Dave Jensen

Dave Jensen

Highest Rated: 94% King of the Hill (1993)

Lowest Rated: 7% Hot Pursuit (2015)

Birthday: Not Available

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



89% Loving Judge Bazile $7.7M 2016
46% Free State of Jones Defense Attorney 2016
83% Midnight Special Elden $3.4M 2016
20% Zipper Urologist 2015
7% Hot Pursuit Wayne $26.9M 2015
39% Black or White Eldridge $15.6M 2015
No Score Yet The King of New Orleans Actor 2015
10% The Best Of Me Dr. Pundt $22M 2014
14% Barefoot Mr. Phelpmitter $12.3K 2014
83% This Is the End Cannibal #1 $96.3M 2013
15% The Last Exorcism Part II Calder $15.3M 2013
No Score Yet King of Herrings Actor 2013
93% Looper Apartment Super $66.4M 2012
34% Battleship NASA Director $65.2M 2012
28% Seeking Justice Gas Station Attendant $0.5M 2012
36% Battle: Los Angeles Psychiatrist $83.6M 2011
No Score Yet Seconds Apart Dr. Houska 2011
No Score Yet Ticking Clock Actor 2011
No Score Yet The Mortician Actor 2011
71% I Love You Phillip Morris Judge $2.1M 2010
54% Welcome to the Rileys Ed $0.2M 2010
29% The Virginity Hit Nicole's Dad $0.6M 2010
12% Jonah Hex Turnbull's Henchman $10.6M 2010
No Score Yet Cool Dog Reuben 2010
No Score Yet Journey To Promethea Actor 2010
No Score Yet Taking Chances Chief Samuel Many Bulls 2009
7% Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Gary Spota 2009
71% The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Actor $127.5M 2008
No Score Yet Warbirds Colonel W.R. Hamilton 2008
72% The Mist Myron $25.5M 2007
35% The Last Time J.D. Wathowitz 2007
8% The Reaping Jim Wakeman $25.2M 2007
14% Just My Luck Stage Manager $17.3M 2006
43% A Love Song for Bobby Long Junior $0.2M 2004
No Score Yet Pop Rocks Izzy 2004
73% Runaway Jury Shamburg $49.3M 2003
No Score Yet Breaking Free Cal Morris 2003
82% Ocean's Eleven Eye-in-the-Sky Technician $183.4M 2001
No Score Yet Virtual Obsession Mayor 2001
92% Traffic `John' $123.9M 2000
No Score Yet The Runner Nosey Better 1999
No Score Yet The Rage Agent Green 1998
63% The Newton Boys William Fahy 1998
No Score Yet Town Has Turned to Dust Don 1998
No Score Yet Only Once Actor 1998
59% Schizopolis Elmo Oxygen 1996
No Score Yet Unforgivable Arne 1996
No Score Yet Face of Evil Father Jerome 1996
43% Species Conductor 1995
59% The Underneath Satellite Dish Installer 1995
No Score Yet The Avenging Angel 3rd Prospector 1995
94% King of the Hill Front Desk Clerk 1993
50% A Home of Our Own Mr. Hilliard 1993
88% A Midnight Clear Sergeant Hunt 1992
52% Kafka The Laughing Man 1991
No Score Yet Love Kills Elliot 1991
No Score Yet Willy the Sparrow Actor 1990
No Score Yet Tripwire Agent Holling 1990
73% Promised Land College Coach 1988
29% Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Man Attendant 1988
No Score Yet Petronella Actor 1978


82% Zoo
Victor Holman 2015
96% Treme
42% K-Ville
Lanky 2007
86% The Riches
Conner 2007
81% Thief
Pinky 2006
No Score Yet Profiler
Getz 1998


Man Attendant says: I'd assume Dr. Loomis would be here. Michael Myers is still his patient.

Dr. Hoffman says: If Loomis read memos he'd be here. Fortunately, his position is more ceremonial than medical. And with Myers gone my hope is that he'll, either transfer...retire...or die.

Dr. Hoffman says: If Loomis read memos he'd be here. Fortunately, his position is more ceremonial than medical. And with Myers gone my hope is that he'll, either transfer, retire, or die.

Man Attendant says: Jesus!

Security Guard says: Jesus ain't got nothing to do with this place!