Jill Clayburgh

Jill Clayburgh

Highest Rated: 100% Starting Over (1979)

Lowest Rated: 20% I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can (1982)

Birthday: Apr 30, 1944

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA

American actress Jill Clayburgh was fortunate enough to find work in her field of endeavor directly after graduation from Sarah Lawrence University. She acted with the Williamstown Theatre Festival, the Charles Playhouse in Boston, and, with such future film luminaries as Al Pacino she appeared in several off-Broadway productions A tentative stab at film acting in The Wedding Party, filmed at Sarah Lawrence in 1963 but released in 1969, might have been forgotten save for its roster of celebrities-to-be: Jill Clayburgh, Robert DeNiro and director Brian De Palma. Otherwise, Clayburgh's "official" stepping stones into stardom would include her continuing role on the TV daytime drama Search for Tomorrow and her Broadway appearances in such successes as The Rothschilds and Pippin. The actress' earliest mainstream films-- Portnoy's Complaint (1972) and The Thief Who Came to Dinner (1974)--were not exactly vehicles for her talent. It would take her vivid performance as a battered prostitute on the 1974 TV-movie Hustling to make audiences aware of her extraordinary talents. Unfortunately, her turn as Carole Lombard in the unsuccessful 1976 Gable and Lombard set her back a few steps. It helped to be in the box-office winner Silver Streak (1977), though the actress wasn't served well playing second fiddle to Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor; she was given a better chance to shine opposite Burt Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson in Semi-Tough (1977). In 1978 came the turn-around: An Unmarried Woman, in which Clayburgh's richly textured performance as a thirtyish divorcee trying to make sense of her disoriented life should have won her an Academy Award. It didn't, but Clayburgh was now firmly an "A"-list actress. Bucking the usual trend, she decided not to complacently go the "moneymaking vehicle" route but risked her success to stretch her talent in such films as director Bernardo Bertolucci's Luna (1979) and Costa-Gavras' Hannah K (1983). As expected, these non-blockbuster appearances put her career in the doldrums, compelling her to toil for her paycheck in such indifferent films as the 1986 thriller Where are the Children?. But Clayburgh wass one of those rare American film stars to whom the work itself is more important than the fame.


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No Score Yet Lincoln: Now He Belongs to the Ages, 1865 Emilie Todd Helm 1992
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No Score Yet Lincoln: The Making of a President, 1860-1862 Emilie Todd Helm 1992
No Score Yet Unspeakable Acts Actor 1990
64% Shy People Diana Sullivan 1987
33% Where Are the Children? Nancy Eldridge 1986
No Score Yet In Our Hands Actor 1984
No Score Yet Miles to Go Moira 1984
No Score Yet Hanna K. Hannah Kaufman 1983
20% I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can Barbara Gordon 1982
No Score Yet First Monday in October Ruth Loomis 1981
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46% La Luna Caterina Silveri 1979
91% An Unmarried Woman Erica 1978
89% Semi-Tough Barbara Jane Bookman 1977
80% Silver Streak Hilly Burns 1976
No Score Yet Gable and Lombard Carole Lombard 1976
No Score Yet Griffin and Phoenix: A Love Story ''Sarah Phoenix'' 1976
No Score Yet The Art of Crime Actor 1975
No Score Yet Hustling Wanda 1975
53% The Terminal Man Angela Black 1974
No Score Yet The Thief Who Came to Dinner Jackie 1973
No Score Yet Portnoy's Complaint Naomi 1972
No Score Yet The Telephone Book Eyemask 1971
No Score Yet The Wedding Party Josephine 1969


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Judge Louise Parker 1992
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Host Guest 1978
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Erica says: Go paint a still-life, Charlie.

Clark Gable says: Might be a fling. Could burn itself out in a week.

Carole Lombard says: Don't just stand there ya big ape. Start the goddamn fire!

Carole Lombard says: And such a... such a bright color!

Clark Gable says: Well, we Gable's have always been, um... red blooded.

Carole Lombard says: Yes. Who was the hematologist, Max Factor? All right, get out!

Annie's Mom says: No it is not me. I am Mrs. Elgesias

Annie says: No it is not me. I am Mrs. Elgesias

Annie's Mom says: "It's like a chicken coop, you start at the back and work your way towards the front, before you know it you end up with two eggs in your mouth. I'm sure your dad likes it, he grew up on a farm."

Annie's Mom says: It's like a chicken coop, you start at the back and work your way towards the front, before you know it you end up with two eggs in your mouth. I'm sure your dad likes it, he grew up on a farm.

Annie's Mom says: I'm sure she meets him in the evening, beaver first.