Laufey says: Run back home little princess.

Loki says: Damn.