Jimmy Bennett

Jimmy Bennett

Highest Rated: 65% A Girl Like Her (2015)

Lowest Rated: 0% Stolen (2009)

Birthday: Feb 09, 1996

Birthplace: Seal Beach, California, USA

California native Jimmy Bennett wasted no time getting his foot in Hollywood's door. At the age of six, Bennett first started landing roles in TV commercials, and in 2002, he transitioned to actual shows, racking up guest roles on the crime-drama "The Guardian" and the family-drama "Judging Amy." But Bennett's career soared to new heights when he earned a scene-stealing role as Tony (a youngster who desperately wants to be superhero "The Flash") in the Eddie Murphy-starring comedy "Daddy Day Care." That particular film was a critical disaster, but audiences ate up the wackiness, and as a result, Bennett was provided with major exposure. Throughout the 2000s, the young actor seemed to be everywhere at once, juggling TV and film roles with the ease of a veteran twice his age. He found TV guest parts on the crime drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and the small town drama "Everwood," though he made his biggest impression on the big screen, landing quality side roles on films like the Bruce Willis-starring crime-drama "Hostage," the Steve Carell-starring comedy sequel "Evan Almighty," and the creepy thriller "Orphan." Bennett is also an aspiring musician--notably, he wrote and performed the song "Summer Never Ends" for the closing credits of the family comedy "Shorts" (in which he also starred).


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet 32% Heartthrob Dustin (Character) - 2017
65% 80% A Girl Like Her Brian Slater (Character) - 2015
No Score Yet 29% Bad Asses on the Bayou Ronald (Character) - 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Camouflage Kevin (Character) - 2014
No Score Yet 68% Bones Bones White (Character) - 2010
56% 63% Orphan Daniel (Character) $41.6M 2009
0% 39% Stolen John Wakefield (Character) $7.3K 2009
No Score Yet 68% Alabama Moon Moon (Character) - 2009
46% 32% Shorts Toe Thompson (Character) $20.9M 2009
59% 58% Trucker Peter (Character) $52.2K 2008
35% 37% Diminished Capacity Dillon (Character) $21.3K 2008
23% 52% Evan Almighty Ryan Baxter (Character) $100.3M 2007
No Score Yet 79% He's a Bully, Charlie Brown Unknown (Character) - 2006
33% 43% Poseidon Conor James (Character) $60.7M 2006
18% 37% Firewall Andy Stanfield (Character) $48.7M 2006
35% 62% Hostage Tommy Smith (Character) $34.6M 2005
23% 52% The Amityville Horror Michael Lutz (Character) $64.3M 2005
41% 70% The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things Jeremiah (Age 7) (Character) $26.1K 2004
No Score Yet 63% Winnie the Pooh: Springtime With Roo Roo (Voice) - 2004
56% 63% The Polar Express Lonely Boy (Voice) $125M 2004
No Score Yet 78% I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown Unknown (Character) - 2003


100% 92% Garfunkel and Oates Unknown (Guest Star) 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet Elizabeth Stanton's Great Big World Guest 2011-2014
No Score Yet 84% Perception Unknown (Guest Star) 2012
73% 80% No Ordinary Family JJ Powell (Character) 2010-2011
85% 86% Gilmore Girls Macon (Guest Star) 2007
93% 95% Everwood Unknown (Guest Star) 2005
No Score Yet 84% CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Unknown (Guest Star) 2004
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Guardian Unknown (Guest Star) 2002


Maggie James says: Conor! How did you get in there?

Conor James says: I don't know but the water's really high?

Spock Prime says: You are, in fact, the Mr. Scott who postulated the theory of transwarp beaming?

Scotty says: That's what I'm talking about! How do you think I wound up here? Had a little debate with my instructor on relativistic physics and how it pertains to subspace travel. He seemed to think that the range of transporting something like a... like a grapefruit was limited to about 100 miles. I told him that I could not only beam a grapefruit from one planet to the adjacent planet in the same system - which is easy, by the way - I could do it with a life form. So, I tested it out on Admiral Archer's prized beagle.

James Kirk (young) says: Wait, I know that dog. What happened to it?

Scotty says: I'll tell you when it reappears. Ahem. I don't know, I do feel guilty about that.

Nathan says: Is she going to die?

Mark Weston says: Why do you try to hurt me when you can't cure me?

Nathan says: 911, my friend's bleeding out of her vagina!

Moon Blake says: (holds up a pair of underpants) What's this for?

Moon Blake says: [holds up a pair of underpants] What's this for?

Spock Prime says: Captain what are you doing?

Spock says: Captain what are you doing?

James Kirk (young) says: Show them companion, may be the only way to earn peace with Romulus. It's logic Spock, I thought you'd like that.

James Kirk says: Show them compassion, may be the only way to earn peace with Romulus. It's logic Spock, I thought you'd like that.

Spock Prime says: No not really, not this time.

Spock says: No not really, not this time.

James Kirk (young) says: So her first names Nyota?

Spock Prime says: I have no comment on the matter.

James Kirk (young) says: I'm coming with you.

Spock Prime says: I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

James Kirk (young) says: (Laughs) See? we are getting to know each other.

James Kirk (young) says: [laughs] See? we are getting to know each other.

James Kirk (young) says: Who's the pointy eared bastard?

Leonard "Bones" McCoy says: I don't know...*raises eyebrows*...but I like him.

Leonard "Bones" McCoy says: I don't know...*raises eyebrows* but I like him.

James Kirk (young) says: Captain's log, Stardate: two two five eight point four two... four... uh, whatever. Acting Captain Spock has marooned me on Delta Vega, in what I believe is a violation of Security Protocol 49.09 governing the treatment of prisoners on-board a starship.

Uhura says: I'm impressed. For a moment there, I thought you were just a dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals.

James Kirk (young) says: Well, not only.

James Kirk (young) says: "...you can whistle really loud..."

James Kirk (young) says: You can whistle really loud.

James Kirk (young) says: "You could hear me breathing?...."

James Kirk (young) says: You could hear me breathing...?

James Kirk (young) says: buckle up!

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