Helena Kallianiotes

Helena Kallianiotes

Highest Rated: 88% Five Easy Pieces (1970)

Lowest Rated: 33% Eureka (1983)

Birthday: Mar 24, 1938

Birthplace: Greece


Highest Rated Movies



33% 50% Eureka Frieda (Character) - 1983
No Score Yet 39% Kansas City Bomber Jackie Burdette (Character) - 1972
No Score Yet 55% The Baby Maker Wanda (Character) - 1970
88% 84% Five Easy Pieces Palm Apodaca (Character) - 1970


No Score Yet No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents Unknown (Character) 1985
No Score Yet No Score Yet CHiPs Unknown (Guest Star) 1979


Palm Apodaca says: Fantastic that you could figure that all out and lie that down on her so you could come up with a way to get your toast. Fantastic!

Robert Eroica Dupea says: Yeah, well, I didn't get it, did I?

Palm Apodaca says: No, but it was very clever. I would have just punched her out.

Palm Apodaca says: Hey, follow that truck. They know the best places to stop.

Rayette Dipesto says: That's an old maid's tale.

Palm Apodaca says: Bullshit! Truck drivers are the only ones that know the best places to stop on the road.

Rayette Dipesto says: Salesmen and cops are the ones. If you'd ever waitressed, honey, you'd know that.

Palm Apodaca says: Don't call me honey, mac.

Rayette Dipesto says: Don't call me mac, honey.

Palm Apodaca says: Disposal. What's that but more crap? I've never seen such crap.

Palm Apodaca says: I had to leave this place because I got depressed seeing all the crap. And the thing is, they're making more crap, you know? They got so many stores and stuff and junk full of crap I can't believe it.

Robert Eroica Dupea says: Who?

Palm Apodaca says: Who? Man, that's who. Pretty soon there won't be any room for man. They're selling more crap that people go and buy than you can imagine. Crap.

Palm Apodaca says: You know, I read where they, uh, invented this car that runs on, ummm... that runs on, ummm... when you boil water?

Terry Grouse says: Steam.

Palm Apodaca says: Right, steam. A car that you could ride around in and not cause a stink. But do you know they will not even let us have it? Can you believe it? Why? Man! He likes to create a stink! I mean, I've seen filth that you wouldn't believe. Ugh! What a stink! I don't even want to talk about it.

Palm Apodaca says: People. Animals are not like that. They're always cleaning themselves. Did you ever see, umm... pigeons? Well, he's always picking on himself and his friends. They're always picking bugs out of their hair all the time. Monkeys too. Except they do something out in the open that I don't go for.