Harry Woods

Highest Rated: 100% Road to Rio (1947)
Lowest Rated: 57% Samson and Delilah (1949)
Birthday: May 5, 1889
Birthplace: Not Available
An effort by a Films in Review writer of the '60s to catalogue the film appearances of American actor Harry Woods came a-cropper when the writer gave up after 400 films. Woods himself claimed to have appeared in 500 pictures, further insisting that he was violently killed off in 433 of them. After a lengthy and successful career as a millinery salesman, Woods decided to give Hollywood a try when he was in his early thirties. Burly, hatchet-faced, and steely eyed, Woods carved an immediate niche as a reliable villain. So distinctive were his mannerisms and his razor-edged voice that another memorable movie heavy, Roy Barcroft, admitted to deliberately patterning his performances after Woods'. While he went the usual route of large roles in B-pictures and serials and featured parts and bits in A-films, Harry Woods occasionally enjoyed a large role in an top-of-the-bill picture. In Cecil B. De Mille's Union Pacific (1939), for example, Woods plays indiscriminate Indian killer Al Brett, who "gets his" at the hands of Joel McCrea; and in Tall in the Saddle (1944), Woods is beaten to a pulp by the equally muscular John Wayne. Comedy fans will remember Harry Woods as the humorless gangster Alky Briggs in the Marx Brothers' Monkey Business (1931) and as the bullying neighbor whose bratty kid (Tommy Bond) hits Oliver Hardy in the face with a football in Block-Heads (1938).

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The Sheepman Cattle Rancher in Restaurant 1958
No Score Yet Lone Star Dellman 1952
No Score Yet Let's Dance Police Lieutenant 1950
57% Samson and Delilah Gammad 1949
No Score Yet Masked Raiders Marshal Barlow 1949
83% The Fountainhead Superintendent 1949
No Score Yet Colorado Territory Pluthner 1949
95% She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Karl Rynders 1949
No Score Yet Hellfire Lew Stoner 1949
No Score Yet Western Heritage Arnold 1948
No Score Yet Silver River Card Player 1948
No Score Yet Tycoon Holden 1947
No Score Yet Desire Me Joseph 1947
No Score Yet Thunder Mountain Trimble Carson 1947
83% The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Wrong Mr. and Mrs. Follinsbee 1947
No Score Yet Code of the West Hatfield 1947
No Score Yet Trail Street Lance Larkin 1947
100% Road to Rio Ship's Purser 1947
No Score Yet Wyoming Ben Jackson 1947
100% My Darling Clementine Marshal 1946
No Score Yet Sunset Pass Cinnabar 1946
No Score Yet West of the Pecos Brad Sawtelle 1945
No Score Yet Law of the Badlands Conroy 1945
No Score Yet Silver City Kid Judge Sam Ballard 1945
No Score Yet Wanderer of the Wasteland Guerd Eliott 1945
No Score Yet Nevada Joe Powell 1944
No Score Yet Tall in the Saddle George Clews 1944
No Score Yet In Old Oklahoma (War of the Wildcats) Al Dalton 1943
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon Man 1943
No Score Yet Dawn on the Great Divide Jim Corkle 1942
No Score Yet Down Texas Way Burt 1942
No Score Yet The Spoilers Complaining Miner 1942
No Score Yet Romance on the Range Steve 1942
71% Reap the Wild Wind Mace 1942
No Score Yet West of the Law Actor 1942
No Score Yet Today I Hang Henry Courtney 1942
No Score Yet Sheriff of Tombstone Shotgun Cassidy 1941
No Score Yet Boss of Bullion City Sheriff Jeff Salters 1941
100% The Long Voyage Home First Mate of Amindra 1940
No Score Yet The Ranger and the Lady Kincaid 1940
No Score Yet South of Pago Pago Black Mike Rafferty 1940
No Score Yet Winners of the West King Carter 1940
No Score Yet The Dark Command Dental patient 1940
No Score Yet Isle of Destiny Capt. Lawson 1940
No Score Yet The House of the Seven Gables Wainwright 1940
No Score Yet Days of Jesse James Capt. Worthington 1939
100% Beau Geste Renoir 1939
No Score Yet Frontier Marshal Curly Bill's Man 1939
No Score Yet In Old Caliente Calkins 1939
No Score Yet Union Pacific Al Brett 1939
No Score Yet Blue Montana Skies Hendricks 1939
No Score Yet The Man in the Iron Mask King's Officer 1939
No Score Yet Mr. Moto in Danger Island Grant 1939
No Score Yet Come On, Rangers Morgan Burke 1938
No Score Yet Block-Heads Beligerant Neighbor 1938
No Score Yet The Texans Cavalry Officer 1938
No Score Yet Joy of Living Cop/Autograph Hound 1938
No Score Yet Hawaiian Buckaroo M'Tigue 1938
No Score Yet Panamint's Bad Man Craven 1938
No Score Yet The Last Train from Madrid Government man 1937
No Score Yet Conflict "Ruffhouse" Kelly 1936
No Score Yet The Plainsman Quartermaster Sergeant 1936
No Score Yet Ticket to Paradise Dawson 1936
No Score Yet The Lawless Nineties Charles K. Plummer 1936
No Score Yet The Unknown Ranger Van 1936
No Score Yet The Last Outlaw Actor 1936
No Score Yet Dante's Inferno 2nd Officer Reynolds 1935
No Score Yet Let 'em Have It Big Bill 1935
No Score Yet Call of the Savage Actor 1935
No Score Yet School for Girls Detective 1935
No Score Yet The St. Louis Kid Louie 1934
90% The Scarlet Empress Doctor 1934
No Score Yet The Circus Clown Ajax 1934
No Score Yet The President Vanishes Kramer 1934
No Score Yet Belle of the Nineties Slade 1934
No Score Yet Wonder Bar Detective 1934
No Score Yet The Prizefighter and the Lady George Lyons 1933
No Score Yet Haunted Gold Joe Ryan 1932
95% I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang Guard 1932
No Score Yet Two Seconds Executioner 1932
No Score Yet Night World Gang Leader 1932
No Score Yet Law and Order Walt Northrup 1932
No Score Yet Texas Gun Fighter Actor 1932
No Score Yet Range Feud Vandall 1931
94% Monkey Business Alky Briggs 1931
No Score Yet Palmy Days Plug Moynihan 1931
No Score Yet The Texas Ranger Matt Taylor 1931
No Score Yet Pardon My Gun Copper 1930
No Score Yet The Viking Egil 1928
No Score Yet Dynamite Dan Brute Lacy 1924


No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Ben Snyder
  • 1960
  • 1957


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