Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals

Highest Rated: 92% In the Soup (1992)

Lowest Rated: 0% Wishful Thinking (1997)

Birthday: Dec 19, 1963

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA

A thin, naturally attractive brunette with a personable smile and the brains to match her beauty, actress Jennifer Beals was virtually propelled to overnight stardom and fashion icon status with her energetic performance in director Adrian Lyne's 1983 dance drama Flashdance. Though her career would suffer a slight setback when it was revealed that Beals didn't perform all of her own dance moves in the sleeper hit, the talented actress would endure to make something of a comeback in the late '90s. A Chicago native who was traveling in Europe when her publicist called her for a New York audition that the filmmakers were pitching as a "female Saturday Night Fever," Beals booked the first flight back to the states and, despite the presence of thousands of other eager young actresses, somehow managed to stand out from the crowd to impress producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. Beals' only other film work to that point was as an extra in 1980's My Bodyguard, so it was quite a gamble to cast a virtual unknown in the lead. This was especially true, given that, days before the film's premiere, Paramount Pictures sold off 25 percent of the film; however, the gamble paid off and Flashdance became nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. With ripped, oversized sweaters adorning teenage girls nationwide, it seemed as if Beals had the cinematic world at her fingertips -- and then the bottom dropped out. When it was later revealed that Beals impressive moves weren't entirely her own, audiences felt betrayed (as if action stars really do all of their own stunts) and subsequently protested the burgeoning actress without taking into consideration that she was the dramatic core of the film.Opting to continue her education at Yale immediately following Flashdance's production, roles in such efforts as The Bride (1985) and Split Decisions (1988) were squeezed in during Beals' summer breaks. Though neither effort did much to forward Beals' career, the actress would continue to appear in such quirky, low-budget efforts as Vampire's Kiss (1989) and Blood and Concrete (1991) moving into the 1990s. Beals was married to director Alexandre Rockwell in 1986, and in 1992 she would appear opposite Steve Buscemi and Seymour Cassel in Rockwell's comedy drama In the Soup. If the majority of the 1990s found Beals relegated to mostly unseen independents, high-profile roles in such acclaimed efforts as Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994), Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), and The Last Days of Disco (1998) proved without a doubt that the now-established actress certainly had the skills and endurance to maintain a successful screen career. Though the early years of the millennial turnover may have found Beals on shaky cinematic ground with such efforts as Jim Wynorski's Militia and the tiresomely derivative sequel Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying (both 1990), her reputation as something of an independent darling would solidify with roles in such critically acclaimed indies as The Anniversary Party (2001) and Roger Dodger (2002). Despite her divorce from Rockwell and remarriage to another man unassociated with the film business, Beals would later turn up in the Rockwell-directed comedy 13 Moons (again opposite Buscemi), while preparing for roles in such upcoming features as Runaway Jury and Break a Leg (both 2003). In 2004 Beals took a turn as a lesbian in the made-for-cable series The L Word, with subsequent roles in the 2005 indies Break a Leg and Desolatoin Squad preceding a return to big-budget Hollywood blockbusters in The Grudge 2 (2006) and The Book of Eli (2010). Beals would enjoy a juicy arc on the TV crime drama Lie to Me, before signing on to star in her own detective series, The Chicago Code in 2011. Additionally, the actress appeared on a few episodes of yet another popular proceedural, Castle, in 2012.


Highest Rated Movies



19% After Karen Gibson 2019
No Score Yet The White Orchid Vivian 2018
65% Before I Fall Actor $12.3M 2017
36% Manhattan Night (Manhattan Nocturne) Lisa Wren Producer 2016
No Score Yet Laws of the Universe: Part 0 Inkhar 2015
No Score Yet Full Out Coach Val 2015
No Score Yet Cinemanovels Executive Producer Clementine 2014
No Score Yet A Wife's Nightmare Actor 2014
90% A Fuller Life Actor 2014
71% Joueuse (Queen to Play) L'Américaine $0.5M 2011
No Score Yet A Night for Dying Tigers Actor 2010
47% The Book of Eli Claudia $94.9M 2010
No Score Yet The Night Before the Night Before Christmas Angela Fox 2010
No Score Yet Fashion in Film Actor 2008
No Score Yet Troubled Waters Special Agent Jennifer Beckett 2007
No Score Yet My Name is Sarah Actor 2007
11% The Grudge 2 Trish $39.2M 2006
No Score Yet Desolation Sound Elizabeth 2005
No Score Yet Break a Leg Actor 2005
13% Catch That Kid Molly $16.6M 2004
No Score Yet Troubled Waters Actor 2004
73% Runaway Jury Vanessa Lembeck $49.3M 2003
No Score Yet Break a Leg Juliet 2003
88% Roger Dodger Sophie $1.2M 2002
No Score Yet They Shoot Divas, Don't They? Sloan McBride 2002
No Score Yet 13 Moons Suzi 2002
No Score Yet The Feast of All Saints Dolly Rose 2001
61% The Anniversary Party Gina Taylor $3M 2001
No Score Yet After the Storm Mrs. Gavotte 2001
No Score Yet Huyendo de la Ley Jenny Capitanas 2001
No Score Yet Militia Julie Sanders 2000
No Score Yet Without Malice Sam 2000
No Score Yet A House Divided Amanda Dickson 2000
No Score Yet Body and Soul Gina 1999
14% Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying Jessica 1999
No Score Yet Something More Lisa 1998
73% Last Days of Disco Nina 1998
33% The Prophecy II Valerie Rosales 1998
43% The Twilight of the Golds Suzanne Stein 1997
0% Wishful Thinking Elizabeth 1997
13% Four Rooms Angela 1996
No Score Yet The Search for One-Eye Jimmy Ellen 1996
No Score Yet Let It Be Me Emily Taylor 1995
88% Devil in a Blue Dress Daphne Monet 1995
75% Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (Mrs. Parker and the Round Table) Gertrude Benchley 1994
71% Dear Diary (Caro diario) Herself 1994
No Score Yet Dead On Sight Rebecca Darcy 1994
No Score Yet Night Owl Julia 1993
50% The Princess and the Cobbler (The Thief and the Cobbler) Princess Yum Yum (Miramax version) 1993
No Score Yet Terror Stalks the Class Reunion Virginia 1993
No Score Yet Day of Atonement Actor 1993
No Score Yet Indecency Ellie Shaw 1992
92% In the Soup Angelica 1992
No Score Yet Blood & Concrete: A Love Story Mona 1991
No Score Yet Dr. M Sonja Vogler 1990
61% Vampire's Kiss Rachel 1989
No Score Yet La Partita (The Gamble) Olivia 1988
No Score Yet Split Decisions Barbara Uribe 1988
No Score Yet The Spree Xinia Kelly 1988
25% The Bride Eva 1985
No Score Yet That's Dancing! Actor 1985
36% Flashdance Alex Owens 1983
84% My Bodyguard Actor 1980
No Score Yet The Prophecy 2: Ashtown Actor


83% The L Word: Generation Q
Executive Producer Bette Porter 2020
94% Swamp Thing
Sheriff Lucilia Cable 2019
32% Taken
Christina Hart 2018
No Score Yet The Chew
Guest 2017
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Today
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Nuits blanches à l'urgence
Syd 2017
No Score Yet The Night Shift
Syd Jennings Syd 2017
53% Proof
Carolyn Tyler 2015
No Score Yet The Talk
Guest 2015
81% Castle
Sophia Conrad 2012
21% The Mob Doctor
Celeste Celeste LaPree Celeste Holmes 2012
No Score Yet Chelsea Lately
Guest 2011
100% The Chicago Code
Teresa Colvin 2011
78% Lie to Me
Zoe Landau 2011
No Score Yet The Bonnie Hunt Show
Guest 2009
57% The L Word
Bette Porter 2009
No Score Yet Law & Order
Sofia Archer 2007
No Score Yet The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Guest 2004
No Score Yet The Hunger
71% Nothing Sacred
Justine Madsen Judd 1998
No Score Yet The Outer Limits
29% 2000 Malibu Road
Perry Quinn Perry Quinn 1992


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Jeanie Szabo says: Yes!

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Nick Hurley says: Ok. Have it your way. You're fired. I'll pick you up tomorrow at eight.

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Zigzag says: [to King Nod] oh greatest king of all the earth! This lowborn cobbler of no worth. Attacked me in the market today! Shall we take his head away?

Alex Owens says: I told you, I don't think it's a good idea to go out with the boss.