Joan Allen

Joan Allen

Highest Rated: 100% Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)

Lowest Rated: 20% When the Sky Falls (2000)

Birthday: Aug 20, 1956

Birthplace: Rochelle, Illinois, USA

Largely underappreciated for years in Hollywood before her Oscar-nominated turn as the First Lady in Nixon (1995), Joan Allen has had a distinguished career encompassing the stage, screen, and television. A native of Rochelle, Illinois, where she was born August 20, 1956, the blond, swanlike actress developed an interest in acting while in high school. Voted Most Likely to Succeed by her senior class, Allen went on to study theatre at Eastern Illinois University. She then moved to Chicago, where she became one of the founding members of the vaunted Steppenwolf Theatre Company, along with such respected talents as Gary Sinise and John Malkovich.Allen made her screen debut with a small role in the 1985 film Compromising Positions and a year later played two wildly different characters in Manhunter and Peggy Sue Got Married. Her portrayals of a tragically confused young woman who attempts to seduce a serial killer in the former film and a brainy high school student in the latter impressed a number of critics, but it was on the stage that Allen was most appreciated. In 1988, she won a Tony award for her Broadway debut performance in Burn This, and a year later she earned her second Tony nomination for her role in Wendy Wasserstein's highly acclaimed The Heidi Chronicles.Following increasingly substantial roles in such films as In Country (1989), Ethan Frome (1992), and Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993), Allen won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her stunning portrayal of First Lady Pat Nixon in Oliver Stone's Nixon. The acclaim surrounding her performance in the 1995 film finally gave Allen the Hollywood recognition she deserved; the following year this recognition was further enhanced with her Oscar-nominated turn as the long-suffering Elizabeth Proctor in Nicholas Hytner's adaptation of The Crucible.More praise came Allen's way in 1997, when she headlined a stellar ensemble cast in Ang Lee's lauded adaptation of Rick Moody's The Ice Storm. Starring as a troubled upper middle-class Connecticut housewife alongside the likes of Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Christina Ricci, and Tobey Maguire, Allen gave repression a stirring, beautifully nuanced name. That same year she went in a completely different direction, starring as the wife of an FBI agent (John Travolta) in John Woo's popular action thriller Face/Off. Allen returned to the realm of the repressed housewife in 1998, starring (and reuniting with Maguire) in the acclaimed 1950s-set comedy drama Pleasantville. The turn of the century found Allen taking leads in a trio of issue-oriented dramas: In the multi-character handgun treatise All the Rage (released on video in 2000), she played the wife of a short-fused lawyer (reuniting with Pleasantville's Jeff Daniels in the process); in the Irish production When the Sky Falls, she teamed with The Long Good Friday (1980) director John Mackenzie to tell the true, tragic story of a Dublin crime reporter; and in Rod Lurie's The Contender, Allen nabbed her biggest role to date -- and her first Best Actress Oscar nomination -- as a would-be U.S. vice president who finds herself at the center of a sex scandal.After all the attention for The Contender, the savvy Allen continued to oscillate between big roles in low-profile independent films and small roles in big-budget popcorn fare, to even greater success. She featured prominently in two of the biggest box-office hits of 2004: the sentimental romance The Notebook and the wildly successful second installment of the Jason Bourne franchise, The Bourne Supremacy. In the latter, she dug into a meaty, sympathetic supporting role as an all-business CIA agent who pursues the framed title character. Spring 2005 saw the near-concurrent release of two of her indie films, both of which premiered at Sundance Festivals from years prior: Campbell Scott's lapsed-hippie family drama Off the Map and Mike Binder's Terms of Endearment-ish saga The Upside of Anger. The former cast Allen against


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Chi scriverà la nostra storia Actor 2018
93% Room Grandma $14.7M 2015
32% Stephen King's A Good Marriage Darcy 2014
No Score Yet Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power Narrator 2014
56% The Bourne Legacy Pam Landy $113.2M 2012
No Score Yet So You Want To Be President? Actor 2010
No Score Yet Waking The T.rex 3d: The Story Of Sue Actor 2010
No Score Yet Waking the T. Rex: The Story of SUE Narrator 2010
64% Hachi: A Dog's Tale Cate Wilson 2009
No Score Yet Georgia O'Keeffe Georgia O'Keeffe Executive Producer 2009
68% Blessed Is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh Narrator 2009
No Score Yet Good Sharma Actor 2009
No Score Yet Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City Narrator 2009
42% Death Race Hennessey $36.1M 2008
82% The Rape of Europa Narrator 2007
83% Trumbo Actor $28.6K 2007
92% The Bourne Ultimatum Pamela Landy $227.5M 2007
40% Bonneville Carol Brimm $0.4M 2006
52% Yes She $0.3M 2005
74% The Upside of Anger Terry Wolfmeyer $18.8M 2005
82% The Bourne Supremacy Pamela Landy $176.1M 2004
53% The Notebook Anne Hamilton $81.1M 2004
70% Off the Map Arlene $1.3M 2003
45% The Mists of Avalon Morgause 2001
76% The Contender Laine $16.2M 2000
20% When the Sky Falls Sinead Hamilton 2000
27% It's the Rage Helen Harding 2000
85% Pleasantville Betty Parker 1998
85% The Ice Storm Elena Hood 1997
92% Face/Off Eve Archer 1997
68% The Crucible Elizabeth Proctor 1996
74% Nixon Pat Nixon 1995
28% Mad Love Margaret 1995
100% Searching for Bobby Fischer Bonnie Waitzkin 1993
55% Ethan Frome Zeena Frome 1993
25% Josh and S.A.M. Caroline 1993
No Score Yet Without Warning: The James Brady Story Sarah Brady 1991
68% In Country Irene 1989
83% Tucker: The Man and His Dream Vera Tucker 1988
No Score Yet The Room Upstairs Ellie 1987
86% Peggy Sue Got Married Maddy Nagle 1986
No Score Yet Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid Lala 1986
92% Manhunter Reba McClane 1986
No Score Yet American Playhouse Ann 1986
56% Compromising Positions Mary Alice Mahoney 1985


61% The Family
Claire Claire Warren 2016
No Score Yet Charlie Rose
Guest 2015
69% The Killing
Colonel Margaret O'Neal 2014
82% Luck
Claire LeChea 2012
No Score Yet Independent Lens
Narrator 2010
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2009
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2005
No Score Yet American Experience
Voice Narrator 2001
No Score Yet Saturday Night Live
Host Guest 1998
93% Frasier
Guest 1996
No Score Yet American Playhouse
Ann 1987
No Score Yet The Fugitive
Mrs. Belson 1966


Grandma says: Hello, Jack. Thanks for saving our little girl.

Jack says: I love you, Grandma.

Grandma says: I love you too, Jack.

Cate Wilson says: It's been a while.

Ken says: It certainly has.

Cate Wilson says: It's ten years. Can you believe it?

Anne Hamilton says: She is foolin' around with that boy until two o'clock in the mornin' and it has gotta stop! I didn't spent seventeen years raisin' a daughter and givin' her EVERYTHING, so she could throw it away on a summer romance!

Allie Calhoun says: (screaming) DADDY!

Anne Hamilton says: She will wind up with her heart broken or pregnant! Now he's a nice boy, but he's...

Allie Calhoun says: He's WHAT? He is what? Tell me!

Anne Hamilton says: He is trash! Trash! Trash! Not for you!

Anne Hamilton says: Because I might know you a little better than you think. And I don't want you wakin' up one mornin' thinkin' if you'd known everything you might have done somethin' different.

Allie Calhoun says: What's goin' on?

Anne Hamilton says: We're goin' home.

Allie Calhoun says: We're leavin' now?

Anne Hamilton says: Mm-hmm.

Allie Calhoun says: We're not supposed to leavin' for another week.

Anne Hamilton says: Get dressed, come downstairs and have some breakfast. Willa will pack your things.

Willa says: Why, I'd be happy to pack your things, Miss Allie.

Allie Calhoun says: No, I don't want you to pack my things, don't want you to touch my stuff, I'm not goin'!

Anne Hamilton says: Yes, you are.

Sen. Laine Hanson says: Principles only mean something if you stick by them when they are inconvenient.

Pamela Landy says: Pamela Landy

Pamela Landy says: Pamela Landy.

David Webb/Jason Bourne says: I hear you"re still looking for me

David Webb/Jason Bourne says: I hear you're still looking for me.

George says: "So, what's going to happen now?"

George says: So, what's going to happen now?

Betty says: "I don't know. Do you know what's going to happen now?"

Betty says: I don't know. Do you know what's going to happen now?

George says: Laughs, then says, "I don't."

George says: [laughs] I don't.

Mr. Johnson says: "I guess I don't either."

Mr. Johnson says: I guess I don't either.

Pamela Landy says: How do I find her?

David Webb/Jason Bourne says: It's easy. She's standing right next to you.

Ken says: Ronnie - 11 years: Where did Grandpa find Hachi?

Cate Wilson says: Ronnie, actually, Hachi found your grandfather.

Pam Landy says: This is Jason Bourne, the toughest target that you have ever tracked. He is really good at staying alive, and trying to kill him and failing... just pisses him off.