George Sanders

George Sanders

Highest Rated: 100% All About Eve (1950)

Lowest Rated: 0% Good Times (1967)

Birthday: Jul 3, 1906

Birthplace: Not Available

Throughout much of his screen career, actor George Sanders was the very personification of cynicism, an elegantly dissolute figure whose distinct brand of anomie distinguished dozens of films during a career spanning nearly four decades. Born in St. Petersburg on July 3, 1906, Sanders and his family fled to the U.K. during the Revolution, and he was later educated at Brighton College. After first pursuing a career in the textile industry, Sanders briefly flirted with a South American tobacco venture; when it failed, he returned to Britain with seemingly no other options outside of a stage career. After a series of small theatrical roles, in 1934 he appeared in Noel Coward's Conversation Piece; the performance led to his film debut in 1936's Find the Lady, followed by a starring role in Strange Cargo. After a series of other undistinguished projects, Sanders appeared briefly in William Cameron Menzies' influential science fiction epic Things to Come. In 1937, he traveled to Hollywood, where a small but effective role in Lloyd's of London resulted in a long-term contract with 20th Century Fox. A number of lead roles in projects followed, including Love Is News and The Lady Escapes, before Fox and RKO cut a deal to allow him to star as the Leslie Charteris adventurer the Saint in a pair of back-to-back 1939 features, The Saint Strikes Back and The Saint in London. The series remained Sanders' primary focus for the next two years, and in total he starred in five Saint pictures, culminating in 1941's The Saint at Palm Springs. Sandwiched in between were a variety of other projects, including performances in a pair of 1940 Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, Foreign Correspondent and the Best Picture Oscar-winner Rebecca.After co-starring with Ingrid Bergman in 1941's Rage in Heaven, Sanders began work on another adventure series, playing a suave investigator dubbed the Falcon; after debuting the character in The Gay Falcon, he starred in three more entries -- A Date With the Falcon, The Falcon Takes Over, and The Falcon's Brother -- before turning over the role to his real-life brother, Tom Conway. Through his work in Julien Duvivier's Tales of Manhattan, Sanders began to earn notice as a more serious actor, and his lead performance in a 1943 adaptation of the W. Somerset Maugham novel The Moon and Sixpence established him among the Hollywood elite. He then appeared as an evil privateer in the Tyrone Power swashbuckler The Black Swan, followed by Jean Renoir's This Land Is Mine. A pair of excellent John Brahm thrillers, 1944's The Lodger and 1945's Hangover Square, helped bring Sanders' contract with Fox to its close.With his portrayal of the world-weary Lord Henry Wooten in 1945's The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Sanders essayed the first of the rakish, cynical performances which would typify the balance of his career; while occasionally playing more sympathetic roles in pictures like The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, he was primarily cast as a malcontent, winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his venomous turn in 1951's All About Eve. The award brought Sanders such high-profile projects as 1951's I Can Get It for You Wholesale, 1952's Ivanhoe, and Roberto Rossellini's 1953 effort Viaggio in Italia. However, his star waned, and the musical Call Me Madam, opposite Ethel Merman, was his last major performance. A series of historical pieces followed, and late in the decade he hosted a television series, The George Sanders Mystery Theater. In 1960, he also published an autobiography, Memoirs of a Professional Cad.Sanders spent virtually all of the 1960s appearing in little-seen, low-budget foreign productions. Exceptions to the rule included the 1962 Disney adventure In Search of the Castaways, the 1964 Blake Edwards Pink Panther comedy A Shot in the Dark, and 1967's animated Disney fable The Jungle Book, in which he voiced the character of Shere Khan the Tiger. After appearing on Broadway in the title role of The


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The First Rebel Capt. Swanson 2015
No Score Yet Bluebeards Ten Honeymoons Actor 2013
No Score Yet Doomwatch The Admiral 1987
No Score Yet Call Me Madam Actor 1986
No Score Yet The Night of the Assassin Actor 1977
No Score Yet Agatha Christie's Endless Night Actor 1972
83% Psychomania Shadwell 1971
No Score Yet Endless Night Lippincott 1971
No Score Yet The Kremlin Letter Warlock 1970
No Score Yet The Girl from Rio (Rio 70) Sir Masius 1969
No Score Yet Invasion of the Body Stealers Actor 1969
No Score Yet One Step to Hell Actor 1968
87% The Jungle Book Shere Khan 1967
0% Good Times Mr. Mordicus / Knife McBlade / White hunter / Zarubian 1967
No Score Yet Warning Shot Calvin York 1967
62% The Quiller Memorandum Gibbs 1966
No Score Yet The Golden Head Basil Palmer 1965
No Score Yet Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders Banker 1965
No Score Yet Intrigo, L' , (Dark Purpose) Raymond Fontaine 1964
93% A Shot in the Dark Benjamin Ballon 1964
57% Twice Told Tales Actor 1963
No Score Yet Cairo Actor 1963
No Score Yet The Cracksman Actor 1963
No Score Yet In Search of the Castaways Thomas Ayerton 1962
No Score Yet Gli Invasori (The Invaders) (Erik the Conqueror) (Fury of the Vikings) Gen. Armstrong 1961
No Score Yet The Rebel Sir Charles Brewer 1961
No Score Yet Five Golden Hours Mr. Bing 1961
60% The Last Voyage Capt. Robert Adams 1960
No Score Yet Trouble In The Sky Sir Arnold Hobbes 1960
92% Village of the Damned Gordon Zellaby 1960
No Score Yet A Touch of Larceny Sir Charles Holland 1959
No Score Yet That Kind of Woman A.L. 1959
14% Solomon and Sheba Adonijah 1959
38% From the Earth to the Moon Stuyvesant Nicholl 1958
63% Rock-a-Bye Baby M.C. 1958
No Score Yet Outcasts of the City GI Announcer 1958
No Score Yet The Seventh Sin Tim Waddington 1957
No Score Yet Death of a Scoundrel Clementi Sabourin 1956
No Score Yet Never Say Goodbye Victor 1956
No Score Yet The King's Thief Charles II 1955
No Score Yet The Scarlet Coat Dr. Jonathan Odell 1955
No Score Yet Jupiter's Darling Fabius Maximus 1955
89% While the City Sleeps Mark Loving 1955
69% Moonfleet Lord James Ashwood 1955
95% Journey to Italy (Viaggio in Italia) (Strangers) (The Lonely Woman) Alexander 'Alex' Joyce 1954
No Score Yet King Richard and the Crusaders King Richard I 1954
No Score Yet Witness to Murder Albert Richter 1954
80% Call Me Madam Cosmo Constantine 1953
80% Ivanhoe Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert 1952
No Score Yet Assignment: Paris Nicholas Strang 1952
No Score Yet The Light Touch Felix Guignol 1951
No Score Yet I Can Get it For You Wholesale J.F. Noble 1951
No Score Yet The Fan Lord Darlington 1950
No Score Yet Black Jack Mike Alexander 1950
100% All About Eve Addison De Witt 1950
No Score Yet Captain Black Jack Mike Alexander 1950
63% Samson and Delilah The Saran of Gaza 1949
11% Forever Amber Charles II 1947
100% Lured Robert Fleming 1947
100% The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Miles Fairley 1947
No Score Yet The Private Affairs of Bel Ami Georges Duroy/Bel Ami 1947
40% The Strange Woman John Evered 1946
71% A Scandal in Paris Eugène François Vidocq 1946
No Score Yet Hangover Square Dr. Allan Middleton 1945
80% The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (Guilty of Murder?) Harry Melville Quincey 1945
92% The Picture of Dorian Gray Lord Henry Wotton 1945
No Score Yet Summer Storm Fedor Michailovitch Petroff 1944
No Score Yet Action in Arabia Michael Gordon 1944
No Score Yet The Lodger John Warwick 1944
No Score Yet Appointment in Berlin Keith Wilson 1943
71% This Land Is Mine George Lambert 1943
No Score Yet They Came to Blow Up America Carl Steelman / Ernst Reiter 1943
80% The Black Swan Capt. Billy Leech 1942
No Score Yet The Falcon's Brother Gay Lawrence 1942
No Score Yet Tales of Manhattan Williams 1942
No Score Yet Her Cardboard Lover Tony Barling 1942
No Score Yet The Falcon Takes Over Gay Lawrence 1942
No Score Yet Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake Sir Arthur Blake 1942
No Score Yet A Date with the Falcon Actor 1942
No Score Yet The Moon and Sixpence Charles Strickland 1942
No Score Yet Quiet Please: Murder Jim Fleg 1942
No Score Yet Sundown Coombes 1941
No Score Yet The Gay Falcon Actor 1941
No Score Yet Rage in Heaven Ward Andrews 1941
No Score Yet The Saint in Palm Springs Simon Templar 1941
92% Man Hunt Maj. Quive-Smith 1941
No Score Yet Son of Monte Cristo Gen. Gurko Lanen 1941
94% Foreign Correspondent Scott ffolliott 1940
No Score Yet The Saint Takes Over Simon Templar 1940
100% Rebecca Favell 1940
No Score Yet The Saint's Double Trouble Simon Templar/The Saint/Boss Duke Piato 1940
No Score Yet Bitter Sweet Baron Von Tranisch 1940
No Score Yet The House of the Seven Gables Jeffrey Pyncheon 1940
No Score Yet Green Hell Forrester 1940
No Score Yet Allegheny Uprising Capt. Swanson 1939
No Score Yet Nurse Edith Cavell Capt. Heinrichs 1939
No Score Yet The Saint in London Simon Templar/The Saint 1939
No Score Yet Confessions of a Nazi Spy Franz Schlager 1939
No Score Yet The Saint Strikes Back Screenwriter Simon Templar 1939
No Score Yet Mr. Moto's Last Warning Eric Norvel 1939
50% Four Men and a Prayer Wyatt Leigh 1938
No Score Yet International Settlement Del Forbes 1938
No Score Yet Love Is News Count de Guyon 1937
57% The Man Who Could Work Miracles Indifference, a God 1937
No Score Yet Slave Ship Lefty 1937
No Score Yet Lancer Spy Baron Kurt von Rohback / Lt. Michael Bruce 1937
93% Things to Come Pilot 1936
No Score Yet Lloyds of London Lord Everett Stacy 1936


No Score Yet Mission: Impossible
Armand Anderssarian 1971
93% Batman
Mr. Freeze 1966
100% The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Squire G. Emory Partridge Patridge 1965


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Eve Harrington says: I don't think I've done anything to sound off about.

Addison De Witt says: We all come into this world with our little egos quipped with individual horns. If we don't blow them, who else will?

Mowgli the Man Cub says: Run? Why should I run?

Shere Khan the Tiger says: Could it be possible that you don't know who I am?

Mowgli the Man Cub says: I know you alright. You're Shere Khan.

Mowgli the Man Cub says: Precisely. Then you should also know that everyone runs from Shere Khan.

Addison De Witt says: As always with women who are trying to get information, she told more than she heard.

Addison De Witt says: I am nobody's fool. Least of all, yours.

Addison De Witt says: Is it possible, even conceivable, that you've confused me with that gang of backward children you play tricks on? That you have the same contempt for me as you have for them?

Gordon Zellaby says: A brick wall... a brick wall... I must think of a brick wall... a brick wall...

Gordon Zellaby says: A brick wall, a brick wall. I must think of a brick wall, a brick wall.