Ian Hart

Ian Hart

Highest Rated: 100% Blind Flight (2003)

Lowest Rated: 0% Killing Me Softly (2002)

Birthday: Oct 08, 1964

Birthplace: Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK

A Liverpudlian actor who shot to fame with two memorable turns as John Lennon in the early 1990s, Ian Hart went on to build an impressive career, with an unending list of film roles that showcased his talent and versatility. Hart's portrayals of the iconic Beatle in the heralded black-and-white character study short "The Hours and Times" (1991) and the engagingly speculative, music-infused drama "Backbeat" (1994) were roundly acclaimed. The blue-eyed actor was well-disguised for the roles with wigs and contact lenses, making him a perfect physical match to the late musician, while allowing him to escape typecasting. Hart's fondness and talent for immersing himself fully in a role, and chameleonic ability to become someone entirely different in looks and manner made him a sought after character player who enjoyed a fruitful career.


Highest Rated Movies



75% No Score Yet The 11th Green James Forrestal (Character) - 2020
71% 75% Escape From Pretoria Denis Goldberg (Character) - 2020
63% 41% Mary Queen of Scots Lord Maitland (Character) $16.4M 2018
No Score Yet No Score Yet uk18 Darren (Character) - 2017
98% 87% God's Own Country Martin Saxby (Character) $281.5K 2017
33% 73% Modern Life Is Rubbish Unknown (Character) - 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet Native Unknown (Character) - 2016
14% No Score Yet Dusty & Me Big Eddie (Character) - 2016
58% 76% Urban Hymn Ian Wilson (Character) - 2015
53% 56% Dough Victor Gerrard (Character) $1.1M 2015
22% 24% Hard Boiled Sweets Joyce (Character) - 2012
No Score Yet No Score Yet Watching Carrick (Character) - 2010
No Score Yet 59% Morris: A Life with Bells On Endeavor (Character) - 2009
No Score Yet 47% Within the Whirlwind Beylin (Character) - 2009
50% 57% A Boy Called Dad Joe (Character) - 2009
No Score Yet No Score Yet Still Waters Burn Jack Price (Character) - 2008
57% 80% Breakfast on Pluto PC Wallis (Character) $828.7K 2005
No Score Yet 35% Ripley Under Ground Bernard Sayles (Character) - 2005
83% 87% Finding Neverland Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Character) $51.7M 2004
No Score Yet 61% The Return of Sherlock Holmes Dr. Watson (Character) - 2004
80% 83% Strings Ghrak (Voice) - 2004
0% 2% Den of Lions Rob Shepard (Character) - 2003
No Score Yet 81% Eroica Unknown (Character) - 2003
100% 88% Blind Flight Brian Keenan (Character) - 2003
0% 41% Killing Me Softly Senior Police Officer (Character) - 2002
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Hound of the Baskervilles Dr. John Watson (Character) - 2002
67% 29% Strictly Sinatra Toni Cocozza (Character) $1.2K 2001
81% 82% Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Professor Quirrell (Character) $317.6M 2001
32% 48% The Closer You Get Kieran (Character) $221.9K 2000
No Score Yet 20% Best Nobby Stiles (Character) - 2000
87% 80% Aberdeen Clive (Character) $64.1K 2000
83% 84% Longitude Unknown (Character) - 2000
58% 55% Born Romantic Second Cab Driver (Character) $14.6K 2000
70% 73% Liam Dad (Character) $1M 2000
67% 74% The End of the Affair Mr. Parkis (Character) $10.7M 1999
63% 85% Wonderland Dan (Character) $413.6K 1999
88% 81% Spring Forward Fran (Character) $102.3K 1999
No Score Yet 73% This Year's Love Liam (Character) - 1999
72% 78% Enemy of the State Det. John Bingham (Character) $111.5M 1998
27% 18% Frogs for Snakes Quint (Character) $20.7K 1998
90% 67% Snitch Mouse (Character) $332.4K 1998
63% 54% B. Monkey Steve Davis (Character) $34.5K 1998
No Score Yet 40% Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe (Character) - 1997
77% 82% The Butcher Boy Uncle Alo (Character) $2M 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Gold in the Streets Des (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Mojo Mickey (Character) - 1997
77% 84% Michael Collins Joe O'Reilly (Character) $11.1M 1996
83% 56% Hollow Reed Tom Dixon (Character) $265.6K 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet Loved Up Tom (Character) - 1996
No Score Yet 50% Nothing Personal Ginger (Character) $5.6K 1995
No Score Yet 40% Clockwork Mice Steve (Character) - 1995
77% 94% Land and Freedom David Carr (Character) $74.2K 1995
58% 54% The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain Johnny Shellshocked (Character) $7.9M 1995
69% 66% Backbeat John Lennon (Character) $1.7M 1994
80% 60% The Hours and Times John Lennon (Character) $1.3K 1991


91% 96% The Last Kingdom Beocca (Character) 2020 2017-2018 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Noughts + Crosses Ryan McGregor (Character) 2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet Urban Myths Hans Christian Andersen (Character) 2019
95% 89% Elementary Professor Baynes (Guest Star) 2018
87% 77% The Terror Thomas Blanky (Character) 2018
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Secret Agent The Professor (Character) 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Driver Colin Vine (Character) 2014-2015
92% 95% Boardwalk Empire Ethan Thompson (Guest Star) 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet Klondike Unknown (Character) 2014
95% 90% Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Unknown (Guest Star) 2013
No Score Yet 85% Rogue Unknown (Character) 2013
82% 82% Luck Lonnie (Character) 2012
37% No Score Yet Dirt Don Konkey (Character) 2007-2008
No Score Yet No Score Yet Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen William Cecil (Character) 2005
No Score Yet No Score Yet Masterpiece Theatre Unknown (Character) 2003


Kieran O'Donnagh says: Siobhan.

Siobhan says: Kieran.

Kieran O'Donnagh says: You look incredible. I didn't realize it was you.

Kieran O'Donnagh says: When those American girls get here, they'll want to see some sophistication.

Ian says: For the last time, will you hurry up!

Kieran O'Donnagh says: I'm almost done.

Ian says: I've animals to see to.

Kieran O'Donnagh says: So have I.

Ian says: Yeah, well, yours are dead. They can wait that bit longer.

Kieran O'Donnagh says: I'll come back and die here if that's the tradition. But somewhere between now and then, I like to think I'd experience something-different.

Harry Potter says: You LIAR!

Professor Quirrell says: [Voldemort Side] KILL HIM!

Professor Quirrell says: TROLL! THERE'S A TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! Just thought you ought to know. [faints]

Harry Potter says: You!No,it can't be.Snape,he - he was the...

Harry Potter says: You! No,it can't be. Snape, he - he was the...

Professor Quirrell says: Yes, he does seem the type, doesn't he? Why, next to him, who would suspect p-p-poor, st-st-stuttering Professor Quirrell?