Don Novello

Don Novello

Highest Rated: 83% Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988)

Lowest Rated: 0% Head Office (1986)

Birthday: Jan 01, 1943

Birthplace: Not Available

Known to fans of classic "Saturday Night Live" (NBC, 1975- ) as Father Guido Sarducci, comedian Don Novello played that irreverent Catholic priest on and off in different mediums for the better part of four decades, cleverly commenting on all manner of political and religious events from various eras. He also proved to be a wicked satirist in the form of Lazlo Toth, the fictitious letter writer eager to offer his two cents on everything politicians and other American powerbrokers were doing and how he felt they could be doing it better. While not all of Novello's projects came to fruition - most notably, "Noble Rot," a movie he was co-writing with his "SNL" co-star John Belushi right before the troubled comedian's fatal drug overdose in 1982 - he orchestrated some unique endeavors, including a high school year book featuring nothing but sheep and a complex children's musical that took months to plan, involved hundreds of children, and was only performed once. While Guido Sarducci remained Novello's best known character, he also landed occasional work as an actor, including parts in several films by director Francis Ford Coppola, and displayed considerable flair as a humorist with a unique sensibility.


Highest Rated Movies



69% 49% Palo Alto Unknown (Character) $750.1K 2013
26% 18% Twixt Melvin (Character) - 2011
No Score Yet 25% Atlantis: Milo's Return Vinny (Voice) - 2003
No Score Yet 30% Rent Control Rico (Character) - 2002
49% 53% Atlantis: The Lost Empire Vinny Santorini (Voice) - 2001
No Score Yet 43% Just One Night Italian Drifter (Character) - 2000
23% 38% Just the Ticket Tony (Character) $427.9K 1999
No Score Yet No Score Yet Nothing Sacred Caterer (Character) - 1997
18% 49% Jack Bartender (Character) $58.6M 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet One Night Stand Warren Miller (Character) - 1994
No Score Yet 66% Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde Sanchez (Character) - 1993
68% 78% The Godfather, Part III Dominic Abbandando (Character) $64.5M 1990
83% 67% Tucker: The Man and His Dream Stan, Promo Filmmaker (Character) $19.2M 1988
0% 28% Head Office Sal (Character) $3.4M 1986
No Score Yet 79% Gilda Live Father Guido Sarducci (Character) - 1980
No Score Yet No Score Yet Gilda Father Guido Sarducci (Character) - 1980


No Score Yet No Score Yet Nash Bridges Unknown (Guest Star) 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Unhappily Ever After Unknown (Guest Star) 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Married ... With Children Father Guido Sarducci (Guest Star) 1995
No Score Yet No Score Yet Saturday Night Live Unknown (Character),
No Score Yet No Score Yet Square Pegs Unknown (Guest Star) 1982


Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini says: You got something sporty? You know, like a tuna?

Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini says: We done a lot of things we're not proud of. Robbing graves, eh, plundering tombs, double parking. But, nobody got hurt. Well, maybe somebody got hurt, but nobody we knew.

Milo James Thatch says: Will you look at the size of this? It's gotta be half a mile high, at least. It must have taken hundred- no, thousands of years to carve this thing. [Vinny blows it up, and it falls down over a chasm]

Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini says: Hey, look, I made a bridge. It only took me like, what? Ten seconds? Eleven, tops.

Milo James Thatch says: Okay. Here's the plan. We're gonna come in low and fast and take 'em by surprise.

Audrey Ramirez says: Well, I've got news for you, Milo. Rourke is never surprised and he's got a lot of guns.

Milo James Thatch says: Great. Well, do you have any suggestions?

Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini says: Yeah. Don't get shot!

Milo James Thatch says: Forgot you jammies, Mrs. Packard?

Wilhelmina Bertha Packard says: I sleep in the nude.

Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini says: [Throws a pair of sleeping mask]You're gonna wear one of these. She's sleep walking.

Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini says: [throws a pair of sleeping mask] You're gonna wear one of these. She's sleep walking.