Jim Byrnes

Lowest Rated: 0% Fetching Cody (2005)
Birthday: Sep 22, 1948
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Born on September 22, 1948, Jim Byrnes grew up in St. Louis, the middle child of a middle class family. He learned to play blues guitar at age 13-- and continues to play on his favorite guitar, a Gibson 1969 Hummingbird. An eclectic individual, he studied for the priest hood in a seminary, and was even a professional shepherd at one point. He studied acting at Boston University and St.Louis University. Byrnes is a gifted actor and an inspiring individual. He lost both his legs in an automobile accident Feb. 26, 1972-- the same day he landed his pivotal "Wiseguy" role as Lifeguard fifteen years later.


Highest Rated Movies



17% War of the Worlds: Goliath Actor 2014
No Score Yet She's a Soul Man Actor 2011
No Score Yet A Gunfighter's Pledge Screenwriter 2008
No Score Yet Heart of a Dragon Ivan 2008
No Score Yet Highlander: The Source Joe Dawson 2007
No Score Yet Highlander: Search for Vengeance Doc 2007
0% Fetching Cody Harvey 2005
No Score Yet D-Myna Leagues - Psych Out and Mungomania Actor 2005
No Score Yet D-Myna Leagues - Golden Boy and The On The Road Actor 2005
8% My Boss's Daughter George 2003
No Score Yet Due East Father Berkely 2002
No Score Yet Madeline: My Fair Madeline Mayor of Paris 2002
No Score Yet Stargate Infinity - The Adventure Begins Actor 2002
11% Highlander: Endgame Joe Dawson 2000
No Score Yet Shadowraiders Actor 1998
No Score Yet Drive, She Said Actor 1997
No Score Yet Final Descent Actor 1997
No Score Yet Wiseguy Lifeguard 1996
No Score Yet Starlight Rod 1996
No Score Yet Bloodhounds II Lt. McMahon 1996
No Score Yet Whale Music Dewey Moore 1995
No Score Yet Dream Man Garrity 1995
No Score Yet Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story Vet 1995
No Score Yet Suspicious Agenda Actor 1995
No Score Yet Harmony Cats Frank Hay 1993
No Score Yet Dead Man's Revenge Screenwriter 1993
No Score Yet Dirty Work Stan 1992
No Score Yet Christmas on Division Street Benedetti 1991
No Score Yet Miracle in the Wilderness Screenwriter 1991
20% Omen IV - The Awakening Noah 1991
No Score Yet Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge Screenwriter 1987
No Score Yet Kenny Rogers as The Gambler---The Adventure Continues Screenwriter 1983
No Score Yet The Shadow Riders Screenwriter Executive Producer 1982
No Score Yet The Gambler Producer Screenwriter 1980
No Score Yet The Sacketts Producer Screenwriter 1979
No Score Yet The Last Day Screenwriter 1975
No Score Yet The Bounty Man Screenwriter 1972


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No Score Yet Highlander
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