James Hong

James Hong

Highest Rated: 100% American Masters (2008)

Lowest Rated: 0% Hot to Trot (1988)

Birthday: Feb 22, 1929

Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Although born in America, was educated partly in Hong Kong, where his father was from. Before becoming an actor, gained a degree in civil engineering and worked as a road engineer in Los Angeles for seven years, using his holidays and sick days for auditions and acting. Enrolled in the United States Army during the Korean War, but quickly gained such a reputation for entertaining troops that, before he was deployed, he was asked to stay behind and oversee the army camp's live shows. As well as acting, has tried his hand at directing, producing and writing. Has an extensive filmography as an actor, with well over 500 films to his name. Starred in two totally unrelated films entitled China Girl; one in 1974 and one in 1987. Although not necessarily a household name, is a favourite amongst film enthusiasts, with roles in many cult classics including Mulan, Blade Runner, Big Trouble in Little China, Wayne's World and Kung Fu Panda.


Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet Grand-Daddy Day Care Actor 2019
No Score Yet Fortune Cookie Gui Po 2017
No Score Yet Unfallen Consulate 2017
No Score Yet Monkey King: Hero Is Back (Xi you ji zhi da sheng gui lai) Old Monk 2016
87% Kung Fu Panda 3 Mr. Ping $128.4M 2016
No Score Yet Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest Dr. Zin 2015
No Score Yet Junk Yukio Tai 2014
13% R.I.P.D. Nick's Avatar $33.6M 2013
No Score Yet The Lost Medallion: The AdventStoneures of Billy Faleaka 2013
No Score Yet Summoned Frank 2013
58% Safe Han Jiao $17.2M 2012
81% Kung Fu Panda 2 Mr. Ping $165.3M 2011
No Score Yet Trinity Goodheart Mr. Kwon 2011
No Score Yet How to Make Love to a Woman Sifu 2010
21% The Day the Earth Stood Still Mr. Wu $79.2M 2008
No Score Yet Kung Fu Panda: Secrets Of The Scroll Mr. Ping 2008
87% Kung Fu Panda Mr. Ping $215.4M 2008
100% American Masters Actor 2008
No Score Yet An Accidental Christmas Actor 2007
No Score Yet Chill Out, Scooby-Doo! Actor 2007
21% Balls of Fury Master Wong $32.9M 2007
No Score Yet Shanghai Kiss Actor 2007
No Score Yet Adventures of Johnny Tao Rock Around the Dragon Sifu 2007
No Score Yet Totally Awesome Yamagashi 2006
No Score Yet Exit 38 Actor 2006
No Score Yet Dragon Dynasty Actor 2006
No Score Yet Forbidden Warrior Muraji 2005
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No Score Yet Latin Dragon Mr. Rhee 2004
No Score Yet Ghost Rock Weng 2004
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No Score Yet Biggest Fan Actor 2002
No Score Yet The Idol (L'Idole) Zao 2002
No Score Yet Cyber Bandits Actor 2001
No Score Yet Epoch Ambassador Po 2001
16% The Art of War Ambassador Wu $29.5M 2000
No Score Yet The Ghost Actor 2000
No Score Yet G2 Mortal Conquest Parmenion 1999
No Score Yet Breakout Mr. Wang 1999
No Score Yet Scandalous Behavior Director Adam 1999
86% Mulan Chi Fu 1998
69% Broken Vessels Mr. Chen 1998
30% Red Corner Lin Shou 1997
No Score Yet Bloodsport III Master Sun 1997
No Score Yet Catherine's Grove Dr. Lee Producer 1997
62% Infinity Abacus Adder 1996
No Score Yet South Beach Academy Johnny Staccato 1996
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No Score Yet Bloodsport 2: The Next Kumite Sun 1996
No Score Yet Paper Dragons Master Tsai 1996
31% Operation Dumbo Drop Y B'ham 1995
40% Tank Girl Che'tsai 1995
27% Bad Company Bobby Birdsong 1995
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No Score Yet Cyber Bandits Tojo Yokohama 1995
No Score Yet Gladiator Cop: The Swordsman II Parmenion 1995
35% The Shadow Li Peng 1994
No Score Yet Operation Golden Phoenix Chang 1994
No Score Yet Femme Fontaine: Killer Babe for the CIA Master Sun 1994
61% Wayne's World 2 Mr. Wong 1993
No Score Yet Bethune: The Making of a Hero Actor 1993
No Score Yet Joker's Wild Actor 1992
No Score Yet Talons of the Eagle Mr. Li 1992
No Score Yet Merlin Leong Tao 1992
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25% Mystery Date Fortune Teller 1991
45% The Perfect Weapon Yung 1991
20% Too Much Sun Frank Sr. 1991
No Score Yet Missing Pieces Chang 1991
No Score Yet Crime Lords Ling 1991
No Score Yet Caged Fury Detective Stoner 1990
No Score Yet Shadowzone Dr. Van Fleet 1990
68% The Two Jakes Kahn 1990
No Score Yet Last Flight Out Insp. Quang 1990
No Score Yet Framed Mr. Change 1990
31% Tango & Cash Quan 1989
No Score Yet The Vineyard Director Actor 1989
No Score Yet The Karen Carpenter Story Actor 1989
43% Vice Versa Kwo 1988
No Score Yet The Jitters Tony Yang Sr. 1988
0% Hot to Trot Boss 1988
No Score Yet Leap of Faith Li 1988
No Score Yet Deadlock Actor 1988
No Score Yet China Girl Gung Tu 1987
7% Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise Snotty 1987
48% Black Widow Shin 1987
26% The Golden Child Dr. Hong 1986
77% Big Trouble in Little China Lo Pan 1986
No Score Yet Blade in Hong Kong Mr. Key 1985
44% Ninja III: The Domination Miyashima 1984
20% Missing in Action Gen. Tran 1984
No Score Yet China Rose Actor 1983
62% Breathless Grocer 1983
33% Yes, Giorgio Kwan 1982
92% Blade Runner (The Final Cut) Chew $0.3M 1982
67% So Fine Oriental 1981
69% True Confessions Coroner Wong 1981
97% Airplane! Japanese General 1980
No Score Yet When Hell Was in Session Nguyen 1979
87% The In-Laws Bing Wong 1979
No Score Yet The Girls Next Door Director Producer 1979
60% Go Tell the Spartans Cpl. Oldman 1978
17% The World's Greatest Lover Sven 1977
No Score Yet Panic in Echo Park Actor 1977
86% Bound for Glory Actor 1976
No Score Yet No Deposit, No Return Ming Lo 1976
No Score Yet Dynamite Brothers Wei Chin 1974
99% Chinatown Evelyn's Butler 1974
83% The Missiles of October U Thant 1974
No Score Yet The Carey Treatment (A Case of Murder) (Emergency Ward) David Tao 1972
No Score Yet Kung Fu Hsiang 1972
No Score Yet A Tattered Web Police Surgeon 1971
No Score Yet The Hawaiians Ti Chong 1970
88% Colossus: The Forbin Project Other Scientist 1970
No Score Yet Bamboo Saucer Sam Archibald 1968
No Score Yet One Spy Too Many Prince Phanong 1966
No Score Yet Destination Inner Space Ho Lee 1966
88% The Sand Pebbles Victor Shu 1966
50% The Satan Bug Dr. Yang 1965
No Score Yet Flower Drum Song Headwaiter 1961
No Score Yet Blood and Steel Japanese Draftsman 1959
No Score Yet China Gate Charlie 1957
No Score Yet Blood Alley Communist Soldier (uncredited) 1955
50% Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 5th Brother 1955
No Score Yet Soldier of Fortune Chinese Policeman (uncredited) 1955


No Score Yet Hawaii Five-0
Jin Leung 2018
No Score Yet MacGyver
96% Elementary
Meng Zhou 2016
No Score Yet Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
Voice 2016
94% Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
William May 2015
91% Archer
Voice 2011
No Score Yet I'm in the Band
Leo 2011
No Score Yet American Masters
Appearing 2009
81% The Big Bang Theory
Chen 2008
90% Bones
Joseph Han 2007
7% In Case of Emergency
Mr. Lee 2007
71% Family Guy
Voice 2006
No Score Yet Las Vegas
No Score Yet The King of Queens
Mr. Soo 2006
40% The Loop
Chen Ming 2006
No Score Yet Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Laundry Supervisor 2004
No Score Yet Malcolm in the Middle
Mr. Li 2004
9% 10-8: Officers on Duty
Min 2003
75% The West Wing
Chinese Ambassador 2002
88% Alias
Maitre D' 2001
No Score Yet Charmed
Guest 2001
50% Gideon's Crossing
Mr. Chin 2001
No Score Yet The Pretender
Visually Impaired Man 1999
No Score Yet Millennium
Monk 1999
No Score Yet The Drew Carey Show
Government Worker 1998
No Score Yet Ellen
Waiter 1997
No Score Yet Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
Stan 1997
No Score Yet Murphy Brown
Supervisor Monk 1997
74% The X-Files
Hard Faced Man 1996
No Score Yet Home Improvement
Dave 1996
86% Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Grandfather Chow 1995
91% The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Lee Pow 1994
No Score Yet Doogie Howser, M.D.
Quien Quian 1992
88% Seinfeld
Host 1991
No Score Yet Beauty and the Beast
Chiang Lo Yi 1988
No Score Yet The Equalizer
Sirit Bansari 1988
No Score Yet Magnum, P.I.
Han Quing 1987
No Score Yet Miami Vice
Tanaka 1987
No Score Yet MacGyver
Chu Wenying 1987
No Score Yet Who's the Boss?
Thomas Ping 1986
No Score Yet The A-Team
Wan Chu Gen. Chow 1985
No Score Yet St. Elsewhere
Wong 1983
No Score Yet Dukes of Hazzard
Billy Joe Fong 1982
No Score Yet Taxi
Oriental Man 1979
No Score Yet Maude
Fong 1978
100% Wonder Woman (1976)
Oshima 1978
No Score Yet The Bionic Woman
Kurosawa 1977
No Score Yet The Rockford Files
Kumagi 1976
No Score Yet The Streets of San Francisco
Robert Lee 1976
No Score Yet Kung Fu
Han Tsung Chun Yen Men Han 1975
No Score Yet All in the Family
Doctor Waiter 1975
No Score Yet Ironside
Wilson 1973
No Score Yet The Bob Newhart Show
Man 1972
No Score Yet Mission: Impossible
Yin 1971
No Score Yet I Dream of Jeannie
Chan 1966
No Score Yet The Fugitive
Edward Hee 1965
No Score Yet Perry Mason
Louis Kew Dean Chang 1963
No Score Yet Bonanza
Hop Sing's #3 Cousin Number One, Hop Sing's Cousin 1960
No Score Yet Zorro
Boy 1959


Mr. Ping says: Sometimes we do the wrong things, for the right reasons

Mr. Ping says: Sometimes we do the wrong things, for the right reasons.

Mr. Ping says: Having you in his life doesn't mean less for me. It means more for him..

Mr. Ping says: Having you in his life doesn't mean less for me. It means more for him.

Mr. Ping says: Your son got angry at you. Welcome to parenthood.

Nick's Avatar says: Nothing to see here - gotta go

Nick's Avatar says: Nothing to see here. Gotta go.

Lo Pan says: Indeed!

Mr. Ping says: I fed you, I gave you a bath, and I fed you some more!

Chi Fu says: (singing) "I've a girl back home who's unlike any other..."

Chi Fu says: [singing] I've a girl back home who's unlike any other...

Yao says: "Yeah, the only girl who'd love him is his mother"

Yao says: Yeah, the only girl who'd love him is his mother.

Mr. Ping says: Once I had a dream that I ran away to make tofu.

Po says: Then why didn't you!

Mr. Ping says: Because it was a stupid dream.

Lo Pan says: SHUT UP, Mr Burton!

Mr. Ping says: your going to a strange danger, in a strange city, with strange noodles!

Mr. Ping says: You're going to a strange danger, in a strange city, with strange noodles!

Wong says: Welcome to the underbelly of ping-pong where fortunes are won and lost. I'm exaggerating, of course, but you get my point.

Mr. Ping says: Noodles...

Tigress says: Don't worry, Mr. Ping. He'll be back before you can say "noodles."

Tigress says: Don't worry, Mr. Ping. He'll be back before you can say 'noodles.'

Mr. Ping says: ...noodles...

Mr. Ping says: Noodles...

Po says: [Finally accepting Mr. Ping as his dad] I love you, Dad.

Mr. Ping says: I love you too, son.

Po says: Okay, let's both cook, together.

Mr. Ping says: Together? ...No, I'll cook.

Mr. Ping says: Together? No, I'll cook.

Po says: I know who I am.

Mr. Ping says: You do?

Po says: I'm your son. [the two hug each other] I love you dad.

Mr. Ping says: [to tears] I love you too, son.

Po says: What? That can't be it, dad. There's gotta be more!

Mr. Ping says: Well, there was this time you ate all of my bamboo furniture. It was imported, too.

Lo Pan says: Now this really pisses me off to no end!

Mr. Ping says: And then I made the decision that would change my life forever. To make my soup without radishes, and to raise you as my own son. My Po, my little panda. And from that moment on both my soup and my life have been that much sweeter.

Mr. Ping says: My son saved China - you too, can save! Buy one dumpling, get one free!

Mr. Ping says: We are noodle folk. Broth runs through our veins.