Evan Goldberg

Evan Goldberg

Highest Rated: 93% 50/50 (2011)

Lowest Rated: 16% The Watch (2012)

Birthday: May 11, 1982

Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

With his childhood friend, actor Seth Rogen, writer-producer-director Evan Goldberg was a key creative figure on some of the most uproarious comedies of the late 2000s, including Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up" (2007) and "Superbad" (2007), as well as "Pineapple Express" (2008), "Funny People" (2009) and the unexpectedly heartfelt "50/50" (2011). Goldberg and Rogen cut their teeth on Hollywood comedies as teenagers in their native Canada, and wrote the earliest draft of "Superbad" shortly before Rogen made his television debut on "Freaks and Geeks" (NBC 1999-2000). That series' creator, Judd Apatow, took the pair under his wing, providing them with their first feature hit on "Knocked Up" and shepherding "Superbad" to the screen, where it became a substantial hit. Goldberg and Rogen were soon key members of the so-called "frat pack," a loose constellation of actors and creative figures orbiting around Apatow, including James Franco, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel, all of whom would appear in most of Goldberg and Rogen's subsequent efforts, including the hit "Pineapple Express" and the less well-received "Green Hornet" (2011). Though Goldberg and Rogen's humor frequently concerned young men in various states of arrested development - and inebriation - their work on "50/50," with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a 20-something battling cancer, also showed a remarkably mature side. They would return to broader work with "The Guilt Trip" (2012) and their directorial debuts on "This Is the End" (2013), both of which would extend their status as original and anarchic voices on the studio comedy scene.




83% 72% Console Wars Executive Producer - 2020
72% 45% An American Pickle Producer - 2020
80% 86% Good Boys Producer $83.1M 2019
81% 74% Long Shot Producer $30.3M 2019
84% 51% Blockers Producer $59.8M 2018
18% 46% Game Over, Man! Producer - 2018
91% 85% The Disaster Artist Producer $21.1M 2017
82% 50% Sausage Party Screenwriter,
$97.7M 2016
64% 44% Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Screenwriter,
$55.3M 2016
No Score Yet 0% F for Franco Self - 2015
69% 61% The Night Before Screenwriter,
$43.0M 2015
51% 48% The Interview Director,
$6.1M 2014
73% 63% Neighbors Producer $150.1M 2014
83% 71% This Is the End Director,
$101.5M 2013
37% 39% The Guilt Trip Producer $37.1M 2012
16% 39% The Watch Screenwriter $34.4M 2012
81% 71% Goon Screenwriter $4.2M 2011
93% 88% 50/50 Producer $35.0M 2011
44% 43% The Green Hornet Screenwriter,
Executive Producer
$98.8M 2011
69% 48% Funny People Executive Producer $51.8M 2009
68% 73% Pineapple Express Screenwriter,
Executive Producer
$87.3M 2008
88% 87% Superbad Writer,
Executive Producer
$121.5M 2007
89% 83% Knocked Up Executive Producer $148.7M 2007
No Score Yet No Score Yet Jay and Seth Versus the Apocalypse Screenwriter - 2007


69% 77% Black Monday Executive Producer 2019-2021
90% 84% The Boys Executive Producer 2019-2020
91% 83% Future Man Executive Producer 2017 2019-2020
87% 75% Preacher Executive Producer,
No Score Yet No Score Yet Talking With Chris Hardwick Guest 2018
No Score Yet No Score Yet Reelside Guest 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Ali G: Rezurection Writer 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet Q With Jian Ghomeshi Guest 2013
No Score Yet No Score Yet Free SHOWTIME Black Monday Executive Producer